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Leveling Tier List

Last Updated: March 2nd 2024

Patch 1.0

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Maxroll's Leveling Tier List ranks a build's power relative to all others. The best builds stand in S Tier and are expected to outperform others. We consider many factors when placing the builds to reflect the leveling experience from level 1 to 70. Choose wisely, read the guides and cruise your way through the campaign and the early end game!

Builds are ordered within each Tier by their Mastery. It does not reflect a build's power relative to others within the same Tier.

S Tier

Falconer Leveling
Bladedancer Leveling
Paladin Leveling
Warlock Leveling
Runemaster Leveling
Shaman Leveling

A Tier

Forge Guard Leveling
Necromancer Leveling
Marksman Leveling
Lich Leveling
Druid Leveling
Spellblade Leveling
Beastmaster Leveling

B Tier

Sorcerer Leveling
Void Knight Leveling

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