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LEGO Fortnite Cozy Update

Last Updated: June 20th 2024

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In the LEGO Fortnite Cozy Update you get to choose how you want to play the game. Maybe you like combat, but want it to be a little easier so you can build, farm, AND feel mighty. That’s where the new Cozy mode comes in!

Perhaps for you, Survival mode was just the start. Do you have what it takes to face fiercer foes? Think you can up your game against regular enemies? And above all, are you willing to take on these challenges with the risk of permanent elimination? Test just how unbreakable you are in LEGO Fortnite’s new Expert mode!

The full details of LEGO Fortnite Cozy Update covered below. Play Cozy and Expert when v30.10 arrives June 13, 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Cozy Mode - The introduction of Cozy Mode provides a relaxed way of enjoying LEGO Fortnite, allowing you to adjust settings to better suit your preferred playing style.
  • Expert Mode - If you're looking for a more challenging approach, Expert Mode provides a less forgiving experience with buffed mobs and even perma-death.
  • Skin Conversions - Dozens of LEGO styles have been added in this update and can be found in your locker if you own them.
  • Trophies - The Grassland, Dry Valley, and Frostlands trophies are cosmetics earned in Expert Mode to show off your achievement of slaying brutes and maxing your village level in their respective biomes.

Cozy Mode

Image via Epic Games

Whether you’re a beginner survivor or a builder who likes a little bit of thrill, Cozy mode’s up your alley! Create a world and get greeted by Slumber, a friendly face who’ll guide you through your journey step-by-step. 

Cozy Mode Default Settings

Cozy mode is a nice mix of Survival and Sandbox mode. If that sounds like your thing, choose Cozy mode when creating a new world! These are the default settings if you choose Cozy mode. (They can all be changed!)

  • Enemies - On
  • Enemy Difficulty (new setting!) - Easy
  • Storm-Wild Enemies (new setting!) - Off
  • Hunger - Off
  • Temperature - Off
  • Stamina - Off
  • Player Elimination - Respawn
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination - Off
  • Friendly Creatures - On
  • Friendly Damage - Off
  • Villagers - On
  • Power System - Off
  • Village Animals Removed On Elimination - Off

Expert Mode

Image via Epic Games

Storm-Wild Enemies

‘Fraid of Wild Wolves? Well now there are even wilder wolves.

In Expert mode, creatures infected by a “storm” roam with creatures who haven’t been infected. (Where did this storm come from...) These Storm-Wild enemies deal more damage, have more Health, and move faster than regular enemies. If you're not prepared to face them, running away won't be easy...

Image via Epic Games

All Storm-Wild enemies:

  • Storm-Wild Blaster
  • Storm-Wild Bone Wolf
  • Storm-Wild Brute
  • Storm-Wild Frost Brute
  • Storm-Wild Frost Roller
  • Storm-Wild Frost Scorpion
  • Storm-Wild Frost Wolf
  • Storm-Wild Hermit Crab
  • Storm-Wild Sand Brute
  • Storm-Wild Sand Roller
  • Storm-Wild Sand Scorpion
  • Storm-Wild Sand Spider
  • Storm-Wild Sand Wolf
  • Storm-Wild Scorpion
  • Storm-Wild Skeleton
  • Storm-Wild Scoundrels
  • Storm-Wild Spider
  • Storm-Wild Stone Roller
  • Storm-Wild Wild Wolf

Stronger Enemies

Regular enemies will be stronger in Expert mode than in other modes, even if they aren’t Storm-Wild! Better get those Recurve Crossbows and Longswords ready.


So you’re still not scared? That’s good…

We should warn you: losing all your hearts in a world where Expert mode is on will make you permanently eliminated from that world. Got involved in a bad situation? If you have a Totem of Return equipped when you lose all your hearts, you’ll revive in your bed with your backpack. The totem will destroy itself though — a small cost for escaping permanent elimination!

Image via Epic Games

Unlock the recipe for the Totem of Return by adding a Storm Core to your inventory. Get Storm Cores from Storm-Wild enemies!

The Totem of the Immortal will also be in Expert mode. Got eliminated with no totem in tow? On the bright side, you won’t be eliminated from all of LEGO Fortnite… you can still hop into non-Expert worlds or make a new Expert world! So what happens to the old one? Key holders will still have a shot at survival unless you delete it.

Trophies for Your Bravery

Mark your survival skills with trophies in your world!

Image via Epic Games

Here are the symbols of courage you can earn in Expert mode:

  • Grasslands Trophy: Unlock by defeating a Storm-Wild Brute in the Grasslands, then interacting with a Level 10 Grasslands Village.
  • Dry Valley Trophy: Unlock by defeating a Storm-Wild Sand Brute, then interacting with a Level 10 Dry Valley Village.
  • Frostlands Trophy: Unlock by defeating a Storm-Wild Frost Brute, then interacting with a Level 10 Frostlands Village.

If you earn these trophies, you’ve truly earned them 🏆

Expert Mode Default Settings

Choose Expert mode when creating a new world! When creating a world, these are the default settings if you select Expert:

  • Enemies - On (cannot be changed!)
  • Enemy Difficulty (new setting!) - Hard (cannot be changed!)
  • Storm-Wild Enemies (new setting!) - On (cannot be changed!)
  • Hunger - On (cannot be changed!)
  • Temperature - On (cannot be changed!)
  • Stamina - On (cannot be changed!)
  • Player Elimination - Permanent (cannot be changed!)
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination - On (cannot be changed!)
  • Friendly Creatures - On (cannot be changed… we’re throwing you a bone)
  • Friendly Damage - Off (this can be changed if you wanna go the extra mile)
  • Villagers - On (cannot be changed… you’ll need these buddies to help you out!)
  • Power System - On (cannot be changed… you’ll have to put in the work!)
  • Village Animals Removed On Elimination - On (cannot be changed… keep ‘em safe!)

