Welcome LouLou and Chewingnom!

Last Updated: May 21st 2023

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We welcome our newest additions to the team: LouLou and Chewingnom!

With dozens of Rank 1 world wins under their belts, LouLou and Chewi are some of the most knowledgeable and respected players the Diablo Community has to offer. LouLou is best known for his Wizard gameplay and is arguably one of the best Wizard players around. Chewingnom is most known for his zBarb gameplay and introducing the idea of pixelpulling to Diablo 3, a crucial aspect of the metagame nowadays. Sharing their ideas and expertise is gratifying for both, especially when they see the positive impact they have made on others.  Nephalem from all over Sanctuary will find their forward-thinking perspectives particularly useful when competing their way to the top of the leaderboards. But watch out - they’ll be there waiting.


I’ve always been a competitor at heart and competing on the Diablo 3 leaderboards, especially after Reaper of Souls, satisfies my thirst for high-end clears. As a Wizard main, my mindset has always been centered around build and gameplay optimization, whether it's solo or in group play. It is always a pleasure for me to teach and discuss gameplay and theorycrafting with the Community, which is why I'm honored to join the Maxroll team! I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share my knowledge with the team and fellow players.


I've always been an eager endgame player and competitor in Diablo 3, and really any game for that matter. As a zBarb main I love complex gameplay and the team coordination required to make a clear happen. I enjoy outside-the-box thinking and discussing endgame theorycrafting with others. Witnessing the Community learn from my ideas and gameplay showcases is an amazing feeling! That's why joining Maxroll feels natural to me. It’s a unique resource to share knowledge with everyone, and I'm enthusiastic to work alongside the team to bring you the best content we can.

Stay awhile and learn!


It’s an honor to welcome LouLou and Chewi to the Maxroll team. They have been exceptional members of the Diablo 3 Community for quite some time. Their contributions over the years include innovative builds and top-ranked coordinated teamplay, which they have generously shared with the world on their YouTube channels. As Theorycrafters they work to create and ensure accuracy in our guides. Chewi's extensive knowledge of game mechanics is showcased in his recent Rift Guardian and Crowd Control posts, along with additional content that's coming soon. LouLou has proven that he can not only write guides, but can play the game well with his Rank 3 Wizard clear with under 4000 Paragon in Season 22. Their experience as competitive players is invaluable to the Maxroll team. We're excited to work with them and look forward to the great content they will help us produce!

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