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The Final Shape Walkthrough

Last Updated: June 17th 2024

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The Final Shape

Welcome to The Final Shape Walkthrough! Everything you need to know about Destiny 2's latest DLC is right here, in this very guide. In this walkthrough, you will find campaign help and information on every exotic quest, weapon and Pale Heart gear quests, the Pale Heart Pathfinder, and even a full rundown of all the activities in the new destination, the Pale Heart. Be sure to pin The Final Shape Walkthrough to be notified of updates!

The Campaign

The Final Shape Campaign is straightforward and has 7 actual missions:

  • Transmigration
  • Temptation
  • Exegesis
  • Requiem
  • Ascent
  • Dissent
  • Iconoclasm

In addition to the missions, players will be completing Overthrows, unlocking their Prismatic subclass, earning new gear and weapons, and uncovering the secrets of the Traveler and the Witness. See the sections below for specific information regarding new activities and secrets.

Psionic Conduit Puzzle

There is one new puzzle in this campaign: the Psionic Conduit Puzzle. The conduit looks like a clock with one hand. One of the nodes will have an orange glow above it. Players need to move the hand to the orange glow. Do this by counting how many nodes are between the hand and the node, because that is how many Psions you need to kill. The hand can spin clockwise or counter-clockwise, so pick the spin that has the least amount of nodes needed. Kill the Psions, then dunk their resonance on the left for counter-clockwise or on the right for clockwise. Some Psionic Conduits take more than one charge to complete.

Two Psionic Insight should be dunked into the Psionic Conduit on the clockwise dunk to complete it.

Be sure to check out our Prismatic Fragment Locations for an in-depth guide on ALL Prismatic Fragment locations and how to unlock them!

Exotic Weapon Quests

The Final Shape brings six Exotic Weapons to the table. Some are re-imagined fan favorites, and some are completely new, but they are all easily attainable with this Final Shape Walkthrough!

Ergo Sum
Still Hunt
Red Death Reformed
Khvostov 7G-0X

"Destined Heroes" rewards the player with Ergo Sum, the first ever Energy Weapon Sword. The quest steps are as follows:

  • Listen to the radio in the Tower area of the Lost City in the Pale Heart.
  • Complete "Queens, Part 1".
    • In this mission, use the Hive sword to deflect elemental damage to the rune with the same elemental color. For example, deflect the Shrieker's Void attack to the purple rune.
  • Speak to Micah-10 in the Arbor of Light in the Lost City.
  • Talk with Cayde-6 in the Tower area of the Lost City.
  • Speak with Ghost in the Tower area of the Lost City.
  • Complete "Found in the Dark and Lost in the Light".
    • Pick up the quest from Ghost.
    • Track the quest from your map to follow the route. This leads you to a chest that rewards a Prismatic grenade.
    • The next part of the quest can be launched from the Tower in the Lost City - it's called "The Hollow, Part 1.".
      • Activate the panel on the left cave wall. If you have trouble locating it, pull out your Ghost to see the objective marker.
      • Defeat Taken Captains and collect the motes. Dunk the motes in the opposite plate (take Dark motes to the Light plate, etc).
      • Korha the Hollow will spawn. Defeat them, then destroy the two generators by dunking the opposite energy again.
      • This will reward you with a Prismatic chest.
    • Behind that chest will be a banner where you can launch "The Hollow, Part 2".
      • Activate the panels to escort explosive Shanks to closed doors. Once it reaches the door, shoot it so that it explodes, blowing the door open.
      • Reach the boss fight against Korha.
      • Kill servitors on both sides of the arena and deposit charges they drop into the center console.
      • This spawns more exploder Shanks that will swarm Korha. Shoot them when they close to bring down Korha's shield. Repeat until they are defeated.
    • Complete "Found in the Dark".
      • As done previously, track the quest on your map and follow the marker to The Seclusion.
      • Follow the marker to reach the Prismatic chest. Launch the next mission from the banner beyond the chest. It's called "Home, Part 1".
    • Complete "Home, Part 1".
      • Kill enemies until a Major Psion spawns - defeat it and plant the antenna in a generator. This antenna shows the fleet where to send down missiles. Do this for both generators.
      • In the next area, there are two Psions that are floating in a protective bubble. Kill them with one melee attack each.
      • Kill the mini-bosses that spawn.
      • Set the antennas on the generators.
      • Kill the boss that spawns, then collect your reward from the Prismatic Chest. Launch the next mission from the banner just beyond the chest.
    • Complete "Home, Part 2".
      • Melee the 2 Psions in the protective bubbles.
      • Kill Major Cabal enemies to drop charges.
      • Throw the charges at the generators to destroy them.
      • This spawns a Goliath Tank that is protected by a trio of protective bubble Psions.
      • Melee 3 Psions to bring down the tank's shield, then deal damage.
      • Repeat until defeated. Claim your reward from the Prismatic chest.
    • Complete "Queens, Part 2".
      • Launch the mission from the Tower area of the Lost City in the Pale Heart.
      • Defeat Taken enemies to become Taken Empowered. This will show up as a buff on the left side of your screen.
      • Once charged, cross the chasm to the other side.
      • Kill enemies in the blue crystal cave.
      • Climb upward through a hole in the ceiling.
      • Kill enemies and interact with Fissures of Light to free them.
      • Defeat the Tormentors that spawn.
    • Return to Ghost. Be sure to have at least 1 slot open in your Energy weapons, as the Dyadic Prism you receive holds the spot for Ergo Sum.
    • Launch the next part from the quest to visit The Sacrarium. Approach the statue to claim the sword.

