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Path of Exile 3.23 Expansion Timeline

Last Updated: October 9th 2023

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Grinding Gear Games announced their timeline for the Path of Exile 3.23 Expansion, November Events, and new Path of Exile 2 information. See below for the official statement.

3.23 Expansion Timeline

The next Path of Exile expansion will launch early December. Initially we considered a late November release, but with the 3.23 scope being quite ambitious, we need to take a few extra weeks to finish what we have planned.

End-of-League Events

December's release means the current Ancestor League will be extended by a few weeks, so in November we're planning to run a series of three in-game events, each of them will run for about a week. We will reveal the details in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the news.

Path of Exile 2

As we move towards the closed beta next June, we plan to give you more updates about Path of Exile 2. Our next Path of Exile 2 showcase will be released during the 3.23 announcement livestream late November. Don't miss out on it!

Editor's Note: Are you hungry for more Path of Exile 2 news? Then check out the interviews that Echohack, and Rhykker did with Jonathan Rogers, and Chris Wilson! They covered a variety of topics including Path of Exile 2 design philosophy, gathering player feedback, and Path of Exile's place in the ARPG Genre.

3.23 On the Horizon!

That's everything we know so far about the timeline for Path of Exile's 3.23 expansion. Are you looking for more news on Path of Exile builds, events, and upcoming patches? Then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

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