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Season 5 PTR : Known Issues & What to Expect

Last Updated: June 25th 2024

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The Diablo 4 Development Team made a post about the Season 5 PTR opening, explaining known issues and what to expect from the PTR tests.

Season 5: PTR Known Issues & What to Expect

As we prepare for the Season 5 PTR (Public Test Realm), we want to remind everyone what PTR is and what are some of the larger known issues that you may experience in this testing period. PTR allows players to check out and provide feedback on some of the content coming to Diablo IV in the near future.

Due to PTR being a preview of upcoming content, please note that many things are still in development, and we have identified several notable ones in the list below. You should expect to see less polish in a PTR from what you see in the final release, which is totally normal and expected. We can assure you that these items will be addressed before the start of the new season along with other smaller items that may not be listed below

We are looking forward to the feedback the Diablo IV community provides throughout the PTR, and we are thrilled to have everyone jump into the changes and content coming to Season 5.


  • Beast in Ice will not yet have the Dungeon changes to access the summoning altar directly. Players will have to go through the current flow of creating the Nightmare Dungeon Sigil.
  • Because of this, Beast in Ice will also not have the altar reset functionality.
  • Varshan will still require the full set of materials to summon in PTR. However, only Malignant Hearts are going to drop in PTR. If players have all the materials going into PTR, they will still be able to summon Varshan.
  • Players may have to go through the first time user experience whenever re-launching the game.
  • The Infernal Hordes
  • Infernal Offers tracker can get obscured with the World Map menu when using large font size.
  • Burning Aether does not properly accumulate if a local co-op member decides to leave while in the Infernal Hordes
  • Infernal Offers requires two inputs to cycle through on Controller.
  • The Objective UI disappears upon leaving the dungeon during the Infernal Offers phase and re-appears, instead of remaining visibile.
  • “The Summoned Hellborne” Infernal Offering does not appear on the Infernal Offerings tracker.
  • Players may not be able to be revived if you’re out of revives, and die while the game is minimized.
  • The Infernal Hordes icon occasionally appears as a Nightmare Dungeon icon.
  • Couch Co-Op players may potentially see an issue with the Burning Aether UI.
  • Players may not see proper VFX for dropped Burning Aether.

Eternal Questline

  • Placeholder localization strings are present in the Journal while viewing the description of the Quest step “Wait for Locran to open a channel down”

Infernal Compass

  • Infernal Compasses can drop from Tree of Whispers caches before completing the Eternal Questline.

Core Game Issues

  • Missing scene tile in the mini-map while in the Mournfield Side Dungeon.
  • Boss health decreases when a player respawns and re-enters.
  • Players may see missing icons for some Codex of Power Aspects.


  • Players may see Axis UI appear when using the Audio Navigation Assistance feature.

Waiting to Blast Those Guides!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team is blasting the Season 5 PTR to test changes coming.

With that said, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development to make the most of your Season 4 experience!

Written by: Chewingnom

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