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Daughter of the Oak Side Quest Guide

Last Updated: July 24th 2023

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Learn all about the rewards, starting location, and how to complete the Daughter of the Oak Side Quest.

Quest Information

Region: Scosglen
Zone: Cerrigar
Started by: Keeper Albard
Dungeon required: Underroot
Stronghold required: Tur Dulra
Quest Rewards and Duration
Renown: 30
Gold and Experience: Depends on Character Level
Duration: 00:20 Minutes

Quest Map and Quest Objectives

  1. Take a Root Cutting from the Underroot.
  2. Return to Keeper Albard.
Click for detailed Quest Objective Map

Quest Rundown

  1. Take a Root Cutting from the Underroot - Travel West to Tur Dulra. Note, this is a Stonghold that must be cleared out first to do this Side Quest. Climb down the cliff to the South and go inside the Underroot Dungeon. Move through the Dungeon as you would normally until you find Clean Roots, usually in the early part of the Dungeon. Click on it to have a Root Cutting drop on the ground. Pick it up and leave the Dungeon.
  2. Return to Keeper Albard - Travel back to Keeper Albard at Cerrigar. Talk to him to complete the Side Quest.

Key Locations and NPCs

Start and End NPC-
Start and End NPC


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Reviewed by Facefoot

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