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Mid-Season and Season 5 PTR Update!

Last Updated: June 13th 2024

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The Diablo Development Team just announced the Mid-Season and Season 5 PTR Update! The Mid-Season update is coming sooner than we may have initially thought to make way for the Season 5 PTR. This is all good news as we start to look at the Vessel of Hatred expansion coming in only 4 months!

  • Mid-Season Patch Notes: Friday, June 14th, with the update coming the following week.
  • Season 5 PTR Livestream on June 21st

To learn more about the update, read the official statement below.

An Update on the Mid-Season Update and Season 5 PTR

Hello Wanderers

We first want to start by thanking everyone for jumping into Season 4 and experiencing the revamped systems introduced with Loot Reborn. We are also thrilled to see the excitement around Vessel of Hatred where we announced the release date of October 8th this past weekend at the Xbox Showcase. We are excited to share more as we head toward launch, and you all can expect more information on July 18 when we do a deep dive into the Spiritborn class coming with the expansion.

We want to take some time to provide some clarity and updates on a flurry of things heading to Diablo IV in the upcoming weeks.

The next update hitting Season 4 will be our mid-season patch. As you all know, mid-season patches include a ton of significant updates to the game related to class balance and more.

We will be releasing patch notes for the mid-season update (Patch 1.4.3) this coming Friday (June 14) and will be releasing the update sometime next week.

Typically we host a livestream for our mid-season updates, but we instead will be hosting a separate livestream next week on Friday (June 21) to talk about the next season in our Season 5 PTR Campfire Chat. We will have more information on that soon.

Originally we had our mid-season update coming after this PTR concluded, but we agreed releasing the mid-season update prior to the PTR would be better for all players.

Why is that? Well, the Season 5 PTR would have some of these changes coming with the mid-season update, and we didn’t want to create any type of whiplash for players as they go from finishing the PTR back to Season 4. Due to this, we believe delivering the mid-season update sooner will be the best for everyone.

As you can see there is a ton going on in the world of Sanctuary. We look forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks and will have more information on Season 5 PTR including stream times and more next week.

Thank you

~Diablo IV Team

Waiting to Blast Those Guides!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team can't wait for the changes coming in the Mid-Season Update and to test out all the new things coming our way in Season 5!

With that said, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development to make the most of your Season 2 experience!

Written by: Dredscythe

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