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Misery Gauntlet Day 7 Wrap-up

Last Updated: February 9th 2024

Affliction 3.23

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Day 7 of the Misery Gauntlet was absolutely insane with both Bosses and Racers falling left right and center. If you've been following along with the Misery Gauntlet hosted by Zizaran and sponsored by Maxroll (among others) then you'll recognize some of the highlights. We expect the following days to be a bit less eventful with most of the bosses down and big names locked in or dead so barring any big upsets in day 8 we'll be wrapping everything up with one final post around the last day.

Ladder & Bounties

Here's a look at the Misery Gauntlet day 7 Ladder and bounty standing (broken down by class & overall). This has been the most eventful day of the gauntlet thus far with tons of boss kills and a huge change in the ladder standings. Here's the standing taken from PoERacing.

Overall Standing

  • muns_over_funs (Darkee)
    • 196 Points
    • Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
    • All bosses & invitations down except for; Uber Uber Elder, Uber Exarch, Uber Eater, Feared.
    • Several bounties claimed.
  • JungroanGauntlet (Jezie) - DEAD
    • 180 Points
    • Blade Trap of Laceration Trickster.
    • Most Regular bosses down, several Uber bosses down.
    • Several bounties claimed.
  • Joppas_WalterVibe (Nemoia) - DEAD
    • 139 Points
    • Mirror Arrow of Bombarding Clones Guardian.
    • Multiple bosses & invitations down.

Class Ladder

  • Witch
    • muns_over_funs (Darkee), - 196 Points, Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
    • allexpleblord (allexw) - 97 Points, Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
    • 跟這個世界說拜拜拜拜 (soul1027) - 97 Points, Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
  • Shadow
    • JungroanGauntlet (Jezie) - 180 Points, Blade Trap of Laceration Trickster.
    • ysyh_zzz (ysyh) - 98 Points, Volatile Dead of Seething Trickster.
    • TrickStarShow (Nandor991) - 96 Points, Storm Brand of Indecision Trickster.
  • Ranger
    • (DEAD) DontDieDontDieDontDie_ (Supertimor444) - 98 Points, Toxic Rain Pathfinder.
    • nobugsheree (jaunelangel69) - 97 Points, Cremation of Exhuming Pathfinder.
    • Daylen_yikes (Daylen) - 96 Points, Toxic Rain Pathfinder.
  • Duelist
    • sbb_nowaedud (xSayByeBye) - 110 Points, Summon Raging Spirit Champion.
    • ThaiiThaiiYoYo (Thailesk) - 100 Points, Mirror Arrow of Bombarding Clones Champion.
    • (DEAD) cArn_Become_a_Champion (CARNDARAK) - 96 Points, Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Slayer.
  • Marauder
    • qwqwsadasd (TG1337) - 106 Points, Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Juggernaut.
    • Tirri_ (Rudreguisz) - 102 Points, Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Juggernaut.
    • PILLE_goddessSUCCCK (pillebrille) - 100 Points, Vaal Flameblast Chieftain.
  • Templar
    • Joppas_WalterVibe (Nemoia) - 139 Points, Summon Raging Spirit of Enormity Guardian.
    • Gauntlet_PlaneTwo (aer0plane) - 117 Points, Ball Lightning of Static Hierophant.
    • Romselm_no_regrets (Romt3mis) - 110 Points, Mirror Arrow of Bombarding Clones Guardian.
  • Scion
    • 抽獎貓人二號 (hoaex) - 98 Points, Cremation of Exhuming Ascendant.
    • InferiorityComplex (Fightgarr) - 96 Points, Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Ascendant.
    • XplicitSkill (Explicitskill) - 95 Points, Volatile Dead of Seething Ascendant.

Notable Bounties

Here's the most notable confirmed bounty claimed during day 7 of the Misery Gauntlet.

  • First to slay any of the listed Uber Bosses.
    • $610 Claimed by Jungroan.

RIP Clips

During day 7 of the Misery Gauntlet the leaderboards have seen quite the shakeup so enjoy today's extra long list of RIP clips. Unfortunately a few people died off stream so there's no clip for those but most of the big deaths were to bosses.

  • The Maven presents a formidable challenge: you need to position the DoT puddles, play Maven Says to complete the memory game and deal with all of the bosses she summons during the transition. Flameblast is just one of the extremely dangerous boss abilities you might need to deal with during the encounter while remembering the correct pattern to avoid instant death.
  • The tri-element Scorching Ray aka "Shaper Beam" is absolutely the Shaper's most dangerous move. The skill has a generous hitbox and deals damage over time meaning it's easy to get caught for a bit too long and watch your life vaporize before your eyes. This is an ever-present danger in both the Shaper and Uber Elder encounters.
  • SayByeBye had an unfortunate death. The Elder fight was going well but sometimes the game just says no. Hopefully the "time freeze" on logout effect from Path of Exile 2 will fix or reduce unfortunate deaths like this. Good fight and hopefully the next one goes better!
  • Kill all the enemies, wait a moment for any lingering effects, then collect your loot. These are words to live by during the Misery Gauntlet (and when playing Path of Exile in general). Sometimes though the treasure is too tempting, surely it's safe to step in and grab that invitation, right?
  • Many players (myself included) struggle with the Searing Exarch's meteor maze. Navigating the meteor maze correctly means watching for incoming walls and thinking one step ahead. Jisoon's positioning throughout most of the fight was great, unfortunately, it only takes a single wrong move for things to fall apart.

Big Events

There have been a few major events during day 7 including lucky drops, boss kills and calls that are a bit too close for comfort.

  • RaizQT closed his eyes, polished the Exalted Orb took a moment to say a prayer to Chris Wilson and then called the shot and slammed to make a near perfect gauntlet ring.
  • Jungroan claimed the bounty for beating the first Uber Boss. This kicked off an arms race where multiple racers began challenging and defeating many of PoE's deadliest pinnacle encounters. In this case, the kill count was pretty even however as many racers (including Jungroan) fell during their boss attempts.

Upcoming Coverage

That's it for our day 7 wrap-up on the Misery Gauntlet. To keep up with the Gauntlet highlights here on Maxroll, head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

Contributions by: The Path of Exile Community

Reviewed by: Northwar

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