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Sealed Khazra Offering Side Quest Guide

Last Updated: July 24th 2023

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Learn all about the rewards, starting location, and how to complete the Sealed Khazra Offering Side Quest.

Quest Information

Region: Kehjistan
Zone: The Southern Expanse
Started by: Sealed Khazra Offering
Quest Rewards and Duration
Renown: 30
Gold and Experience: Depends on Character Level
Duration: 03:00 Minutes
Item Reward: Glowing Khazra Offering

Slay Khazra Goatmen in The Southern Expanse sub-region until one of them drops the Sealed Khazra Offering.

Quest Map and Quest Objectives

  1. Harvest death anima from the Khazra
khazra offering quest map
Click for detailed Quest Objective Map

Khazra Offering Rundown

The Side Quest only has 1 objective to complete.

  1. Harvest death anima from the Khazra - Kill Khazra goatmen in the Southern Expanse zone until the progress bar is fully charged. This will complete the Side Quest and unlock the Offering.

Key Locations and NPCs

Start the Quest- Find Khazra Offering
Start the Quest


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