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Gohr’s Devastating Grips – Diablo 4 Unique Item

Last Updated: July 16th 2023

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Gohr's Devastating Grips are Barbarian Unique Gloves that buff Whirlwind. This item has been been in the spotlight since launch due to overpowered bugs and massive nerfs. Like all Unique items they provide a powerful effect that can't be found on any other item. These effects can't be moved around like Legendary Aspects resulting in limited flexibility when incorporating them into your build.

How to Obtain - Random Drop

Rarity - Normal

Gohr's Devastating Grips Mechanics

Many Unique items change the way skills and builds work in significant ways.

  • The ‍Gohr's Devastating Grips explosion allows the accumulation of damage while channeling ‍Whirlwind on monsters. Ideally these monsters are all grouped up by ‍Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind. As long as the player holds down ‍Whirlwind it builds damage based on the last 100 hits.
  • The damage happens after you stop channeling, so it's not affected by ‍Dire Whirlwind, ‍Violent Whirlwind, or any bonuses that you snaphotted into ‍Whirlwind when you started channeling.
  • This resulting explosion deals Fire damage and is not affected by your Physical damage modifiers again (no double-dipping). If you build up enough damage, it can 1-shot packs, and also help on Bosses.
  • These Gloves are not mandatory, but certainly helps to fix the main downside of the ‍Whirlwind (Its single target damage) when played correctly.

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Gohr's Devastating Grips

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