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Summon Raging Spirit Guardian League Starter

Last Updated: March 27th 2024

Affliction 3.23Archived

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We're happy to announce that all of our Build Guides are now found in the new Build Progression Tool! The Maxroll Build Progression tool takes you from level 1 all the way through to a complete Summon Raging Spirit Guardian build. We hope this makes for a seamless leveling experience but if you encounter any bugs head over to our Discord, react to give yourself the Path of Exile Role in #Channels & Roles and tag the author in #poe-maxroll-feedback or open a ticket in #report-new-bug.

Build Tool

  • In the Overview you can find the Build Rating, Video Guide, Gear & Ascendancy overview, Farming Strategies and Crafting Guides.
  • Build Information has all the key mechanics which make Summon Raging Spirit Guardian tick, learn how your Skills work, or why the build uses a specific Unique item.
  • Leveling has everything you need to know as you complete the campaign including Passive Points, where to obtain Gems and our Leveling Tips & Tricks.
    • Use the Progression Slider to advance!
    • After reaching level 70, move on to the Progression Tab and continue your journey.
  • In the Progression Tab our Milestones take you from the end of the Acts deep into the endgame with step by step instructions on how to obtain or craft items.
  • If you have a question, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has an answer learn what Map Modifiers to Avoid and more.
  • To learn how to integrate the Wildwood Ascendancies into your build check our League Tab.

Need More Help?

  • If you need more help getting into Path of Exile our Getting Started section covers Atlas Progression, the basics of character building and much more.
  • Our Currency Guides include Farming Guides and the hottest new Strategies to obtain copious numbers of Divine Orbs.
  • Or drop by our Crafting Database to learn how to craft the items used in our Build Guides.


Written by: Subtractem

Reviewed by: Palsteron, Tenkiei

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