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Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Quality of Life Changes

Last Updated: July 3rd 2024

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In the lead up to Last Epoch Patch 1.1, Eleventh Hour Games just announced the Quality of Life features slated to come along with the Patch. This post sums up the major Quality of Life Changes, the full Patch Notes will come at a later date. In case you missed it, Last Epoch Patch 1.1 will be going Live on Tuesday, July 9th.

Key Takeaways

  • Blessings - All Blessings discovered upon the defeat of a Timeline Boss are now saved and stashed. You can swap between these for a small Gold fee. Alts can also access all saved Blessings.
  • Ladders - A new Level Ladder has been added to keep track of the Race to Level 100 at the start of a new Cycle. Timestamps have been added to the Arena Ladder to show when a push was completed.
  • Echo Web Search Function - Echo Webs now have the ability to search and filter for specific rewards and Echo types.
  • Loot Filters - Loot Filters can now filter items based on Legendary Potential and Weaver's Will. The ability to add multiple Affix conditions to a single rule has also been added.
  • Item Factions - Item Factions now go to Rank 12. Merchant's Guild and Circle of Fortune have both been rebalanced to have smoother progression.
  • Merchant's Guild and the Bazaar - There will be improvements coming to the Bazaar search functionality later in Patch 1.1.
  • Circle of Fortune - Circle of Fortune now has ways to help farm Boss specific loot, and Experimental Items. The prophecy duplication Rank Reward has been reworked to act as if the prophecy triggers twice, instead of creating an exact duplicate of the reward.
  • Favor - Favor should be easier to farm in the early stages before 1000 Corruption, where it begins to taper off. This change puts less emphasis on stacking extremely high Corruption to farm efficiently.
  • Gaze of Orobyss - Gaze of Orobyss has been reworked, each Gaze gives 12 Corruption instead of having diminishing returns. You consume 4 Gaze at one time, and any excess carries over to the next Echo Web. Dying to a Shade only removes 1 Gaze, instead of all of them.
  • Class Changes - There are many Class Changes coming with 1.1, all classes will be getting changed in some way.
  • Channeling Skills - Channeling Skills no long block Mana Regeneration, Channeling Skills have had their Mana costs adjusted to compensate for this.
  • Skill Changes - Many Skills are being changed, some of the Skills getting major changes are Disintegrate, Shield Bash, and Avalanche.
  • Passives Changes - Many Passives are being tuned; Sorcerer, Forge Guard, and Shaman are seeing the most substantial changes.
  • Ward - The Ward Decay formula is being reworked to give a harsher penalty to builds reaching 10,000+ Ward, while helping out the lower end for builds below 4,000 Ward. This overall helps to reduce outliers in builds that favor Ward.

Mechanical Changes

The following section details much-requested Quality of Life updates to commonly used game mechanics, aimed at improving the experience for all players, including those who frequently play multiple characters.

Changes to Blessings

Character Blessings have traditionally been an RNG heavy part of investing into a character's loadout - farming the correct Blessing and also finding a high rolled version of that blessing. In order to facilitate switching builds on a single character and trying out different things, Eleventh Hour Games is adding the ability to 'stash' Blessings, in order to easily switch back and forth between already acquired Blessings.

The player can now find an NPC in the End of Time next to the Monolith of Fate entrance, that offers the ability to swap between Blessings already acquired by that character. There is a small Gold fee to do this, similar to respeccing passives.

Once a Boss has been defeated by the player, all of those Blessing options will be stashed, keeping their roll values intact. This also includes the Blessings that you did not choose.

These saved Blessings can also be accessed by alt characters.

Pre-1.1 characters will start with access to their non-equipped, but discovered Blessings as swap options, saved at their minimum roll.

Ladder Improvements

Eleventh Hour Games is introducing a brand new Level Ladder. This new Ladder will track the race to Level 100 by showing leading Cycle Characters, with the highest experience totals, and marked with timestamps to display when each character reached Level 100.

In addition to this, timestamps are also being added to Arena Ladders, to show when a player earned their rank by defeating Waves.

Monolith Timeline Search

A new search box is being added to the Timeline map, with buttons for common reward searches. This adds a quick way to filter and search for desired Echo types and rewards with matching nodes highlighted on the map.

Loot Filter Improvements

Loot Filters are getting some new filtering options with Last Epoch Patch 1.1. You can now add multiple affix conditions to a single rules. For example, you can have one condition for boots to only show if they have Movement Speed at Tier 6 or higher, and then another condition to also include at least Tier 5 or higher Dexterity, Vitality, or Strength.

Legendary Potential and Weaver's Will will both have options now in the filtering options.

In addition to these changes, items labels will now display the relevant filter rule number on the end while the loot filter is open. You will also be able to show or hide affixes that are incompatible with the item type you are crating a rule for.

