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Culling of Flesh Side Quest Guide

Last Updated: July 24th 2023

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Learn all about the rewards, starting location, and how to complete the Culling of Flesh Side Quest.

Quest Information

Region: Dry Steppes
Zone: Crane Tribe Hutmooth
Started by: Kaida
Quest Rewards and Duration
Renown: 30
Gold and Experience: Depends on Character Level
Duration: 05:00 Minutes
Item Reward: Herb Cache

Quest Map and Quest Objectives

  1. Slay cannibals in the Field of Broken Spears (0/50)
  2. Return to Kaida
culling of flesh quest map
Click for detailed Quest Objective Map

Quest Rundown

The Side Quest has 2 objectives to complete.

  1. Slay cannibals in the Field of Broken Spears (0/50) - Head south and start slaying cannibals like a maniac.
  2. Return to Kaida

Key Locations and NPCs

Objective 1- Slay cannibals
Objective 1


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