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Last Updated: January 22nd 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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Similar to late Diablo 3 seasons, each Diablo 4 season delivers a special theme which let players a new mechanic to discover, which we archive here in our Season History. Here you can find a quick history of every Diablo 4 seasonal theme.

Season 3 - Season of Construct

Ancient forces threaten Sanctuary. Aided by your Seneschal Companion, hazard the many traps and devastating Constructs beneath the deserts of Kehjistan. Deep beneath the swirling sands, elemental forces are amassing for malicious whims of the demon Malphas. Only by descending far below the surface will you be able to cull this cursed threat from its root.

A new threat lurks deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan, where the Loom, an ancient technology —designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum— has been usurped by the forces of evil. The Demon Malphas is responsible for twisting the Loom for his cruel whims. Zoltun’s former companion Ayuzhan leads you through the treacherous Vaults, desperate to stop the formidable Malphas and his deadly constructs from overtaking Sanctuary.

Using magical Governing and Tuning Stones recovered from the Vaults and elsewhere in Sanctuary, augment your Seneschal Companion to best suit your targeted build for Season of the Construct. Governing Stones determine which attacks your Seneschal can perform, while Tuning Stones will augment those skills and provide greater utility. You can equip your Seneschal with 2 Governing Stones and 6 Tuning Stones, one Governing stone for each attack and three Tuning Stones to augment the ability. There are 12 Governing Stones and 27 different Tuning Stones of different rarities to seek out in the Vaults to unlock the full power of the Seneschal construct.


Season 2 - Season of Blood

Sanctuary has been overrun, invaded by an army of vampires and their loyal followers gathering blood for a terrible ritual. But what will they do with the blood they’ve drained from the people of Sanctuary? Partner with Erys, a Vampire Hunter, to uncover and put an end to the Vampire Lord’s dark plot before all is lost.

An army of vampires is terrorizing Sanctuary, gathering the blood of innocents for their dark master. Only you can wield the enemy’s blood magic against them, infusing your own armor and gaining enough power to put a stop to their sinister plans.

With a Season character, we meet Erys, a professional Vampire Hunter to fight Lord Zir and his army of Vampires.


Season 1 - Season of the Malignant

A new form of Lilith’s corruption has spread throughout Sanctuary, creating Malignant Monsters that roam the land overtaken with this infectious turmoil, minds lost and killing at random. Only you can fight back and harness the power of this twisted corruption to uncover the source of the Malignance and put it to an end.

A deviant form of Lilith’s sinister machinations has given birth to a new threat, Malignant Monsters. These decaying abominations roam Sanctuary in a frenzy, mindlessly attacking anyone in range without hesitation. Wanderers will investigate this mysterious malady in a new Questline with the help of Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, who also trains you to capture the Malignant Hearts fueling these foul beasts and convert them into build-altering powers. The malignancy that’s taken hold of the Burning Hells’ armies cannot remain unchecked—you must snuff it out at the source before all of Sanctuary becomes its thrall.

With a Season character, we meet Cormond in Kyovashad almost right away to start our journey to cleanse the corruption.


We hope you like this trip down memory lane with the Season History. Each season will add another to the list for reflecting back on.


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