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Diablo 4 Campfire Chat Recap

Last Updated: June 16th 2023

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The first Diablo 4 Campfire Chat took place. The panel consisting of Rod Fergusson (General Manager), Joe Shely (Game Director), Tiffany Wat (Associate Production Director) and Adam Fletcher (Director of Community) tackled the post release successes and feedback from the community. There were also small tidbits of things to come. See below for all the key takeaways.

Launch Overview

The game launch went smoothly with only a few hiccups. The Live Ops team has being manning the station on the game 24/7 to cover any issues along with the Engineers/Developers. The player base crossed over the 350 million hours of play, which shows the game's enormous reception with only 10 days being live. There was a second mention confirming expansions (plural) in the pipeline! Whether an update to the game is being delivered through a hotfix or a patch, the experience is supposed to be smooth. A "chunky" patch is in the works to address a lot of current day issues. They didn't go into any details, but it should be coming SoonTM. Lastly, Season 1 was again confirmed to be coming mid to late July!

Community Feedback

The Team fully understands the perceived notion of nerfing builds. Their goal is to leave builds in a good state and handle the outliers in the most precise way possible, targeting the problematic items, skill, etc. They don't want to just buff weaker builds to equal the stronger builds and wind up with another 10,000s of percent problem...looking at you Diablo 3.

Community Hot Topics

  • Dungeons - There have been 4 hotfixes already to address certain issues with Dungeons as a whole, many of which removed Elite packs from Elite-dense Dungeons. Nightmare Dungeons are supposed to be setup to be highly farmable and competitive with other farming methods. With that in mind, the team is going to increase the amount of experience you get from them as well as the speed to complete. They are going to modify Sigils to teleport you directly to the dungeon, drastically reducing travel time. This will also allow you to hop from one Nightmare Dungeon directly into another, increasing your ability chain run Sigils.
  • Blighted Corpse - The issue with seeing your character, or avoiding dangerous ground effects with this skill, is being addressed.
  • Renown - Renown awarded from Exploration and discovering Altars of Lilith will be carried over on your character come Season 1. Your map will be revealed to the extent you reveal it prior to Season 1. Only main city Waypoints will be active, however, to allow you to discover and collect Renown from different activities. With maximum Exploration and Altar of Lilith bonuses, this means you should be able to reach the first two tiers of Renown Rewards straight away! These changes, coming Season 1, will affect your Alts, giving them some love as well.
  • Inventory - Gems/Skulls are a big inventory problem. The team is looking at a possible fix (aimed for Season 2) by moving Gems and Skulls to the Materials tab in your Character Screen. In addition, the team realizes there isn't a legitimate reason to have the caps for Materials in this tab set to 10,000, so those caps will be raised prior to Season 1.
  • Resistances - There are a lot of different aspects that go into the resistance scaling: Additive vs. Multiplicative, higher Difficulty penalties, etc. The team is looking into this complex issue and re-evaluating to make sure the drop-offs (that are happening faster than they would prefer) can be addressed. This is aimed for Season 2.
  • Server Stability/Hardcore - The Team is looking at issues where certain players have reported dying when disconnecting (DC) from the server, during teleporting, and other situations that are completely out of the players' hands. There is already a rare, Hardcore-only item drop called the Scroll of Escape that can be bound to a hotkey and used to get out of danger. The team is looking into expanding this functionality into DC protection, where the server would detect the DC and use a Scroll of Escape in your inventory (without you there) to get you to safety.
  • World Boss Cache Higher than Character Level - There is currently a bug where Caches from World Boss are dropping with much higher character level requirements. This will be addressed in a patch. The gear inside any Caches you have may still have the higher character level requirement, though.
  • Unique Dropping Bugs - Currently there are Barbarian Uniques dropping for Druids. This is not intended. This will be corrected in the patch scheduled prior to Season 1.
  • Social Features - The team is looking into different social features to increase the quality of life and players ability to group up in the future.

Community Questions

Can I right-click to teleport to a party member?

The team is looking at it, but no immediate plans to implement such functionality.

Any plans to buff any form of Resource Regeneration?

There are buffs, in general, coming. The team is being careful to make sure that regeneration doesn't outpace your ability to use it, taking away from the give and take while selecting Skills, Passives and Gear.

Plans to keep Quarterly Updates coming post release of the game?

There are future Developer Updates and Campfire Chats coming to provide communication and updates for future game updates.

More options to adjust the look of your character in-game?

The team is looking into adding more options in the future.

Is there a completed Side Quest tab coming to the journal?

The team wants to improve the Journal to track different things that interact with it, over time, with future plans.

Only More From Us, at Maxroll

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team has been working around the clock since release to update Resource Guides and Build Guides alike with every new patch to keep you ahead of the game! We have also added new Endgame Build Guides and will continue to do so in the weeks to come, to bolster our updated Tier Lists! Lastly, we launched D4Planner by Riv. More tools and guides are in the works as we head toward Season 1. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep on hacking and slashing!

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