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Season 4 Campfire Chat Wrap Up

Last Updated: May 2nd 2024

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The Season 4 Campfire Chat just took place. The panel consisted of Joseph Piepiora (Associate Game Director), Adam Jackson (Lead Class Designer), Colin Finer (Lead Live Game Designer), Deric Nunez (Lead Seasons Designer), and Adam Fletcher (Associate Director of Community). The topics included PTR Learnings, class balancing, Season 4, and Q&A. See all the major points below.


The Dev Team discussed general items, the PTR, and what has changed since then.

  • Legendary items give equal amounts of Veiled Crystal as Rare items.
  • Sacred and Ancestral break down into 2x and 3x the crafting materials respectively.
  • Greater Affixes now have an easy to recognize icon in the name while on the ground, as well as sitting in your inventory.
  • Imprinting costs have gone way down, allowing players to Imprint as they want to.
  • Nightmare Dungeon Glyph XP acquisition has been increased by 25% and Runeshards now scale with higher Nightmare Dungeon runs, giving more at higher tiers.
  • Resplendent Spark now drop off your first Tormented Boss kill, Uber Lilith Kill, and complete the reputation reward with the Iron Wolves.


There was a reiteration of the changes to items. Rare items have only 2 affixes, Legendaries have 3 affixes. Greater Affixes are a cool new addition that can give you 150% of the normal bonus to an affix. Also, lowering the quantity of affixes, but upping the quality of them on gear was a big step forward. They eased how some damage works, "Damage on Tuesday," and simplified some requirements/conditions. Killing monsters at level 100 now guarantees Item Power 925 loot, reducing inventory sifting. Ultimately, it's about getting a good item and working on it.


Not too much has changed since the PTR. Allowing players to skip the animations was added. Also, a stat range was added to the preview of the rolled affix to help make it clear how good of a roll it is.


A lot of the system is unchanged. The skipping feature has been made better with the non-critical ranks being auto-skipped. There is no fail rate for the later ranks of Masterworking, however material costs are adjusted a little bit to compensate. Also, the conversion of materials with caches was stated to be made better from the PTR, with a long-term solution in the works post Season 4.

The Pit

The Pit was stated by the community to be a little too easy. Adjustments have been made to increase monster health to not always be one-shot. Also, Masterworking materials have been shifted into deeper tiers of when you receive them.

  • Tier 1 Materials = Levels 1-30 (was 1-20)
  • Tier 2 Materials = Levels 31-60 (was 21-40)
  • Tier 3 Materials = Levels 61+ (was 41+)

The players in a group, that did not open The Pit level should receive 50% of the rewards of the player that did open it. This was an increase and hopefully not make group running The Pit feel so punishing.

Boss Ladder

Andariel has been added along with the Tormented version (monster level 200). The effort vs reward wasn't good enough. The team reduced the Summoning Material requirements (for Tormented versions only) to 3x from 5x with 5x the total rewards given. Other Bosses besides Duriel and Andariel have a smaller chance to drop an Uber Unique now.

Season Journey

The Dev Team will be curating a bunch of Legendaries that are focused around a certain build. These will come from completing certain Objectives/Chapters to help get players up to speed quicker. The five build styles are:

Barbarian - Dust Devils
Druid - Pulverize
Necromancer - Minion Army
Rogue - Barrage
Sorcerer - Incinerate


A lot has changed with Helltides. The Accursed Rituals to summon the Blood Maiden for great loot and Boss Summoning Materials.

The Threat Meter, as it fills up, more ambushes and visits from the Hellworm happen more frequently. When full, a Hellborne attacks you. Defeating it grants more loot and Summoning Materials for Lord Zir. Helltides are now in World Tiers 1 and 2. Some elements like the meteorites and roaming bosses aren't present. This is to make Helltide fun but not too crazy for lower levels.

  • Cinder drop rates weren't where the team wanted them. They went back and upped the drop rate to get it where they wanted it.
  • Baneful Heart drops were inconsistent. They don't want players to hoard them so they made the rate of getting them more stable.
  • Increased rewards have been added to those who contribute to summoning the Blood Maiden. Extra Legendary items, Forgotten Souls, Exquisite Blood, and a chance at other Boss Summoning Materials can drop there.
  • Doomsayers no longer have a small chance to drop a Doomsayer's Chest. Instead, they just drop that loot directly.

Season 4 - Loot Reborn

Iron Wolves are a permanent part of Helltide. In Season 4, seasonal players will be able to heed the "Call of the Wolves." As you participate and work through the Seasonal Quest line, you'll earn reputation for earning juiced-up rewards, capped off at the end with a Resplendent Spark. Cosmetics as well can be earned.

Finally, exclusive to seasonal characters is a new Elixer, Profane Mindcage. It increases Helltide monster level, Cinders drop rates, and Threat gain. They are obtained from Hellborne and also through the reputation rewards.

Class Updates

The Dev Team discussed Itemization, the PTR, and what has changed since then.

The Team brought up three major areas they took lessons from PTR. They received a lot of feedback at addressed each one for Season 4.

With Armor being an infinite scaling stat (right now in Season 3) the team went back and capped the amount of Armor you need at Level 100. This is to give the player a goal to hit, a goal that is clear and not hidden, and most importantly not waste gear affix slots by going over the capped amount.

Other affixes are getting caps too. This is just as much for server performance as it is to keep the game in check.

Some QoL in the form of de-cluttering all those Dust Devils has been implemented as well as for Frozen Orb and its new Unique Item. Fortify got buffed to make up for the loss of some Defensive affixes and Druid Wolves getting some love too. This was by no means everything, but just a sampling.

Visual improvement for Dust Devils.

The new Scoundrel's Kiss originally made a line of arrows, meaning Rogues would have to get up close and a little too personally to get all the damage out of it. In Season 4, you just point and click, and all arrows go to that location instead.

Community Questions

What does Season 4 mean for future seasonal powers?

The team had to get things right for Season 4, but this doesn't mean Seasonal Powers are gone for good.

Is Season 4 shorter due to PTR?

Season 4 shouldn't be impacted that much, at most it will be a week shorter.

Codex of Power reseting issue?

PTR only issue.

Profane Mindcage, stack the buff?

Nope, it just resets the timer.

Profane Mindcage, buff work in groups?

Nope, just the player who used it.

Uniques getting some love as Tempered Legendaries may be stronger?

The team is seeing how things work out in Season 4 and will adjust from there.

Tempering, hold an affix like enchanting?

Not right now, but open to discussion.

Build defining Tempering like Lightning Hydras?

The team is open to discussions.

Season 4 Prep Has Begun!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team has been hard at work since the PTR to get all our guides and resources ready for this game-changing update! With that said, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development to make the most of your Season 3 experience!

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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