In Multiplayer, Trading is a core activity to get the items you want for your Characters. Every Item in the game is tradable and therefore has a value attached to it. The trade value of an item highly depends on the demand for it, making chase Items in the early stages of a Ladder worth quite a fortune. While farming for Items, it is great to know what Items you are looking for on your Characters, and what Items are potentially worth selling.

How To Trade

  • Join the same game with your Trade partner.
  • Click on your Trade partner. Your Trade partner receives a request for trading. When they accept the request, a Trade Window opens.
  • To proceed with the Trade, both parties put their negotiated Items into the Trade Window.
    • The Items need to be in your Inventory to be placed in the Trade Window. You cannot access your Stash, or the horadriccube.
  • After all agreed Items are placed into the Trade Window, both parties click the accept button to complete the trade.
    • If a player changes anything in the Trade Window, the "Accept status" of the other person gets removed.
  • Typically, this is done in Act 1 in Normal difficulty.

How To Find Trade Partners

There are multiple avenues to find a Trade Partner:

Trade Lobby Channels

  • Use the dedicated Channels for Trading in the Diablo 2 Battle.Net Lobby. You can either:
    • Write messages yourself about what you are selling or what you are looking for.
    • Or sit in the Channel, searching for people that are looking for items you have to trade.
  • When there is interest in a Trade, contact has to be made either:
    • By the person reading your offer message.
    • Or by you, approaching someone who put a message into the Channel.
  • After negotiating (if necessary) you agree to meet up in a Game and go through the necessary steps to trade.

Trade Games

  • You can create Games titled with the Trade you want to make. Typical names are something like "Offer Stormshield Need xx Runes".
    • You can even extend this game name by adding some information in the game description (e.g. Stats of an item: 20/20/10 Annihilus would be a perfect version).
  • When a person is interested in doing the "advertised" Trade, they join your game, and you can go through the Trading process.
  • This of course also works the other way around. You can look into the game list and join them if you find an interesting Trade opportunity for you.


  • Maxroll's Discord provides text channels for Softcore and Hardcore Trading. You can create lists of items that you are offering, and what you are looking for.
  • When you find a trade opportunity, contact the player through private messages on Discord or the listed battle tag in-game.

Common Currencies

  • Runes are the most frequently used currency in Diablo 2.
    • Lem Rune to Gul Rune are considered "Mid-Runes" and are mainly used for lower value Trades.
    • Vex Rune to Zod Rune are considered "High-Runes" which are used for high value Trades.
  • The Stone of Jordan is also used for Trading and has a high value due to the World Event (Diablo Clone) and their frequent use on Character builds.

Note that the value of currencies changes throughout a Ladder. For Runes these tend to approach these values:

  • Lem Rune = 0.02
  • Pul Rune = 0.04
  • Um Rune = 0.06
  • Mal Rune = 0.1
  • Ist Rune = 0.16
  • Gul Rune = 0.25
  • Vex Rune = 0.5
  • Ohm Rune = 1
  • Lo Rune = 1.5
  • Sur Rune = 1.5
  • Ber Rune = 3
  • Jah Rune = 2.5
  • Cham Rune = 0.4
  • Zod Rune = 0.8

Trade Language

Players use abbreviations to increase the efficiency of looking for Trades. The following abbreviations are commonly used:

ISO = In Search Of
LF = Looking For
O = Offer
N = Need
T4T = Thanks for Trade
OBO = Or Best Offer
NN = No Need
No TY = No, Thank You
GN = Game Name
Desc = Description
P = Perfect
SS = Stay Safe (Usually in Hardcore)
WUG = What do you have for trade?
WUN = What do you need?
GLHF = Good Luck, Have Fun!
BT = Battle Tag (or BTNeandertha1 for all the fanboys out there)
/w = Contact me via Whisper
To "break" a Rune = Trade a Rune for lower value Runes. E.g. Ist Rune = Mal Rune + Um Rune

Unintuitive Trades

  • 40 Perfect Gems
  • Spirit Sets = Tal Rune + Thul Rune + Ort Rune + Amn Rune + Hel Rune
  • Insight Sets = Ral Rune + Tir Rune + Tal Rune + Sol Rune + Hel Rune
    • The Hel Rune is part of the "set" because it's needed to remove Runes from a socketed item. People try to roll items multiple times to get perfect Stats.
  • Full inventories of Crafting Sets
    • Ral Rune + Perfect Amethyst + Jewel (Caster Amulets)
    • Thul Rune + Perfect Amethyst + Jewel (Caster Boots)
    • Sol Rune + Perfect Ruby + Jewel (Blood Rings)
    • Nef Rune + Perfect Ruby + Jewel (Blood Gloves)
  • Key Sets = Key of Terror + Key of Hate + Key of Destruction
    • 3x3 Sets = 3 of each
  • Organ Sets = Mephisto's Brain + Diablo's Horn + Baal's Eye
  • Token of Absolution

How To Avoid Scams

  • Make sure to always double-check the items your Trade Partner has placed into the Trade Window, especially:
    • When the Trade Window was closed after you have initially checked the Items and accepted the Trade.
    • When your Trade Partner removes and re-adds Items to the Trade Window.
  • Don't Trade
    • With people that want you to get to a specific place in town!
    • In any shape or form in which your Trade Partner asks you to drop an item!
    • With anyone asking you to walk out of town.
    • When you are asked to give your Item without receiving the agreed Trade Items. E.g. Your Trade Partner tells you that one of the Items is on a different Character.


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Sep 21st 2022
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