Improvements, Adjustments, & Bug Fixes

Low Memory vs. Too Many Constructs Nearby

Before v30.10, you may have seen a “high complexity” warning in your world, limiting your ability to build. v30.10 will clarify whether this is because of low memory or too many constructs nearby.

If you get a low memory or too many constructs nearby notification, here’s how you can try continuing normal play:

  • Low Memory: Try reducing overall constructs, the number of unique constructs, or items and creatures. Moving away from dense areas or exiting and re-entering the world can help too. (Note: the amount of memory available depends on the platform you’re playing on.)
  • Too Many Constructs Nearby: Try spreading out constructs over larger areas. Also try using larger Building Parts rather than many smaller ones to achieve a similar result. Building in a different location or removing constructs you no longer want can also help.

More Things

  • Villagers in the Rebel Village will no longer count towards the world Villager cap.
  • The world Villager count in the Village Hub will display the correct number of Villagers.
  • Skeletons will be less likely to spawn in Villages.
  • Lava Caves on Star Wars Island will have Rubies!
  • Animals will do a better job avoiding Campfires.
  • Wolves learned how to swim!  

LEGO Styles? We Got ‘Em!

Image via Epic Games

Speaking of difficulty, choosing your perfect LEGO look for every occasion isn’t always easy. That’s why v30.10 adds even more LEGO Styles for your favorite Outfits! If you already own these Outfits, the LEGO Styles will automatically be in your Locker.

LEGO Style Conversions

  • Agente Colorado
  • Airheart
  • Amazona Colorada
  • Backbone
  • Beach Brutus
  • Big Chuggus
  • Black Panther
  • Blitz (Team Fortnite)
  • Blizzard Bomber
  • Blockade Runner
  • Boardwalk Ruby
  • Brite Blaster
  • Brite Gunner
  • Buzzer Beater (Team Fortnite)
  • Cameo vs Chic
  • Capitana Colorada
  • Catastrophe
  • Chaos Origins
  • El Chapulín Colorado
  • Commando
  • Crossover Champion (Team Fortnite)
  • Dante
  • Dark Priestess Naomi
  • Deadlock
  • Defensor Colorado
  • Defensora Colorada
  • Doctor Doom
  • Drop Dee
  • Dusk
  • Dynamo Dribbler (Team Fortnite)
  • Elite Linesman
  • End Zone (Team Fortnite)
  • End Zone Expert
  • Endless Ned
  • Fadeaway (Team Fortnite)
  • Fair Play
  • Fast Break (Team Fortnite)
  • FNCS 3:1 Champion
  • Frost Squad
  • Gridiron (Team Fortnite)
  • Guerrera Colorada
  • Guerrero Colorado
  • Half-Court Hero (Team Fortnite)
  • Hawk Classic
  • Heidi
  • The Herald
  • Heroína Colorada
  • Huddle Hero
  • Hugo
  • Héroe Colorado
  • Ice Stalker
  • Imani
  • Interceptor (Team Fortnite)
  • Ione
  • Jawbreaker
  • Juke (Team Fortnite)
  • Lars
  • Machinist Mina
  • Melody Maverick
  • Mina Park
  • Moisty Merman
  • Moon Knight
  • Naomi Osaka
  • NBA 75 Baller
  • NBA 75 Clutch
  • NBA 75 Dunk
  • NBA 75 Fit
  • NBA 75 Flash
  • NBA 75 Flex
  • NBA 75 High-Flyer
  • NBA 75 Shot-Caller
  • NBA 75 Slam
  • NBA 75 Swish
  • Nezumi
  • Nitrojerry
  • Offense Overseer
  • Offside Officer
  • Omega Knight
  • Omegarok
  • The Origin
  • Pathfinder
  • Rain Maker (Team Fortnite)
  • Raven Team Leader
  • Rebound Raider (Team Fortnite)
  • Reef Ranger
  • Replay Ranger
  • Rio Grande
  • Rush (Team Fortnite)
  • Sayara
  • Scoundrel
  • Scout
  • Shang-Chi
  • Snowstrike
  • Soldado Colorado
  • Sorana
  • Sparkle Supreme
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
  • Spider-Man (No Way Home)
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Spike (Team Fortnite)
  • Splash Specialist (Team Fortnite)
  • Star-Spangled Ranger
  • Steelsight
  • Storm
  • Strong Guard (Team Fortnite)
  • Sun Tan Specialist
  • Takara
  • Terra
  • Thor
  • Tigeress
  • Time-Out
  • Toni
  • Tony Stark
  • Tracy Trouble
  • Triple-Double (Team Fortnite)
  • Twistie
  • Vix
  • Wild Gunner
  • Zenith
  • Zuri
  • Zzaria The Cruel

LEGO Fortnite Cozy Update Closing Statement

The LEGO Fortnite Cozy Update let's you take control of the way you play and adds a lot of new stuff for both Cozy and Expert mode players to enjoy. Don't forget to stop by your locker to check for skins that may have been converted and stay tuned for more updates and news regarding LEGO Fortnite!

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Written by: mkaytea

Reviewed by: Soap_GOD, Tenkiei

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