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Traveler’s Prayer Side Quest Guide

Last Updated: July 24th 2023

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Learn all about the rewards, starting location, and how to complete the Traveler's Prayer Side Quest.

Quest Information

Region: Fractured Peaks
Zone: The Hog's Head
Started by: Pilgrim's Letter
Quest Rewards and Duration
Renown: 30
Gold and Experience: Depends on Character Level
Duration: 00:30 Minutes
Item Reward: 2 random Elixirs

Quest Map and Quest Objectives

  1. Give thanks at the Shrine
  2. Investigate the Pilgrim's Supplies
Travelers Prayer
Click for detailed Quest Objective Map

Quest Rundown

The Side Quest has 2 objectives to complete.

  1. Give thanks at the Shrine - Head North to the area that is marked with a circle and follow these steps:
    • Stand next to the shrine in the middle of the circle.
    • Open your emote wheel. (Default hotkey "E")
    • Find and use the "Thanks" Emote.
  2. Investigate the Pilgrim's Supplies - Open the chest that appears to finish the Quest.

Key Locations and NPCs

Quest Start- Pilgrims Ledger


Written by Teo1904
Reviewed by Jymnasium

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