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Vessel of Hatred Available October 8th

Last Updated: June 9th 2024

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Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred releases October 8th, today we got more information on the expansion and a sneak peak at the Spiritborn class. More details on the Spiritborn are coming during the July 18th Livestream. Read more from the official announcement below!

Key Takeaways

Here are the Key Takeaways from the Vessel of Hatred announcement post and upcoming changes to Diablo 4.

  • The new Spiritborn class gets a full reveal on July 18th, 2024.
  • Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred releases October 8th, 2024.
    • Mercenaries are back with Vessel of Hatred.
    • New PVE activities coming in the Expansion.
    • The Expansion brings new Legendary Glyphs, Paragon Boards and Whispers.
  • Pets have been added to Diablo 4, they follow you around and pick up items, Adam Fletcher clarified what Pets can and cannot pick up over on X.
    • They can pick up all of the following;
      • Gold, Herbs, Ore, Gem Fragments, Crafting Materials, Forgotten Souls, Murmuring Obols, Aberrant Cinders.
    • Pets cannot pick up:
      • Equipment, Quest items, Seasonal items or Boss Materials*

*Adam was not entirely sure about Boss materials.

New Class: The Spiritborn

Ranked among the apex predators of the jungle, the Spiritborn is an entirely new class to the Diablo Series. They are battle-hardened with mystical synergies that could only be awakened deep within the jungles of Nahantu. Become one of the Spiritborn and embrace the ethereal Spirits entwined with this ancient civilization.

While this Class remains shrouded in mystery, all shall be revealed in time. Join us for our Spiritborn Class Reveal on July 18, where the team will take an in-depth look to learn more about this groundbreaking Class.

Explore Nahantu

Sanctuary expands to the vast region of Nahantu, beckoning you forth. Wanderers of yore may recall echoes of Nahantu in Diablo II.

Experience everything from forgotten ruins to new Towns and take on new dungeons, Strongholds, and the warring tribes scattered throughout the region. Will you survive amongst the hellish overgrowth of Kurast or the barren desert plains of Teganze?

Experience the Next Chapter

Prepare for the next riveting chapter in the main story of Diablo IV. Starting where she last left us, the search for Neyrelle takes you deep into the ancient jungle as she grapples with the imprisoned Prime Evil. Attempt to unravel Mephisto’s dark plot while new foes encircle your every move, planning your demise. The fate of Neyrelle’s soul--and her ability to stop this Prime Evil from destroying Sanctuary--rests in your hands.

Mercenaries & Endgame Updates


Is it not better to wander with a friend by your side? Never fight alone as Mercenaries can join you on your quest to battle side by side with you in the dense undergrowth of Nahantu and beyond. These powerful allies grow in power as they progress, and each are equipped with unique abilities to help you in combat.

New PvE End-Game Co-Op Activity

Lurking within the shadows lies your next great challenge, filled with powerful tribulations and promising rewards. First of its kind to Diablo, this dungeon will require eager warriors to team up and take down various perils together. More details on this game mode will be revealed soon.

Base Game Updates

At Vessel of Hatred launch, we will also be introducing various updates across the entire game to improve and re-work core systems that have been around since launch. Empower your favorite Classes with new Skills, added Paragon Boards, and Legendary Glyphs. Explore new Dungeon types, added activities and rewards from the Tree of Whispers, and more.

Pets Added to Diablo 4

Available in-game now, all players in Diablo IV can have a new companion to call their own. Aiding with Gold and Material pick-up, Pets will serve as your trusty sidekick throughout the dangerous world of Sanctuary.

Log-in now to receive a Quest in-game that unlocks Pets for your Character. Upon Completion, you’ll earn Asheara the Canine Pet in-game.

Pre-purchased Editions of Vessel of Hatred will instantly grant you Alkor the Snow Leopard Pet, Natalya the Tiger Pet, or Hlrati the Canine Pet, or get all three with the Ultimate Edition!

Diablo 4 Anniversary Celebration

The fires in our hearth burn brightly with Diablo IV anniversary celebrations, for Mother’s Blessing is live now in-game! From June 9—June 19, earn Experience at 25% and Gold at a 50% (multiplicative) increased rate.

May the creatures of the jungle be merciful... or swift.

—The Diablo IV Team

Spiritborn News Soon

Be sure to tune in on July 18th when the Maxroll Diablo 4 Team reacts to the Spiritborn reveal and new information about Vessel of Hatred!

With that said, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development to make the most of your Season 2 experience!

Written by: Tenkiei

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