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Diablo 4 Tier List Updates: Nightmare Dungeons & Build Guides

Last Updated: July 2nd 2023

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Patch 1.0.3 dropped last week and brought many changes to class balance, experience gains and Nightmare Dungeon quality of life. Over the last week everyone has been able to test out some of these adjustments and we have compiled our data into some tier list updates. Use the links below to see all the changes so you can get to 100 before Season 1 Starts!

Nightmare Dungeon Tier Lists

The Nightmare Dungeon Tier Lists compare the best and worst Nightmare Dungeons for: Solo Experience Farming, Glyph Leveling, Group Farming and High Tier Pushing. Patch 1.0.3 removed the travel time between Nightmare Dungeons, altering the Solo XP and Glyph Farming strategies heavily. All of these tier lists aside from High Tier Pushing have had many changes, click the image to see the updates.

Tier Lists Here ^

Build Tier List Updates

The balance changes from patch 1.0.3 weren't drastic by any means, but after more playing more builds and further testing we've made adjustments to all of our endgame focused tier lists. While many of the top builds remain in S Tier we've thinned out the heard a bit by moving many builds down a tier or two to further emphasize the power of S Tier builds. We expect many changes to still come for Season 1 and will continue to have tier list updates and add new builds as they show up!

Plans Leading up to Season 1

We're excited to see what is announced during the developer stream on the 6th so we can adjust our current guides and prepare the new content. We have a handful of new build guides coming this week and even more before Season 1 starts. New tools and features are in the works as well that will make everyone's farming experience smooth and effective!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development!

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