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Betrayal Changes

Last Updated: March 15th 2024

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Path of Exile 3.24 brings big changes to the Betrayal mechanic and some of the crafting rewards for defeating Catarina.

Upcoming Betrayal Changes

The focus of these changes is allowing for more tradability removing the need to trust someone if you want to buy the crafting results from Betrayal.

  • Veiled Chaos Orbs have been reworked. They no longer reroll an item while adding a random Veiled Modifier. Instead it now provides the effect from Aisling's Research bench first removing a random modifier then adding a Veiled affix.
    • The new Veiled Chaos Orb drops from Catarina, the Syndicate Mastermind.
  • The benchcrafting effects to increase the quality of a Weapon, Armour, or Flask item above 20% have been removed and the outcomes replaced.
    • We don't yet know the effects replacing these benchcrafts.
  • In 3.24 you can use Vaal Orbs on Flasks, adding -10% to +10% quality.
  • Another of the upcoming Betrayal changes is a new beastcraft allowing you to transform an Amulet into a Talisman.
    • This replaces the betrayal bench effect while allowing for itemization and easy trading.

Tenkiei's Thoughts: I have very mixed feelings about the upcoming betrayal changes. On the one hand, easily buying Talisman transformations and Aisling benches is great and I like being able to Vaal flasks as a last step in the min-maxing process. But Veiled Chaos were a great floor for many crafts such as forcing movement speed on boots for 2 Divines.

This is going to make these items harder to access since the price of a boss drop will naturally gravitate towards the most valuable uses. The changes may also undermine the value of Betrayal as a farming strategy. Catarina is worth more which incentivizes safehouse rushing without setting up a proper board. On the other hand, unless the replacement mechanics are highly valuable it's going to be less rewarding to min-max the mechanic and engage with it deeply.

Other News

The Masters are finally together outside of your hideout.

Masters are no longer mutually exclusive. In Necropolis League you'll be able to encounter any and all masters all at once. Are you ready to partner with Einhar, while collecting Voltaxic Sulphite as you help Jun track down the next Syndicate Safehouse?


Check out more of Tenkiei's thoughts with the video below:

3.24 On the Horizon!

That's everything we know so far about Path of Exile's 3.24 expansion Necropolis and the betrayal changes. Are you looking for more news on Path of Exile builds, events, and upcoming patches? Then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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