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Warded Sailor’s Vessel Side Quest Guide

Last Updated: July 24th 2023

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Learn all about the rewards, starting location, and how to complete the Warded Sailor's Vessel Side Quest.

Quest Information

Region: Scosglen
Zone: Abandoned Cost
Started by: Warded Sailor's Vessel (dropped item)
Quest Rewards and Duration
Renown: 30
Gold and Experience: Depends on Character Level
Duration: 00:20 Minutes

Warded Sailor's Vessel has a random chance of dropping from clickable dead bodies along the northwestern cost.

Quest Map and Quest Objectives

  1. Harvest Anima from Drowned.
Click for detailed Quest Objective Map

Quest Rundown

  1. Harvest anima from Drowned. - Travel along the coastline and kill Drowned. Walk over the green Anima to collect it. Do so until the bar on the right side is filled. This completes the Side Quest.

Key Locations and NPCs

Warded Sailor's Vessel Item Drop-


Written by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Facefoot

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