Item Faction Changes

One of the major changes coming to Item Factions as a whole, is less reputation required to reach maximum rank in comparison to Patch 1.0. It will take less time overall to reach Max Rank in Patch 1.1. The Item Factions will also go to a Maximum Rank of 12.

In Patch 1.1, each Rank in Item Factions also now provides 5% increased Favor gain - at Rank 12, you will have +60% increased Favor gain.

It is important to note that experience now scales less with corruption than it did at high corruption values, and Favor is tied to experience gain. With the increases to Favor gain per rank, you will be gaining more Favor overall at normal corruption values, but this begins to taper off and reward less Corruption than before at high corruption values. This change puts less emphasis on going to extreme Corruption levels to farm Favor efficiently.

Merchant's Guild

Eleventh Hour Games felt that some Merchant's Guild Ranks offered very little in terms of upgrades as other Ranks incldued all the relevant items. Some Ranks have been split up, and two more ranks have been introduced in order to make progression feel smoother.

The Bazaar is also getting more comprehensive search functions. This won't be available at the launch of Patch 1.1, but will be released this patch as soon as it's ready.

Merchant's Guild Ranks

  • Rank 1: You can sell all items, and you can buy Normal, Magic and Rare items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 2: You can buy Set items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 3: You can buy Unique items with no Legendary Potential in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 4: You can buy Idols in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 5: You can buy Exalted Weapons and Offhands in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 6: You can buy Exalted Armor in the Bazaar or directly from other players - Boots, Gloves, Helm, Body Armor (Split from previous Rank 7)
  • Rank 7: You can buy Unique Weapons and Offhands with Legendary Potential in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 6)
  • Rank 8: You can buy all Exalted items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 7)
  • Rank 9: You can buy all Unique items, including those with Legendary Potential, in the Bazaar or directly from other Players. (Previously Rank 8)
  • Rank 10: You can buy Legendary Weapons and Offhands in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 9)
  • Rank 11: You can buy Legendary Armor in the Bazaar or directly from other players. - Boots, Gloves, Helm, Body Armor (Split from previous Rank 10)
  • Rank 12: You can buy all Legendary items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 10)

Circle of Fortune

Since the introduction of Circle of Fortune, common feedback has centered around farming Bosses and experimental items from Exiled Mages. To address this, two new Ranks have have been added to Circle of Fortune, that increased the amount of boss-specific loot and to increase the amount of experimental affix items Exiled Mages provide.

In addition to these Ranks, Rank 12 (previously Rank 10) which duplicated prophecies has received a rework. In Patch 1.1 instead of duplicating the rewards, the prophecy now acts as if you had 2 of them, meaning it can roll different Uniques.

Circle of Fortune Ranks

  • Rank 1: Enemies have 35% chance of dropping twice as many items (Unchanged)
  • Rank 2: 45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be preserved when used on an item that requires at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1 (Unchanged)
  • Rank 3: Whenever an Idol Drops, there is a 25% chance for two more to drop at the same time (Unchanged)
  • Rank 4: When a Set item would drop, the whole set drops instead (Previously Rank 9)
  • Rank 5: 35% chance for double item rewards from Monolith Echoes (Unchanged)
  • Rank 6: Affixes are 50% more likely to be Exalted (Previously Rank 4)
  • Rank 7: Exiled Mages drop twice as many experimental items (New)
  • Rank 8: Uniques are twice as likely to have Legendary Potential (Previously Rank 6)
  • Rank 9: T7 Affixes are twice as common (Previously Rank 7)
  • Rank 10: Bosses have 150% increased drop rate for any specific rewards they have (New)
    • ‘Specific Rewards’ refers to any items dropped by that Boss, for example Ravenous Void dropped by The Husk of Elder Gaspar
    • ‘Bosses’ applies to all unique enemies that display a boss health bar.
  • Rank 11: Items that would drop as Rare have 25% chance of becoming Exalted (Previously Rank 8)
  • Rank 12: Prophecies grant twice as many items (Previously Rank 10 - Changed, formerly “Items from Prophecies are duplicated”)
    • No longer duplicates the actual granted reward, but instead considers as if you had the prophecy itself twice, meaning it can roll different Uniques, for example.

Gaze of Orobyss Changes

Gaze of Orobyss is being reworked for Patch 1.1. Previously, your Gaze of Orobyss had diminshing returns, in 1.1 each Gaze of Orobyss will grant 12 Corruption.

Another change to help manage Corruption, now only 4 Gazes will be consumed at one time, instead of all of the them being consumed at once. The rest of the Gazes will now carry over to the next Echo web. The limit of 4 Gaze of Orobyss being consumed at once helps make the amount of Corruption being gained predictable, as well as works to avoid a sudden increase in difficulty after killing a Shade. In addition to this, players now only lose 1 Gaze of Orobyss when dying to a Shade, instead of losing them all.

