Patch 2.5 is Live!

Diablo 2 Resurrected has just been updated to Patch 2.5! The final Patch Notes give some information how to unlock Terror Zones and introduce some tweaks to the Sundered Charms we saw on the PTR. While you can immediately experience the Terror Zones, Sundered Charms are a Ladder Only feature, so you can't find them until Season Ladder 2 starts on October 6th! The patch notes also show what happens to your current Ladder Season 1 Characters and Loot.

Terror Zone Changes

Terror Zones are for Ladder AND Non-Ladder, and are currently active on both. It is not available for Single Player at this time.

Unlocking Terror Zones

Quest 6 in Act 5 is required to gain access to Terror Zones.

Terror Zone Additions

Stony Field has been added to the list of zones that become terrorized.

Terror Zone Indicators

Some additional indicators for Terror Zones have been added:

  • The Waypoint closest to the current Terror Zone is highlighted in purple and has a unique icon at the front.
  • Unique environmental lighting - It's much darker now!
  • Ember visual effects

Sundered Charm Changes

Sundered Charms are not available in Non-Ladder or Single Player!

Pets and Summons

Sundered Charms now work for pets and summons as well. We are glad to see this addition for all the effected builds!

Variable Negative Effects

On the PTR, the Sundered Charms had a static negative effect on your Character. In the final iteration, you'll find them with varying -% Resistances.

black cleft

Monster Magic Immunity is Sundered
Magic Resist -45 to -65%


Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
Damage Increased by 10 to 30%


Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered
Cold Resist -70 to -90%


Monster Lightning Immunity is Sundered
Lightning Resist -70 to 90%


Monster Fire Immunity is Sundered
Fire Resist -70 to 90%


Monster Poison Immunity is Sundered
Poison Resist -70 to 90%

Ladder End Procedure

When the current Ladder Season ends, all Characters and your items in the shared stash are transferred to "Non-Ladder".

You'll find your gear in the red remove-only-stash tabs. Make sure to remove your valuable gear as soon as possible. At the end of Ladder Season 2, they will otherwise be lost forever!

Hit the Check mark to switch from the remove-only tabs to the regular tabs and vice versa.

Maxroll D2R Team

We are happy to see more changes to the Sundered Charms. This final version will bring great trade value to them, and make them a great chase-item for the upcoming Ladder Season 2! We look forward to having you alongside us on the battlefields of Sanctuary!