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Battle Pass and Season Journey – Season of Blood

Last Updated: October 8th 2023

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Season 2 - Blood

The Battle Pass and Season Journey are coming back in Season 2 with a few small updates in some key areas. As a reminder, the Season Journey is one of the main ways to earn Favor, which helps unlock Reward Tiers on the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass has 90 total Reward Tiers (27 Free, 63 Paid) with one of the most important rewards being Smoldering Ashes. This currency is used to unlock and upgrade Season Blessings to aid you in your seasonal gameplay. Let's get down to it and see what's new.

Battle Pass

Season 2 Battle Pass Reward Track

Through earning Favor, you unlock Reward Tiers along the Battle Pass track. Certain rewards are always available to both Free and Premium or Accelerated tracks. Others are only obtainable through the Premium or Accelerated tracks.

A change from Season 1 to Season 2 is that Smoldering Ashes are obtained much earlier. In Season 1, you needed character level 40 to unlock the first Ash. In Season 2, the first Ash is obtained at character level 28! In fact, during the preview, they gave us several segments of the track and can accurately figure out when we will receive our first NINE Smoldering Ashes.

  • Level 28 (1x)
  • Level 44 (1x)
  • Level 49 (1x)
  • Level 53 (1x)
  • Level 56 (1x)
  • Level 58 (1x)
  • Level 63 (1x)
  • Level 66 (1x)
  • Level 70 (1x)

Also, you no longer have to remember to unlock them from the Battle Pass track before assigning them as it happens automatically. We currently do not know the full unlock schedule. Be on the lookout for the full Battle Pass Guide once the Season releases!

Battle Pass Versions

Battle Pass Premium and Accelerated tracks
  • Free Battle Pass - 27 Reward Tiers. (Smoldering Ashes are Free Reward Tiers only).
  • Premium Battle Pass - Includes all the Free Battle Pass perks plus 63 additional Reward Tiers for a total of 90. All additional rewards are COSMETIC ONLY. Can collect Marrow Armor Set for each class (Base + Awoken versions), Famished Thoroughbred Mount (Base + Awoken versions) and Marrow Plating Mount Armor (Base + Awoken versions) as well. Costs 1,000 Platinum (equivalent of $9.99 USD)
  • Accelerated Battle Pass - Includes all Free and Premium Battle Pass perks in addition to 20 Tier Skips and "Vampire's Repose" Emote. Cost 2,800 Platinum (equivalent of $24.99 USD).

Cosmetic Rewards

Here are the cosmetic rewards for Season 2 - Season of Blood.

Season Journey

Chapter 1 of Season 2 - Season of Blood

The Season Journey offers a set of challenges for the player to complete as they progress through the season. The early challenges (organized in Chapters) are easy, with the later ones taking considerable more effort. Each of the seven offers rewards consisting of gear items, Seasonal Aspects, and more. The Season Journey is curtailed to the Seasonal Theme to keep it fresh and give the player new things to do. Ultimately, you want to complete the Season Journey to pump us your Season Blessings through Favor to aid in your gameplay.

Season Blessings

Season 1 Blessings (reference only)

For Season 2, it appears two of the current Blessings are staying, and three others are being added:


  • Urn of Aggression - Boost to XP earned from monster kills.
  • Urn of Prolonging - Boost to the duration of all Elixirs.


  • Urn of Blood - Boost the Hunter’s Acclaim you earn from Blood Harvest activities.
  • Urn of Helltides - Boost the chance to receive an extra equipment item from Helltide chests. The extra item will be of Legendary rarity or better.
  • Urn of Swift Travel - Boost how quickly your Mount recovers from sprinting.

We have limited information on the Blessings right now. Similar to the Battle Pass, be on the lookout for the full Season Journey Guide once the Season releases!

Getting the Forges Hot for Season 2!

With the absolute massive amount of changes coming to the game, you can rest assured that the Maxroll Diablo 4 Team will update any and all guides to make your Season 2 a successful one!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development.

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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