Rushing Strategies



In this guide, we cover the Rushing Strategies to get new Characters to end-game areas. This is commonly called Grushing, and Grush which stands Glitch rush or Game rush. Rushing through the Expansion is slightly different to the Classic rush (Crush). The Rushing Strategies are Hardcore friendly, especially with great communication between the Party and the Rusher. You can offer “Grushes” as a service, making them a source of income.


In a Grush there are 3-4 roles, each with specific tasks during the Rush.


Runner is an extremely important role for the entire rush to go smoothly. There should always be 1 designated person for this role! Their tasks are:

  • Open all Games. The Normal game needs to be opened by a Character that hasn’t completed Quest 6 in Act 1.
  • Make sure everybody is partied up!
  • Enters all Town Portals of the Rusher to complete Quests
    • Quests are transferred to the entire party as long as they are in the same Act.
    • If you die at any point, STAY DEAD! The Quests are still completed, even if you are in the “You have Died”-screen.
  • Communicate with the Rusher and Party to make the Act transitions as smooth as possible.

The “Bumper” can take over the Runner role in Nightmare and Hell, making the original Runner a Leecher. This is recommended for Hardcore, as it reduces the chance of Death.


Leechers typically make up 0-6 Players in a rush. This role can make the first game if their Character hasn't completed Quest 6 in Act 1. They can also make the future games in Nightmare and Hell if the Party desires. There are minimal yet important responsibilities in this role. Most of the work is accomplished from the other roles. We use the exact same strategies for all difficulties as a Leecher. Be sure to stay Partied up at all times.


  • Requires basic Map knowledge. Make yourself familiar with our Map Reading Guide.
  • Teleport to objectives, open Town Portals (TP), and kill Quest targets.
  • Communicate with your team if your TP is safe. This is especially important on Hardcore! “1” is commonly used to signal a safe TP, while “2” or no message are the signal for unsafe TPs.
  • Be sure to stay Partied up at all times.
  • DO NOT open games as the Rusher!

We need to have the following Waypoints in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell for this rush to go smoothly:

Act 1Act 2Act 3Act 4Act 5
Catacombs Level 2Far Oasis
Lost City
Arcane Sanctuary
Canyon of the Magi
Spider Forest
Flayer Jungle
Lower Kurast
Durance of Hate
River of FlameFrigid Highlands
Ancient's Way
World Stone Keep


Bumper role is only relevant for Expansion rushes. Unlike Classic, there is a Level Requirement to get into the next difficulty. A Bumper should be Level 40 without Normal Baal Quest (Quest 6 in Act 5) completed. The reason we call this a "Bumper"' is because we can "bump" past the Ancients Quest (Quest 5 in Act 5) and enter the next areas, most importantly the Throne of Destruction to kill Baal's Minions and finally Baal to complete the Quest for you and your Party. 

  • The Bumper does NOT open any games.
  • Can take over the Runner Role in Nightmare and Hell for increased safety. This makes the Grush more Hardcore friendly.
  • Be sure to stay partied up at all times!

Ancients in Normal require Character Level 20+ to complete
Ancients in Nightmare require Character Level 40+ to complete
Ancients in Hell require Character Level 60+ to complete

This means you can have UP TO 3 Bumpers for the rush, one for each difficulty. Hell Baal Quest is relevant for Hell Cows and Ubers.



There are only a few things to say about Classic rushing also known as Crushing. Crushing does not require a Bumper, since we don’t have to deal with a Quest that has a Level Requirement (The Ancients). It can be more efficient to have 2 Rushers, however, this is not required. Something very important to note though about Crushing is that you must get to Hell Act 3 before you convert to Expansion if you choose. If you revert earlier, the game will put you back into Nightmare, and you'll need to Level-Up to 40 or find a Bumper after all.

