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Last Updated: March 2nd 2024

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Cellars are instanced areas that work similarly to Dungeons, but are much smaller and shorter in scope. Entrances to Cellars can be found throughout the overworld of Sanctuary and completing them grants a chest filled with various rewards, including gear and crafting materials.

Comparing Cellars and Dungeons

Cellars share some similarities with Dungeons, but have several important differences:

  • Cellars are much shorter, with generally only one room and a single objective to deal with. Completing one should take a few minutes max and can often be done in a minute or less.
  • There are no major bosses to deal with. Elite Monsters and Dungeon Events can still spawn.
  • The rewards are not as good. They drop less loot, don't unlock Legendary Aspects for your Codex of Power, and don't provide any renown points.

Overall, this means that Dungeons are typically a larger time investment but with a greater reward than Cellars.

Accessing Cellars

Entrances to Cellars can be found throughout the overworld. To find them, look for an icon on the minimap that resembles a trap door. This leads to an interactable entrance that brings you into the Cellar. Each region has a set number of Cellars and there locations are fixed, so finding them should not be difficult.

This Icon means there's a Cellar nearby.


Cellars are a single floor and have a small layout that can be traversed in a matter of seconds. Because of this, they are designed to provide a short fight that can be completed quickly. This differs greatly from the multiroom, sprawling layouts of Dungeons.

The Layout for Iceworn Cellar.

Objectives and Events

To complete a Cellar, you need to finish its objective. These are usually short and straightforward, like killing a certain number of enemies or taking out an Elite. Once the objective has been finished, the Cellar now shows as completed on the minimap.

This objective means all enemies in the Cellar must be eliminated.

Along with objectives, Cellars can also spawn events similar to ones that can also appear in Dungeons. Completing these events provides additional rewards beyond the Cellar objective.

A group of Treasure Goblins is one of the many events that can spawn in Cellars.


Completing a Cellar grants a reward chest. The chest provides a variety of loot, including gear and crafting materials. Cellars also have a chance to spawn a special Event which can provide its own rewards beyond the chest. Cellars do not provide Renown points, so be sure to skip them if this is your primary goal.


  • Cellars are short instances that players can complete in a matter of minutes or less.
  • Entrances can be found throughout the overworld by looking for a trap door icon.
  • They are one floor with a small layout and a single objective.
  • They award a chest and any rewards from Events that may spawn.
  • They do not provide Renown points.


Written by McFluffin
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