Diablo Clone

Diablo Clone


"Diablo Walks the Earth", these used to be the famous words to warn you of the rise of the Diablo Clone. In Diablo 2 Resurrected, this phrase has been changed to "Diablo has invaded Sanctuary!". This special event, known as the "World Event", is the only way to gain access to the most sought after and powerful Charm in Diablo 2, the Annihilus.

World Event Mechanics


  • To spawn Diablo's Clone, a number of SoJ's (The Stone of Jordan) have to be sold to a vendor. When an SoJ is sold, the message "An item has been sacrificed to the Lord of Terror." appears. WARNING: THE RINGS CAN NOT BE REPURCHASED AFTER SELLING, IT'S JUST GONE!
  • Diablo's Clone spawns in Hell difficulty with the warning "Diablo has invaded Sanctuary!" when a sufficient quantity of SoJ's have been sold. The required number of SoJ's is different in Single Player and Multiplayer. Check out the nuances in the upcoming sections.
  • He replaces the first Superunique monster that you encounter. You fight him almost anywhere you want!


  • Between 75 and 125 copies of The Stone of Jordan (SoJ) have to be sold to a vendor in town. Each server (Europe, Americas and Asia) has a separate counter that resets to 0 when Diablo's Clone has spawned on this region. The SoJ can be sold in any difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, Hell) / mode (Softcore, Hardcore, Classic, etc.) to increase the counter.
  • The command "/uberdiablo" allows you to check, roughly how many SoJ's have been sold since the last spawn. There are 5 messages that can appear, depending on the progress:
    • Terror gazes upon Sanctuary.
    • Terror approaches Sanctuary.
    • Terror begins to form within Sanctuary.
    • Terror spreads across Sanctuary.
    • Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary.
  • When Diablo spawns in your game, the message "Diablo has invaded Sanctuary" appears.

Single Player

  • 1, in words ONE, SoJ needs to be sold in Single Player. ONLY SELL IT IN HELL WHEN YOU ARE READY TO FIGHT!


  • Use the Stat "Prevent Monster Heal", which requires a successful attack to land on Diablo Clone. A Weapon of Vileness with this Stat can easily be shopped from any weapons Vendor. Add a Cold Damage or Poison Damage charm to easily see when a successful attack is applied.
    • Note: Mercenaries do not apply Prevent Monster Heal.
    • Skills and Attacks (through items) that deal damage on every single frame, such as Fire Wall, or Poison Damage stop regeneration while the damage is persisting.
  • Use Lower Resist on Elemental Damage Builds to reduce his 95% All Resistances (Fire / Cold / Lightning / Poison)
  • life Tap allows melee builds to heal 50% of their inflicted Physical Damage as Life.
  • Spawn Diablo Clone in an area in which you have an easy time killing off surrounding enemies.
  • Equip gear that caps Fire and Lightning Resistances against him.


  • Sell The Stone of Jordan to spawn Diablo Clone.
  • He spawns instead of the first Superunique you encounter after the message "Diablo walks the Earth".
  • Use Prevent Monster Heal to remove his fast regeneration.
  • Spawn him in an area in which you can kill surrounding monsters. Eldritch the Rectifier (Frigid Highlands), Rakanishu (Stony Field), and Corpsefire (Den of Evil) are popular places to do so.


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Mar 3rd 2022
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