These changes also mean that Corruption can be increased faster, as consuming a full stack of Gaze (4) in 1.1 will provide 48 Corruption which required at least 10 Gaze in 1.0. No specific changes have been made to the current Corruption catch-up mechanic. So with these new changes, increasing Corruption on your lower Corruption Timelines is now faster as well.

In multiplayer, all players in the Party who have the required Stability to be granted a Blessing when the Timeline Boss is defeated, will also gain a stack of Gaze. These players can then increase Corruption much faster in their own Timelines.

Class Changes

There are still many changes to discover the Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Patch Notes, but here are some highlights shared by Eleventh Hour Games in the Quality of Life Post. They have been listening to feedback on how some skills feel 'outdated' and have amped up their arsenal.

Channeling Skills

For 1.1, most channeled skills which prevented Mana regeneration while channeling have been changed. They no longer prevent base Mana regeneration, however the base Mana regeneration amount (8) has been added to their channel cost. Other modifiers to their Mana costs have been adjusted where necessary to also account for this change.

Skill Changes

All classes are receiving updates in Patch 1.1 .These showcased Skill and Passive changes are receiving signification changes with Harbingers of Ruin.


Disintegrate has historically been highly dependent on an unintended interaction between two Unique items: Ingvar’s Head, and Gambler’s Fallacy. This combination allowed you to greatly overcap critical strike chance, which offered a massive multiplier to Disintegrate. This interaction was the primary way to build Disintegrate, despite being unintended.

In order to give Disintegrate options to stand on its own, without the use of unintended mechanics, older nodes in the Skill Tree are being updated and new nodes are being added. There will be even more changes than the ones here listed in the Patch 1.1 Notes, to be released at a later date.

Base Skill

The Base damage on Disintegrate has been increased from 15 to 24, and it’s added damage effectiveness increased from a modest 300% to a generous 480%.

Flame Vent

Shield Bash

Shield Bash has been in the background for some time, often being excluded from discussions about 'melee skills'. Being a highly niche skill, and a support skill left it out of many builds. Also, having a long cooldown due to having a guaranteed stun made it less than popular. These changes aim to improve upon the Offensive Skill aspect of Shield Bash.

Base Skill

Shield Bash’s Base cooldown has been increased to 18 seconds, however stunning enemies will now quickly make Shield Bash available again by reducing the remaining cooldown by 20% when you stun an enemy. This counts stuns from any source, including other skills, not just stuns inflicted by Shield Bash itself, which should open up some fun build opportunities!

Flurry of Blows
Indomitable Force


Base Skill

Avalanche’s base functionality has been reworked: It is no longer a channeled spell by default. It now costs 50 mana and creates 1 larger boulder at the target location, followed by 10 smaller boulders around the target area over 2 seconds. It is now always targetable, and the boulders fall within a circle instead of an extended rectangle in front of the player. It has no cooldown.

Alpine Guide


In addition to skills, balance changes are being made to Passives for many masteries, with significant attention given to a few. While these changes are not "reworks," the Sorcerer, Forge Guard, and Shaman masteries will see notable Passive updates.


Forge Guard


Ward Balance

Since the introduction of Experimental items and the "% Missing Life Gained as Ward" affix on gloves, Ward has become very powerful. The Runemaster, Warlock, and Healing Hands Skill can generate large amounts of Ward, making Health vs. Ward a significant discussion topic. This has been widely recognized and discussed.

To address excessive Ward generation, specific changes are being made to various methods of Ward generation. This issue has been discussed before due to Ward's decaying yet "infinitely" stackable nature. In addition to these adjustments, a significant overall change is being made to the Ward Decay Formula.

The change to the Ward Decay Formula is not a complete nerf. While it aims to control excessive Ward generation, it also strengthens Ward retention when below 4,000 Ward. To address outliers, Ward decay is now much faster when over 10,000 Ward. The exact formulas are provided for clarity.

Old Formula:

0.4 x current ward / (1 + 0.5 x ward retention)

New Formula:

(0.2 x current ward + 0.00005 x (current ward^2)) / (1 + 0.5 x ward retention)

In essence, the change reduces Ward decay from 40% per second to 20% per second plus 0.005% of your Ward squared per second. This means lower Ward generating builds, like Ward per second or hybrid Ward/health builds, will maintain their Ward better. However, the new base formula will limit the impact of any outliers.

Maxroll Is Hard at Work Cooking for Patch 1.1

There are many changes coming to Last Epoch with Patch 1.1. We are hard at work behind the scenes getting all of our Resources and Builds up to date to incorporate them all. Be sure to check back with us on July 9th with the Patch 1.1 Release to see what we've been cooking up!

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