Possible Perks that Ergo Sum can roll:

  • Wolfpack Rounds
  • Gathering Light
  • Sacred Flame
  • The Perfect Fifth
  • Arc Conductor
  • Stormbringer
  • Unplanned Reprieve
  • Insectoid Robot Grenades
  • Any Ergo sum will have the Intrinsic Trait, Transcendent Duelist
Ergo Sum as shown in game.

"Wild Card" rewards Still Hunt, a sniper rifle that can mimic the Hunter's Golden Gun. Players will need to complete The Final Shape campaign and "Queens, Part 1" from the "Destined Heroes" quest to unlock the "Wild Card" mission. The quest steps are as follows:

  • Complete The Final Shape campaign.
  • Start the "Destined Heroes" Quest to unlock "Queens, Part 1".
  • Complete "Queens. Part 1" to unlock the "Wild Card" mission.
    • In this mission, use the Hive sword to deflect elemental damage to the rune with the same elemental color. For example, deflect the Shrieker's Void attack to the purple rune.
  • Pick up "Wild Card" mission from Cayde-6 in the Tower area of the Lost City in the Pale Heart.
  • Complete "Wild Card".
    • Jump off of the ledge at the Tower in the Lost City down to the banner to launch the mission.
    • Make camp, then begin hunting Screebs and War Beasts with a white smoke aura that indicates Dark Ether.
    • Follow the marker to the energy signature.
    • Defeat the War Beast, Devourer of Tainted Light. Follow the boss into the shielded area to continue fighting it. Return to camp to chat with Cayde-6 and Crow, then Meditate.
    • Defeat all of the Taken in the area to remove the Blight. Repeat this three more times.
    • Two more Blights will appear, bolstered by more Taken enemies and their Dread friends. Defeat all enemies surrounding the Blights to remove them.
    • Return to camp and Meditate.
    • Follow the marker to a cave reached by dropping off the cliff. Follow the passage until you reach another small cave.
    • Use the small cracks in the rocks to defeat Shanks until the Shank named "Hoarder of Tainted Light" appears. Defeat this boss Shank.
    • Return to camp.
    • Follow the marker to a cave filled with Screebs. Continue until you are able to place a Rally Banner.
    • Defeat Lii'liks, Harvester of the Witness by defeating Screebs and placing their dropped Dark Ether into a barrel; every time the barrel reaches 10 motes, the boss's shield goes down. Do this three times to defeat the boss.
    • Return to camp.
    • Return to the Tower area of the Lost City.
    • Speak to Cayde-6 and receive Still Hunt.

Cayde's Retribution is the intrinsic perk for this weapon. Fill the meter by hitting precision shots with the rifle and collecting orbs of power, then hold reload once it is full to activate Golden Gun. For the Hunters out there, you can pair this with Celestial Nighthawk, turning your three shots into one powerful burst of damage.

Still Hunt, as shown in game.

