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Corrupted Grotto Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: July 26th 2023

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Corrupted Grotto is a dungeon in the west region of Kehjistan. Clearing the dungeon for the first time rewards you with the Offensive Aspect of Grasping Veins, a powerful choice for Necromancers using Corpse Tendrils. This dungeon may cause you to backtrack a bit in the beginning to find and kill all of the Animus Carriers but is otherwise easy to progress. Watch out for the demons in the second zone, which move erratically and deal high damage.

Corrupted Grotto is located in the West part of Kehjistan
First Completion Rewards
+40 Renown
Codex of Power:
Offensive Aspect of Grasping Veins
Location: Kehjistan, Ragged Coastline
Monsters: Drowned, Beasts (Swarms) and Demons
Boss: None
1. Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers
2. Destroy the Demonic Corruption: 3

Dungeon Map

While every dungeon has a somewhat randomized layout, there are patterns to where objectives and bosses are located. This map will help you identify those layouts so you can complete dungeons faster and maximize your XP and loot per hour!

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