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Sorcerer Enchantment Slots

Last Updated: March 26th 2024

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The endless possibilities of Enchantment Slots

Every class in Diablo 4 has a unique mechanic that contributes to its identity. For the Sorcerer, it's Enchantment Slots, allowing you to bolster your build with great passive effects. These can truly alter your playstyle, leading to many unique ways of playing your Sorcerer. The specialization unlocks at level 15 after doing a Sorcerer only questline.

Unlocking the System

Once you reach level 15, you automatically start the Priority Quest "Legacy of the Magi". This short questline is a requirement to unlock the Specialization feature.

Quest Spoilers

Enchantment Slots Mechanics

Enchantment Slots are small but powerful additions to your build. We slot certain skills for their offensive, defensive, resource, or utility effects. They can bolster your build or extend its functionality. First, let's go over some mechanics:

  • Skills must have at least one Skill Point in them to be used (either from the Skill Tree or through gear).
  • You can use a skill on your action bar and in one Enchantment Slot at the same time.
  • A skill's Ranks, Enhancement and Upgrade choices carry through when placed into an Enchantment slot.
  • Choices can be swapped in and out of the Enchantment Slots at any time.
  • Ultimate Skills can NOT be enchanted.
  • The first slot unlocks at level 15, the second at level 30.

Effect Examples

Arc Lash's Slot effect makes it whenever you use a Cooldown Skill, nearby enemies are Stunned for 0.7 seconds. While unimpressive on its own, this effect has great synergy with Shocking Impact passive, adding a decent chunk of AoE damage to all your defensive skills. On top of that, if you cast Arc Lash immediately after a Cooldown Skill you can proc its Glinting upgrade and reduce the Cooldowns of all your skills!

Ice Armor's Slot effect states that when you get hit, you have a 5% chance to apply Ice Armor. Another defensive effect, simple enough. Adding Enhanced Ice Armor increases your Mana regeneration by 25% when active. Lastly, taking the Upgrade Shimmering Ice Armor, enemies that hit you while Ice Armor is active have a 15% chance to be Frozen for 3 seconds, ramp up Ice Armor's utility. This is especially true when used as a skill and in one of your Enchantment Slots.

Meteor's base Slot effect is every time an enemy takes damage, there's an 8% chance on a Lucky Hit a Meteor falls on them. This chance is very low and you can't expect this Enchantment to produce a lot of damage. However just having a single Meteor fall on enemies every once in a while can be very beneficial as it will apply Burning effect to the enemies and also Immobilize them via Wizard's Meteor. This unlocks powerful Burning and Crowd Control Synergies such as Warmth, Devouring Blaze or Aspect of Control.

Skill Enchantment Slots Effects

Each skill has a unique effect when placed in an Enchantment Slot. Most skills Enchantment Slot effects hold true to their elemental theme. This doesn't mean you need to stick with one element, though. In fact, this could be the bridge to a powerful build by mixing effects with different elements.

Frost BoltChill amount depends on Lucky Hit Chance of the triggering skill
Fire BoltBurning damage depends on Lucky Hit Chance of the triggering skill
Arc Lash
Frozen Orb
Ice ShardsA single shard is fired at each Frozen enemy 1.66 times per second
FireballEnemies killed by your party members also trigger this effect
Charged Bolts
Chain Lightning
Flame Shield
Ice Armor
Frost Nova
Ice BladesEnchantment can summon a maximum of 3 blades at a time
Lightning Spear
FirewallProc chance depends on the Lucky Hit Chance of Burning effect
Ball Lightning


  • The Sorcerer's class specialization unlocks at level 15 with the "Legacy of the Magi" questline beginning in Nevesk.
  • After finishing the questline, you can select a skill for your first Enchantment Slot, the second at level 30.
  • A skill's Enhanced and Upgrade choice carry through when placed into an Enchantment slot.
  • A skill can be used on the action bar and in one Enchantment Slot at the same time.
  • Skills in either slot can be changed out at any point.

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Written by Dredscythe with help from Northwar
Reviewed by wudijo and Chewingnom

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