"Convalescence: Rootbound" rewards players with Microcosm, the first Heavy Weapon Trace Rifle. This weapon can easily break through enemies with shields, and final blows give you Super energy. When your Super expires, Microcosm deals increased damage. The quest steps are as follows:

  • Complete The Final Shape campaign.
  • Start the "Destined Heroes" Quest to unlock "Queens, Part 1".
  • Complete "Queens. Part 1" to unlock the "Convalescence: Rootbound" mission.
  • Talk to Micah-10 to acquire the Convalescence mission.
  • Complete "Convalesence: Rootbound".
    • Complete the Forgotten Deep Lost Sector in the The Landing region of the Pale Heart.
      • This lost sector utilizes 3 green hive wells that you must walk through to break the crystal to continue.
      • At the end of the Lost Sector, after all enemies are defeated, find the Ghost at the base of the tree on the platform.
    • Return to the Arbor in The Lost City and interact with the Ghost you saved.
  • Complete "Convalescence: Underbrush".
    • Complete activities in the Pale Heart to acquire a Flickering Blessing mod.
      • Highlight the Pathfinder objectives on your map - the reward will always be a chest.
      • Equip the Wombo/Combo mod on your Ghost shell and explore the Pale Heart to find chests. Keep opening chests until a mod is acquired.
    • Equip the Flickering Blessing mod by navigating to the Pale Heart map from Destinations. Right above the Blooming you can find the Traveler's Blessings node. Select it, then equip one of the blessings.
    • Return to the Arbor in The Lost City and interact with the Ghost at the tree as well as Micah-10.
  • Complete "Convalescence: Greenery".
    • Complete public activities in The Landing to progress an Overthrow event, which reward chests.
    • Look slightly north of The Refraction on your map, and highlight the Convalescence: Greenery icon. Once in the area, follow the eagle made of Light to a cave locked with Hive magic. Shoot the corresponding crystals to open the cave.
    • Interact with the Hive altar to summon a hive sword. Kill enemies and destroy any crystals and Hive rocks in your path. Kill all three Lucent Hive Lieutenants, and do not forget to crush their ghosts.
  • Return to the Arbor in The Lost City and interact with the Ghost at the tree as well as Micah-10.
  • Complete "Convalsecence: Budding".
    • Complete the Cooperative Focus Mode of Ascent, launched from the southeast side of the Pale Heart.
    • Complete the Cooperative Focus Mode of Dissent, launched from the southeast side of the Pale Heart.
    • Complete the Cooperative Focus Mode of Iconoclasm, launched from the southeast side of the Pale Heart.
      • These missions are as hard as Legendary campaign missions.
      • In these missions, there are 3 types of mechanics the player should know:
        • Fractured by the Witness - a debuff from the Witness that slows your movement and will kill you at a x10 stack. Have a fireteam member interact with you to remove the debuff, and juggle between the fireteam.
        • Glyphtouched - One player can interact with but cannot see the symbols. Communicate with your fireteam as to where the player with the debuff must go.
        • Beserkers - Carefully get close enough to the enemy to see the Surpressed debuff. Have one player shoot the enemy in the chest and the other in the back at the same time. Once complete, you can kill the Berserker. Shoot the orange, glowing Darkness cruxes at the same time to ensure the Berserker does not respawn and to progress the mission.
  • Return to Micah-10 and receive your brand new Exotic Trace Rifle!
Microcosm, as shown in game.

Tessellation is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that matches damage type with your equipped grenade. Every final blow with this weapon gives you grenade energy. Tessellation was a pre-order special for The Final Shape. You can now buy it with in-game currency from the Monument to the Lost Lights in the Tower. The Final Shape DLC is still required to buy it.

The Fusion Rifle, Tessellation, as shown in game.

Red Death Reformed, first making an appearance in Destiny 1, has come back even stronger than before. The Redemption perk allows you to cure yourself and increase reload speed with final blows, as well as cure nearby allies when you reload after final blows. If you bought the Premium Season Pass, you'll be able to grab this Exotic Pulse Rifle right away at Season Pass Rank 1. In the Regular Season Pass, you can obtain this exotic at Season Pass Rank 40.

Red Death Reformed as shown in game.

The Khvostov 7G-0X is back and better than ever. The intrinsic perk The Right Choice gives every seventh bullet additional damage and lets it ricochet to nearby targets. The quest steps are as follows:

