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Transfigured Gems from the Reveal

Last Updated: December 6th 2023

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Affliction 3.23

The Affliction League Reveal brings new Transfigured Gems, replacing Alternate Quality Gems, Labyrinth Helmet Enchantments and the outdated Threshold Jewels. Transfigured Gems appear for Active Skills and focus on modified functionality, rather than passive bonuses. For everything else revealed about Affliction League check out our wrapup.

Obtaining Transfigured Gems

The Divine Font at the end of the Eternal Labyrinth has been changed into a gem crafting Device.

The Divine Font found after defeating Izaro

You're able to add Skill Gems to the Font and modify them in a variety of ways. You can also add Experience to a Gem, or transform your Gem into an Exceptional Gem.

If you choose to Transform your Gem, you can pick from 3 Transfigured Gems. If you don't like the options offered, close the window and take your original Skill back.

The Eternal Labyrinth now offers 2 uses of the Divine Font by default. Furthermore, when you Transform a Gem it retains its Level and Quality. The rewards from Heist Blueprints have been buffed to compensate for the removal of Alternate Quality Gems from Heist.

Vendor Recipe Change

The vendor recipe for turning a Level 20 Gem into a 20% Quality Level 1 version of that Gem no longer works with Skill Gems, as the benefit Quality provides to damage dealing Skills is now more powerful. The vendor recipe can now only be used with non-Awakened Support Gems.

This is a very significant change to how players obtain 20% Quality gems, but change isn't always bad. Instead of leveling several copies of your main skill in your off-hand, you'll be leveling Support Gems (which can still be "flipped" via the recipe) or Gems to Transfigure next time you run Lab.

For everything else, you need to use 20 Gemcutter's Prisms, or the Divine Font. Depending on how common the "Add +#% quality to a Gem" Divine Font modifier is, you could have a great opportunity to enable the quality effects of your main skill while leveling as you run through Normal and Cruel Labyrinth.

TLDR - Buff or Nerf?

Until we get to play with the content, it's impossible to measure the impact with 100% certainty, but here's an educated guess:

  • 20/20 Gems are easier to obtain than before, and may be obtained during the Campaign by completing Lab.
  • 21/20 Gems and 20/20 Vaal Skills are more difficult to obtain.

Read the Patch Notes to find out the Superior quality changes for all your favorite skills!

Transfigured Gems

Here are the Transfigured Gems from the reveal and a couple bonus Gems. This is a tantalizing taste of the 100+ Transfigured gems which will be revealed over the coming days. Transfigured Gems are alternative versions of existing skills which provide new playstyles and archetypes.

Frozen Legion of Rallying

Volcanic Fissure of Snaking

Bladestorm of Uncertainty

Raise Zombie of Falling

Flame Dash of Return

Firestorm of Pelting

Firestorm of Meteors

Blight of Contagion

Frost Bomb of Instability

Detonate Dead of Scavenging

Blade Trap of Greatswords

Double Strike of Impaling

Barrage of Volley Fire

Blink Arrow of Bombarding Clones

Blink Arrow of Prismatic Clones

Animate Weapon of Ranged Arms

Arc of Branching

Animate Guardian of Smiting

Smite of Divine Judgment

Ball Lightning of Static

That's all for now, but stay tuned for our coverage of more Transfigured Gems as they appear in future reveals and teasers.

Stay Up to Date

That's everything we know so far about Path of Exile's 3.23 Affliction League and the Transfigured Gems from the reveal. Are you looking for more news on Path of Exile builds, events, and upcoming patches? Then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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