Sentinel Class Overview

Last Updated: February 28th 2023

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Welcome to the Sentinel Class Overview! Here we provide all the key information to help you understand and maximize the Sentinel Class and its Masteries: the Void Knight, the Forge Guard and the Paladin.

This article compiles the most valuable tools the Sentinel has to offer to help you understand the Class and decide what build you want to play!

Take a look at all the Skills available for the Sentinel and its Masteries. Don't miss out on the best Passives and learn why they are valuable.

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Skills are what define a build and its playstyle. They are the starting point for theory crafting any character and everything pivots around them. Most builds use at least one Damage Skill, one Movement Skill and one Defensive Skill. The remaining slots are normally used on Support Skills to buff your main Damage Skill, additional Movement Skills or a secondary Damage dealer if needed.

Void Knight
Forge Guard
  • Vengeance

Vengeance is the first Skill unlocked for Sentinels. It's mostly used as a Mana Generator Melee Attack that provides great defensives buffs and applies Ailments to enemies.

  • Warpath

Warpath is your classic Spin2Win channelled Skill. It's very versatile, easy to play and grants Stun Immunity and Phasing. It has great synergy with the Void Knight's Echoes.

  • Hammer Throw

Hammer Throw is amazing while leveling and brings back memories from Diablo II. It's often combined with Smite, since it can be procced through specific Idols.

  • Lunge

Lunge is the basic dash for the Sentinel. It's used on most builds to move around the battlefield with ease. It shares Cooldown with Shield Rush.

  • Rive

Rive is an aggressive Mana Generator Melee Attack with great offensive tools. It can do good Damage on its own but it's often paired with another skill with good AoE.

  • Shield Bash

Shield Bash is a Support Skill that can be used to enhance Shield based builds. While it has some nice Nodes and utility there are currently better options for Sentinels.

  • Javelin

Javelin is amazing for leveling and extremely versatile in the Endgame. It can be combined with Smite, since it can be procced through specific Idols.

  • Void Cleave

Void Cleave is a powerful Melee Attack with great Damage scaling. It can be paired with Warpath, Erasing Strike or any of the Sentinel Mana Generators.

  • Rebuke

Rebuke is an incredible Defensive Skill. The downside is that you are immobile while channelling it, but its Damage Reduction can save you from an otherwise certain death.

  • Shield Rush

Shield Rush is a channelled Movement Skill that can traverse long distances. It's mostly used for fast mapping but can also do great Damage. It shares CD with Lunge.

  • Multistrike

Multistrike has great Damage output potential for a Mana Generator Melee Attack, but requires great gear to do so. Its Skill Tree also allows it to proc Smite.

  • Smite

Smite is an amazing single target Spell. It is very versatile and can be self-casted or procced through Idols with Chance To Cast Smite When You Hit With Throwing Attacks.

Valuable Passives

Passives are a key factor when min-maxing characters and are crucial to define the different Classes. In order to maximize what your character offers, you must take look at what the Class Passives are and understand them. Remember that you can allocate Passives Points on the first half of all Masteries, regardless of the one you are. Keep in mind that all Passive Nodes can be useful in specific situations or builds.

Void Knight
Forge Guard
  • Juggernaut: The Resistances are really good early on and they free up gear Suffixes in the Endgame. The Strength also provides %Armour and Damage if your build scales with it.
  • Armour Clad: The main source of Damage Reduction the Sentinel has access to. 10% it's not much on it's own but synergizes well with other defensive layers.
  • Valiant Charge: The Cooldown Recovery for your movement skills helps moving around faster. The Health on top is a nice bonus. Don't take this Node if your build does not use movement skills.
  • Fearless: Specially valuable in Hardcore. Health is always welcomed and some Sentinel builds can scale Damage from Vitality. Using leftover Points on this Node is always a good idea.
Highlighted Valuable Sentinel Passives

Situational Sentinel Passives

Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Passive Points.


Overall, the Sentinel is the typical Knight type class. It has great support for Melee, Armour and Shields. This Class fits with players who like the 'Bruiser' playstyle. However, the Sentinel is very versatile and also performs amazingly with Spells, Throwing Attacks and Support for a party.

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Written by Lizard_IRL.
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