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Shrines Guide

Last Updated: February 2nd 2024

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Shrines are world spawns that grant either wealth or imbued power for a short duration to any who touches them. The concept is simple but the benefits of shrines can be huge!

A Shrine with candles on it, found in more natural environments.
A Shrine with skulls, usually found near the undead.

Shrines differ in both appearance and in the benefits they provide. The visuals are purely aesthetic, so the appearance of a Shrine does not determine the benefits but instead is based on the setting of the map. This means there's no purpose in hunting one particular appearance over another.

Locating Shrines

Locating a Shrine is as easy as looking at the minimap, where an icon will display when one is nearby. Since Shrines spawn in most areas of the game (Campaign, Monolith of Fate, Dungeons and Arena) it's always a good idea to be on the lookout for them. The only place they do not spawn is in maps that are exclusive to boss fights (example: Lagon's Seafloor Colosseum).

A Shrine icon on the minimap.

Activating Shrines

To activate a Shrine, simply walk up to it and click on it. It doesn't get any easier! If the Shrine grants a buff you'll receive it instantly, loot shrines will drop their items immediately and spawn shrines will also spawn their minion or enemy as soon as you click.

Once a Shrine has been activated it cannot be activated again.

Shrine Types

As far as benefits go, there are quite a few that Shrines can provide. We can divide them into three groups: buffs, drops and spawns.


  • Critical Shrine - Grants 100% Critical hit chance for 60 seconds.
  • Experience Shrine - Increases experience gain by 50% for 60 seconds.
  • Haste Shrine - Grants 30% increased Action and Movement Speed for 60 seconds (stacks with other sources of Haste).
  • Reflective Shrine - Grants 300% damage reflection for 60 seconds.
  • Stunning Shrine - Grants 200% increased Stun Chance and Stun Duration for 60 seconds.
  • Water Shrine - Grants 100% increased mana regeneration and cooldown Recovery Speed for 60 seconds.


  • Shrine of Wealth - Drops piles of gold.
  • Shrine of Shards - Drops random Affix Shards.
  • Shrine of Worship - Drop Idols
  • Shrine of Legends - Drops a Unique item (rare).


  • Shrine of the Ice Beetle - Summons a temporary Ice Beetle companion. It can spit freezing projectiles at enemies.
  • Shrine of the Frozen Hive - Summons 3-5 temporary Ice Beetle companions, which can spit freezing projectiles at enemies (rare).
  • Beekeeper's Shrine - Summons 12 fragile bee companions (rare).
  • Golden Shrine - Spawns Golden Scorpions, each of which drops a rare item on death (rare).

Which Shrine you get is generally random, but some are rarer than others. If you see a Shrine of Legends or Beekeeper's Shrine you got lucky!


  • Shrines are world spawns that grant either wealth or imbued power for a short duration.
  • They can be located on the minimap.
  • They can spawn anywhere but boss specific maps (example: Lagon's Seafloor Colosseum)
  • Shrines are activated by clicking on them.
  • There are quite a few kinds of Shrines which we've divided into three types: buffs, drops, and spawns.



Written by McFluffin.
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