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Warlock Wrap-up & Falconer Teaser

Last Updated: January 29th 2024

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This is everything we know so far from the Last Epoch Warlock Reveal. We've consolidated the information in one post for your reading pleasure and added some theorycrafting from the Maxroll Last Epoch Team on what skills/builds might be good on the Warlock!

Note: The following information is from the Warlock's initial reveal, some values could be incorrect or content could change by release!

What is the Warlock?

The Acolyte's third mastery; Warlock embraces the dark arts through powerful Curses and Soul Magic. Why fight fair, when you can hinder foes with Torment and Anguish making them far easier to defeat. Alternatively, harness the raw destructive power of souls in the form of Chthonic Fissure, Ghostflame, or Chaos Bolts to unleash ruin on your enemies!

The Warlock brings the much needed Curse and Damage Over Time support the Acolyte has been waiting for.

Warlock Passive Tree

Warlock Passives in Last Epoch


  • Anguish is a Curse that lasts 10 seconds.
    • It reduces the damage over time dealt by afflicted enemies and deals Necrotic damage to all enemies afflicted with it whenever you kill an enemy.
    • Anguish cannot stack.
    • Sources: Encroaching Darkness and Duskbringer.
  • Penance is a Curse that lasts 15 seconds.
    • This Curse causes afflicted targets to take 20 Spell Fire damage when they hit another target.
    • Penance does not stack.
    • Sources: Penitent Tangent.
  • Decrepify is a Curse which deals 200 physical damage over 10 seconds with added damage applying at 100% effectiveness per second.
    • This Curse causes the target to take more damage from damage over time effects based on the caster’s missing health.
    • Sources: Decrepit Mortals.
  • Acid Skin is a Curse which deals 80 Poison damage over 5 seconds with added damage applying at 80% effectiveness per second.
    • This affliction adds a 20% chance for cursed enemies to be critically hit.
    • Sources: Forbidden Chasm.
  • Torment is a Curse which deals 120 spell Necrotic damage over 3 seconds with added damage applying at 200% effectiveness per second.
    • This curse reduces the movement speed of afflicted enemies by 12% (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    • Torment does not stack.
    • Sources: Chthonic Fissure and Spirit Gale.

Warlock Skills

Chaos Bolts

Chaos Bolts

You unleash a volley of destructive bolts upon your target and anything nearby! This skill has interesting Ailment synergy and even procs special effects when striking your minions.

Chaos Bolts Skill Customization Options

Warlock Leveling

Based on what has been shown, the Maxroll Last Epoch Team would level the Warlock with a Bleed build, using Chthonic Fissure to proc Chaos Bolts, which can also proc Bone Curse and Rip Blood.

This setup is bound to hit monsters a lot, allowing you to apply tons of Bleed stacks without Uniques or Exalted items. Looking at the DoT and Bleed support available in the Warlock Passive Tree and Skill Trees, such as Cauldron of Blood, Crimson Favors, Spiteful Decay and Vessel of Chaos, the build should deal considerable Damage during the Campaign and all the way to Empowered Monoliths.

Scaling & Mechanics

  • The Spirit Plague Tree has passives like Putrid Recovery, Laceration and Exsanguination which scale your damage and survivability based on the number of hits you inflict.
  • The Warlock also has access to early Leech in the Passive Tree thanks to the Spirit Leech Node, so you should have plenty of Health recovery at all stages of progression.
  • In the Passive Tree there are Nodes such as Dark Protections, Wither and Doom Herald that should increase your survivability significantly.
  • Ghostflame looks very good as a defensive utility Skill with Nodes like Disdain, Enfeebled Prey, Wraith Form and Ethereal Blockade.
  • In the same vein as Rebuke from the Sentinel, you could channel Ghostflame and Reduce the Damage Taken considerably, allowing you to tank most one-shot mechanics in the game.
  • Proccing this many Skills might lead to some Mana sustain problems, so investing into it on the Passive Tree and on your Gear might be a good idea. Nodes like Soul Stealer should be helpful.

Warlock Builds

Although the Warlock has access to many ways to sustain Health with Nodes like Cursed Blood and Devour the Damned or Passives like Spirit Leech, it appears that it might have amazing synergy with the Low Life Ward based playstyle. With Nodes like A Grave for Two and Decrepit Mortals you could really benefit from going Low Life.

The Warlock has easy access to Haste thanks to the Fleeting Crone Node. This combined with its proc based playstyle suggests it might be a very fast Monolith farmer.

The Warlock has tons of support for Bleed, Ignite, Poison and Damned based builds, and even incentivizes mixing them up with the different Overloads and Witchfire related Nodes like Vessel of Chaos, The Ashen One and Grimhilde's Domain.

Scaling & Mechanics

  • Alternatively, you can focus on boosting the raw Damage of Curses with nodes like Wither, Unholy Torment and Duskbringer.
  • Chthonic Fissure's Spirits apply a DoT Curse called Torment and it looks like Twisted Waves, Grim Tide, Tombgorger and Chronicles of Ruin provide interesting ways to scale the damage.
  • The Warlock has tons of synergies between Skills and ways to proc each other. Nodes like Another Affliction, Exacted Libation, Reaper of Mayhem and Feast of Bones caught our attention.
  • There seems to be some powerful synergies between Chaos Bolts and Summon Volatile Zombie with Volatile Kindling and Sudden Putrescence .
  • Additionally, Profane Veil can provide a crazy global Damage buff thanks to Scorn. It also has strong synergy with Wandering Spirits through Nodes like Seance.
  • We cannot wait to make sadistic builds around the Aspect of Death, just how we like it!

Falconer Teaser

During our preparations for the Falconer reveal, something didn't work as anticipated causing the Falconer passives to leak. After communicating with our partner Eleventh Hour Games we've jointly agreed to officially release the Falconer passives as a teaser.

Remember to come back on February 8th for our complete Falconer Reveal, including a collaboration with Zizaran!

With the reveal of the Warlock, we're just another step closing to Last Epoch's 1.0 release on February 21st! Until then, the Maxroll Last Epoch Team is in full swing getting the branch's final details done and ready for you to blast the great world of Eterra with our top-notch Leveling and Endgame Build Guides, Resource Guides, LEPlanner, and more to come!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development.

Written by: The Maxroll Last Epoch Team

Reviewed by: Dredscythe, Tenkiei

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