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Maxroll Abattoir of Zir Leaderboard Event

Last Updated: May 9th 2024

Season 2 - Blood

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Welcome to the Maxroll Abattoir of Zir Leaderboard Event! This is a special contest by Maxroll (organized by wudijo) that anyone can participate in to show off their accomplishments! To learn what the contest is, how to enter, and the prizes, simply read the information below.

What is the Event?

Example of the AoZ Seasonal Event Maxroll Leaderboard

The Maxroll Abattoir of Zir Leaderboard Event is a way for us and the events sponsors to push and celebrate the community's achievements with the release of the AoZ Seasonal Event. Push the hardest you can for great acclaim and potential real life prizes.

How to Enter?

There are a few things to be aware of when entering, either Solo or as a group. See below for all the important details to follow!

Information to Submit a Run

  • Message the #aoz-clears channel with your information (to the right).
  • Messages in the #aoz-clears have a 6 hour cooldown to prevent spam, so make sure to include all relevant info in one message.
  • Please choose carefully which run to submit so our moderators don't get overwhelmed, this is all managed by hand. Thank you!
  • You can submit higher clears later (pls don't spam clears way before you cap out).
  • Please upload screenshot/video (e.g. gyazo, lightshot, youtube, twitch ...) proof on your own and just give us the link.
  • Only submissions that provide information on all of the above will be considered.
  • For discussion and questions, please use ⁠#aoz-discussion channel and only tag @Event Moderator if necessary.
  • Your clear will appear on this site and get automatically ranked!

The following MUST be submitted to be entered on the Leaderbooard:

  • BattleTag:
  • Name:
  • Tier:
  • Time (format MM:SS):
  • Tears of Blood Level:
  • Class:
  • Build Name:
  • SC/HC:
  • Team Size (solo/2/3/4):
  • Screenshot/VOD link:

Any run T15 and above requires video proof!

We are still recruiting Moderators for this event to help with data entry & keeping the leaderboard up to date. If you are willing to help, please contact wudijo directly in DMs (on Discord)!

Event Prizes!

There are many prizes to be had! Some for glorious achievements, some for just mustering up the courage to climb the Tiers of the event. See below for all that can be had!


  • 20x 1 year ad-free subscription for https://maxroll.gg sponsored by Maxroll (randomly chosen between anyone who submits a clear of Tier 10 or higher at the end of the season)
  • 1x Maxroll hoodie of your choice for the first Tier 25 clear submission sponsored by Maxroll (see here https://maxroll.shop/en-eur/)
  • 1x $100 Amazon Gift Card sponsored by the Crimson Market (randomly chosen between the top 1 clears of each class by Dec 24, 2023)
  • 20x 3 month free Auctioneer Loyalty Club memberships for their D4 trading platform sponsored by the Crimson Market (random giveaway for anyone submitting any AoZ clear by Jan 14, 2024)
  • 25x Season Battle Pass codes for Season 3 sponsored by Blizzard (random giveaway for anyone submitting any AoZ clear by Jan 14, 2024)
  • 10x 6 months Twitch subscription or YT membership gifts for my channels for the top 1 clear of each class (SC/HC) by the end of the season, sponsored by wudijo
  • 5x €100 cash (PayPal or bnet credit) for the highest hardcore solo clears by end of season without using any consumables, uniques and Tears of Blood Glyph sponsored by wudijo (1 per class, needs video proof)

Maxroll members and event helpers are not eligible for prizes.

Need a Build?

Check out our guide to the best builds for the Abattoir of Zir!

Or check out our Abattoir of Zir Build Tier List for more information.

Thank you to the Event Sponsors!

This event is made much grander due to our sponsors. We appreciate their contribution and hope its success opens up more opportunities in the future for the community - thank you!

Abattoir of Zir Variants

Abattoir of Zir is Here!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team hopes you enjoy the Event Leaderboard and our Abattoir of Zir Variants in the Endgame Build Guides. We will continue to make adjustments as required and keep updates known through the Changelogs, at the bottom of each guide. Good luck in the Event and show Lord Zir's forces you are not to be messed with!

With that said, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development as we look towards the new year and Season 3!

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: wudijo

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