  • Complete The Final Shape campaign.
  • Loot all 9 Region Chests in the Pale Heart.
    • These are marked on the map by a cross with a dot in the middle of the icon. Section labeled "Region Chests and Feathers" of this Final Shape Walkthrough has specific locations of these chests.
  • Obtain and complete the "Alone in the Dark" quest from Micah-10 in the Tower of the Lost City.
    • Throughout the "Alone in the Dark", players will need to find all Lost Encryption Bits.
      • Aerial Ace Lost Encryption Bit
        • When you heal the ghost, look to the back of the room in the lava pool and find the purple rock. Go to that rock and look to the right, you should see another area to continue walking. Walk forward to the roots on the right and then turn further right to see the crevice you can crouch through to collect the bit.
      • Moth-Infested Cavern Lost Encryption Bit
        • After the fight with Major Ogre in the blue crystal room, jump down beneath where the Ogre was standing and look in the cave.
      • Searing Light Encryption Bit
        • After you kill the boss, find the cave with the glowing purple aura. The bit is in the left corner.
      • Slayer Lost Encryption Bit
        • After the ogre at the end of the mission is killed, look for the cave with a tree trunk at the front of it. The bit is in the middle of the cave behind the second tree. There is also a Memory of the Traveler here; jump up on the rocks to the left and the memory is behind the purple crystal.
      • Smothering Darkness Lost Encryption Bit
        • After defeating the boss, find the purple crystal that has a cave next to it, and the bit is on the right.
      • Sword Dance Lost Encryption Bit
        • Acquire the sword and destroy crystals in this mission. After you fight the ogre, jump down instead of continuing up and destroy the wall with the sword. The bit is behind the wall.
    • Travel to the Impasse and make your way into the Cosmodrome Wall.
      • Continue on the path until you see what looks to be a region chest. Open it to receive the Legendary version of Khvostov 7G-02.
    • Find all the visions of the Traveler. There are 17 in total, and 8 need to be found. The rest are dropped from Overthrow Bosses. For the locatable Visions, players will see a "Near Objective" buff on their screen when they are near the Visions.
      • Vision 1
        • Enter the Slayer Cyst and enter the cave with the tree trunk in front. Jump up on the rocks to the left and and the vision is in the corner.
      • Vision 2
        • Travel to the Impasse in the Pale Heart. Just before you enter the temple that leads to The Transgression, look to the left. A vision is on top of the monolith.
      • Vision 3
        • Travel to the Tower inside the Pale Heart. Go through the Arbor and head to the right, the Vision is at the very back within the waterfall.
      • Vision 4
        • Fast travel to The Landing area. Turn to your left and the Vision is on a rock by the waterfall.
      • Vision 5
        • Fast travel to The Landing and go through The Refraction. When you reach the Ogre, go down the path to the left and go straight to the ledge. The Vision is below, within a waterfall.
      • Vision 6
        • Fast travel to The Blooming. Follow the path to the left until you are almost going through the cave to The Divide. The Vision is up in a tree on the right of the cave.
      • Vision 7
        • Follow the path through The Divide until you are at the top of the mountain and see the path downwards into the facility. The Vision is behind a satellite dish on the roof to the left.
      • Vision 8
        • Fast travel to The Impasse and go to The Transgression. Continue down the long path until you reach the second room with a slanted tree. The Vision is on the left behind another tree.
    • Kill all Overthrow Bosses. The Visions drop directly where the boss dies, not in the chest.
    • Place all Visions into the pedestals. They are found by loading into the Tower in the Pale Heart. immediately turn left and follow the path through the observatory and into the room where the Speaker stood in the original Tower. This will spawn a chest that rewards your upgraded Khvostov 7G-0X.
Khvostov as shown in game.

Exotic Gear

Along with some new Exotic Weapons, we have exciting new Exotic Gear for each of the classes! Each class received two Exotic pieces of gear. Players can unlock one Exotic piece at the end of the Legendary Campaign, or unlock both through Master Rahool at the Tower. To unlock them at Rahool, players will need to reset their rank with the Cryptarch to focus an Exotic Engram into the Exotic Gear piece of their choice!

Wishful Ignorance
Hazardous Propulsion
Gifted Conviction
Balance of Power
Speaker's Sight

Wishful Ignorance is an Exotic Arm piece for the Titan class. The intrinsic perk is Wish-Dragon's Talons which gives you an additional Frenzied Blade charge. Frenzied Blade and Flechette Storm have increased damage with each strike for a brief amount of time. Banner of War pulses return melee energy for the number of allies healed.

Wishful Ignorance as shown in game.

Hazardous Propulsion is an Exotic Chest piece for the Titan class. The intrinsic perk Danger Close, works really well with Guardians wielding Rocket Launchers. Weapon precision hits or final blows grant a chance at loading a Kinetic Exodus rocket. Activating one of your Barricades or Thruster automatically fires your loaded Exodus rockets. This intrinsic perk also grants increased damage to all other rockets when you damage targets with the Exodus rockets.

Hazardous Propulsion as shown in game.

Gifted Conviction is an Exotic Chest piece for the Hunter class. The intrinsic perk is The Gift of Certainty, which throws bouncing explosives that Jolt enemies when you activate Ascension or Tempest Strike. Jolting enemies even grants damage resistance! This chest piece works very well with a Prismatic or Arc Hunter.