Optional Quests

Act 1
  • Den of Evil (Quest 1). This quest found in Blood Moor gives you a Skill Point from Akara and the ability to respec once per difficulty.
    Note: In order for this quest to be complete, the person who needs the quest has to kill at least 1 monster in the Den of Evil and be in the area upon the last monster dying. However, for additional players that also need the quest, they only need to be in Act 1 for it to be completed.
Act 2
  • Radament's Lair (Quest 1). This quest in the Sewers Level 3 gives you a Skill Point from the Book of Skill that drops from Radament himself.
    Note: The Glowing Super Chest that drops the Horadric Scroll is not needed for this quest. This requires a person who needs the quest be within 2 screens of distance upon Radament's death.
Act 3
  • The Golden Bird (Quest 1). This quest gives you 20 Life from the Potion of Life that Alkor gives you upon giving him the quest item The Golden Bird.
    Note: The The Jade Figurine is only able to drop by an Elite Pack killed by the person that specifically needs it. You also only need to talk to Meshif then Alkor to complete this quest (Cain is not needed).
  • Turn in The Gidbin to Ormus for a random Rare Ring.
  • Lam Esen's Tome (Quest 4). This quest grants you an additional 5 Attribute points upon returning Lam Esen's Tome to Alkor.
    Note: This quest is always in the Ruined Temple, the mossy temple with stairs facing South West direction inside the Kurast Bazaar.
Act 4
  • The Fallen Angel (Quest 1). This quest gives you 2 Skill Points upon Killing Izual in the Plains of Despair and returning to Tyrael.
    Note: Izual always spawn right above a fissure in the ground.
    Only requires a person who needs the quest be within 2 screens of distance upon Izual's death.
  • Hell's Forge (Quest 2). This quest in the River of Flame gives you Gems and a Rune upon smashing Mephisto's Soulstone at the Forge.
    Note: If there are multiple people in Act 4 that all need this quest, it will drop all the Gems for each of them but only 1 of the Runes. It is common to unparty for this quest in Nightmare and Hell Difficulties to save that chance at a higher Rune.

Reward 1: A random regular, two random Flawless, and one random Perfect Gem.
Reward 2: A random Rune between  El Rune and  Sol Rune in Normal.
Reward 2: A random Rune between  Sol Rune and  Um Rune in Nightmare.
Reward 2: A random Rune between  Hel Rune and  Gul Rune in Hell.

Act 5
  • Siege on Harrogath (Quest 1). This quest at the end of Bloody Foothills gives you what is commonly known as a Larzuk Quest or Socket Quest after killing Shenk The Overseer which allows you to add a socket to a Weapon, Armor, Helmet, or Shield.
    Note: Only requires a person who needs the quest be within 2 screens of distance upon Shenk's death.
  • Prison of Ice (Quest 3). This quest gives you The Scroll of Resistance (a permanent +10 additional All Resistances on use) from Malah upon saving Anya in the Frozen River.
    Note: The Rusher can talk to Anya while in the Frozen River to trigger Malah to give someone the Malah's Potion upon talking to her.

Video Guide


  • Make sure whoever makes the games had Quest 6 in Act 1 (Andariel Quest) available.
  • Party up
  • Bumper should be Character Level >=40.
  • Make sure everyone is in the same Act before completing key quests.
  • Make safe TPs and communicate when needed with your team (1 = safe and 2 = Not safe)
  • Talk to Cain or other NPCs in town if you get stuck!
  • Make sure you are in the correct difficulty!
  • Be aware as the Rusher of how many TPs you have.
  • As a Rusher, use Waypoints like Spider Forest or Flayer Jungle to help discover the map.
  • This is a service, and it’s common to ask for a player's Hellforge Quest / Socket Quest as payment for this service.

I personally think Grushing is one of the most fun things to do if you have an experienced team, and you time it to be competitive! Making it a game of great organization is a great way to enjoy this much desired chore. I hope you guys found this helpful. GET OUT THERE AND CRUSH IT or GRUSH IT!


Written by BTNeandertha1
Reviewed by Teo1904