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Season 5 PTR Day 1 Recap

Last Updated: June 26th 2024

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What's new on the Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR running since yesterday? Let's dive in together through all the news and some thoughts about this PTR patch with our Season 5 PTR Day 1 Recap!

PTR Boost do not work on existing characters

Just putting a PSA out there that players should not use the boost on existing characters copied over to the PTR. This will remove and replace their character state with the character boost and you will lose your character inventories and gear from your copied state.
We will look to improve this flow in the future. Please only use the boost on fresh level 1 characters created on PTR.

PTR Hotfix & Downtime

June 26, 2024, 1:29 a.m. : We will be taking down the Season 5 PTR late tomorrow morning PDT to apply an update to address some items related to Infernal Compasses and Abyssal Scrolls. We will have notes up in the morning. This will help out players that have reported some issues related to both of these items.

Pit Boss HP bugged

Pit Bosses currently have way more HP than normal. This is a known issue:

This is indeed bugged. We found the issue after the reports. We will probably not adjust this in the PTR but please note that HP will be tweaked down for the Season 5 release. Thanks for the reports.

Undocumented Changes, Bugs & More

Undocumented Changes, Bugs & More by Wudijo

Waiting to Blast Those Guides!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team is currently blasting the Season 5 PTR to test all the changes and update our guides!

With that said, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development to make the most of your Season 4 experience!

Written by: Chewingnom

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