Gifted Conviction as shown in game.

Balance of Power is an Exotic Leg Armor for the Hunter Class. This is perfect for a Prismatic or Strand Hunter, since the intrinsic perk Double Down affects your Threaded Specter. The Specter will last longer, is more durable, and it releases more Threadlings after taking damage. Players near their Specters also do not appear on the enemy radar!

Balance of Power as shown in game.

Speaker's Sight is a Helmet for the Warlock class. The intrinsic perk The Lost Voice plays into the ultimate support or solo build. Healing Grenades spawn a Restorative Turret that sends out a Curing and Restorative projectile to yourself and allies. Healing allies has the chance to spawn an Orb of Power.

Speaker's Sight as shown in game.

Mataiodoxía is an Exotic Chest Armor for the Warlock class. Any Warlock running Prismatic or Strand should think about incorporating this into their build. The intrinsic perk Stylostixis makes your Arcane Needle strong against Barrier Champions, meaning it can stun the Champion, preventing it from putting up its barrier and regenerating health. Targets damaged by Arcane Needle create a Suspending blast when they are defeated, and landing multiple needles on the same target will emit a larger blast. Also, defeating Suspended targets grants melee energy!

Mataiodoxía as shown in game.

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The Pale Heart

This new destination takes players inside the Traveler, the cosmic force that gave us the Light. Each location inside the Traveler takes you closer to where the Witness was finalizing The Final Shape. As with any destination, within the Pale Heart players can Fast Travel to certain locations, find secret region chests, complete Overthrows, and even find feathers from the Traveler Hawk!


This is a brand new type of public event in Destiny 2. This massive public event is comprised of miniature public events. When players enter a region, the Overthrow overlay on the left side of your screen indicates where the instance is in the Overthrow. There are 4 stages, and each stage requires 1000 points to move on to the next stage. Earn points for the Overthrow by completing public events and killing combatants in the area. After stage 2 and 3, there is an Overthrow chest. At the end of stage 4, a final boss appears that players must defeat to spawn the final chest.

Region Chests and Feathers

Region Chests - These golden chests only appear once in their marked locations on the map. The chests are marked by a Fallen cross with a dot in the center. These chests reward Glimmer, Armor, reputation with Ghost, and Lost Encryption Bits. There are nine in total, and once you find one it will never show up again.

Region Chest as shown in the game.

Feathers - The Traveler has guided Guardians by manifesting into a hawk to show us the way. Naturally, the bird has left feathers everywhere. Feathers reward Enhancement Cores.

Feathers are shown in game with a small beam of Light.

Weapon and Gear Quests

All Weapon and Gear quests can be acquired through Micah-10 and the Ghost at the Tower in the Pale Heart. To complete these missions, players need to collect Memory Vestiges and finish Cysts located within the Pale Heart.

Cysts and Memory Vestiges

Cysts - These activities are like miniature Vanguard Ops that are a part of the "Alone in the Dark" quests from Micah-10. These activities usually have one mechanic that is taught to you as you progress in the activity. Kill enemies and perform the mechanic to complete the cyst.

Showing a Cyst in game.

Memory Vestiges - These consumables come in two forms: Light and Darkness. Light Memory Vestiges are found by defeating enemies within Cyst caves in Micah-10's "Alone in the Dark" quests. Darkness Memory Vestiges are found in corrupted chests located within the Pale Heart. Five Light Memory Vestiges are used to create Memories of Light, while Five Darkness Memory Vestiges are used to create Memories of Darkness. This process is automatic.

Vestiges can be found in your Inventory.

Pale Heart Pathfinder and Traveler's Blessings

Pale Heart Pathfinder - This Pathfinder works just like the Pathfinder for the ritual activities, with one small change. The Pale Heart Pathfinder is specific to the Pale Heart, meaning that objectives can only be completed within this destination. For a better understanding of how a Pathfinder works, click here.

The Pale Heart Pathfinder.

Traveler's Blessings - These mods are found through pure RNG while opening chests in the Pale Heart. They grant players various buffs that only work while you are inside the Traveler. Players can only activate one Blessing from each ring at a time, then they deactivate.

Traveler's Blessings as shown in game.


The Final Shape Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide on the most sought after information pertaining to the Final Shape DLC. We cover new puzzle mechanics, Exotic Armor and Weapons, the new destination called the Pale Heart, and even some of the secrets buried within! The new DLC gave players many new activities to figure out and enjoy, so get to it, Guardians!

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Written by: ShieldMaiden

Reviewed by: SquirrelyDan, Northwar

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