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Glacial Aspect – Diablo 4 Legendary Aspect

Last Updated: August 15th 2023

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Glacial Aspect is a Sorcerer Offensive Aspect that can only be found from random drops. Unlike Codex Aspects you can't go run a Dungeon to unlock this and will have to rely on RNG.

This power is amazing for Blizzard Sorcerers and should be extracted when a good roll is found. Make sure to always upgrade the item before extracting to get the highest values from its Legendary Modifier.

How to Obtain - Drop Only - No Codex Available

Glacial Aspect

Glacial Aspect Mechanics

Legendary Aspects often change the way skills and builds work in significant ways. This item is a great example of that since the Ice Spikes create the majority of the damage in our Blizzard Sorcerer Build.

  • Spawns an Ice Spike in a random spot within ‍Blizzard every 0.5 seconds.
  • Ice Spikes benefit from Cold Damage bonuses and ‍Permafrost Passive.
  • Ice Spikes benefit from your Intelligence Skill Damage bonus.
  • Ice Spikes do not benefit from Mastery Skill Damage bonuses.
  • Ice Spikes can Critically Strike but cannot proc Lucky Hits.
  • The damage range on the aspect increases every 10 item power.

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