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Whispering Mist Season Guide

Last Updated: April 18th 2024

Whispering Mist

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Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics that change how you play the game. Season 6 / SS4 - Whispering Mist adds the Mistville mechanic to the game. This Season also introduced a new type of Support Skill called Activation Mediums. These Support Skills are a new way to automate the usage of your Skills and increase their effectiveness.

To learn all about Skill types, check out our Skill System Overview!

Mistville Encounter

Players first encounter the Whispering Mist mechanic at the Deserted Road in the Act 1 of the Campaign. Kill a Mistville Resident coming through a portal to acquire Infection Progress. Click on the Infection Progress icon to spend it, allowing you to enter the village of Mistville.

Mistville Exploration Board

Many rewards await you at the mysterious town of Mistville. Find your way through a fog in the search for a Clock Tower where you can stay overnight. Complete the encounter to find some precious loot and start a new day to continue your progression.

  • You start your journey at the bench.
  • To progress through the town reveal surrounding Cells by spending your Sanity points.
  • Your Goal is to find the Clock Tower which ends the day. This restores 30% of your maximum Sanity and refreshes the board starting a new round.
  • On every odd day you have to finish a random encounter to start a new day and to spawn the Chest of Folklores which contains random loot.
  • Survive 15 Days to find a special Chest of Folklores which is guaranteed to drop an Activation Medium Skill - a new type of a Support Skill which allows you to trigger your skills automatically.
  • Unlock new Months which increase the difficulty and rewards acquired from Mistville by leveling up and surviving more Days in Mistville.
Interact with a portal to summon a Mistville Resident

Mistville Cells

Reach the Clock Tower to end the day!
Old Stuff can help you on your journey.
Folklores often offer interesting choices.

While exploring through the Mistville you can find various items or locations by revealing the Cells. Some of them are going to help you on your journey and the others... well try to avoid them.

  • Place of Awakening - The starting point of your exploration.
  • Sanatorium - Recovers 20 Sanity.
  • Bank - You find some Coins here.
  • Unknown Food - You find a Food Item here. You can store up to 3 Food items that give helpful benefits like restoring Sanity. Food can be used a limited number of times.
  • Unknown Old Stuff - You find a random Old Stuff here. These are artifacts that provide helpful bonuses until the end of the Mistville run like Sanity cost reduction for revealing Cells.
  • Mistville Trader - You can spend Coins to purchase Food and Old Stuff here.
  • Alchemy Workshop - You can spend Coins to upgrade Old Stuff here.
  • Watch Tower - Removes Bad Omen Steles on the same Row and Column.
  • Bad Omen Stele - Seals 4 surrounding Cells until it is removed at the cost of some Sanity. There are 4 different types of Steles each with an additional effect.
    • Poverty - When present on board every time you reveal a tile you will lose 10% of your current Coins.
    • Anxiety - The sanity cost to remove this Stelle is doubled.
    • Blindness - When this Stelle is present it seals off 8 surrounding Cells
    • Anorexia - When this Stelle is present you cannot consume any food.
  • Ruins - Blocks your way.
  • Folklore - You find something unusual. Grants a powerful random benefit. Often it comes with a terrible negative effect, so leaving this place is sometimes a good idea.

Deduction Records

When you open the Chest of Folklores you have a chance to drop some Mistville Intel. You can spend it at the Deduction Records for permanent upgrades to the Mistville mechanic.

Tier 1:

  • Don't Look Behind You - +4 Initial max Sanity.
  • Cabinet at Bank - +40 Initial Coins.
  • Second-Hand Intel - 4% That dropped Mistville Intel will be doubled.
  • Try Sleeping Under the Bench - Recover additional 2 Sanity when new Day begins.
  • Legend of the Monsters in the Mist - 2% increased items dropped by Chest of Folklores.

Tier 2:

  • Ingredients Don't Speak - Mistville Trader sells 1 more Food item.
  • Unfamiliar Acquaintance - Unlocks rare Folklores.
  • Overly Familiar Traces - Mistville Trader sells 1 more Old Stuff.
Deduction Records offers numerous upgrades.

Tier 3:

  • Wally's Relic Pouch - At the start of 1st Day you can spend Mistville Intel to get 1 random Old Stuff.
  • Wally's Special Lunch Box - At the start of 1st Day you can spend Mistville Intel to get 1 random Food item and 1 Food slot.
  • Wally's Mistosis Section - At the start of 1st Day you can spend Mistville Intel to stack with 1 stack of Mistosis which increases the quantity of drops from Chest of Folklores by 20%.

Tier 4:

  • Are You Used To It Now? - At the start of every Day there is a 20% chance that exploring a Cell costs less Sanity.
  • Nothing's Under The Stele - At the start of every Day there is a 20% chance that removing a Bad Omen Stelle costs less Sanity points.


Here are the most important things you need to know from this guide about the Whispering Mist Seasonal mechanic.

  • Whispering Mist Season introduces the Mistville mechanic and a new Support Skill type called Activation Mediums.
  • Encounter a portal from Mistville. Interact with it to Summon a Mistville Resident. Kill it to acquire Infection progress which allows you to enter the village of Mistville.
  • Journey through the village of Mistville by revealing the Cells on the Mistville Board at the cost of your Sanity. Find the Clock Tower to Rest and restore some of your Sanity. Start the next Day with a fresh Mistville Board.
  • On your way search for Sanatoriums, Banks, Old Stuff and Food which help you survive the day at try to avoid harmful Bad Omen Stelles.
  • At the end of every odd Day fight of enemies to spawn a Chest of Folklores which drops random loot. Above Day 9 it also has a chance to drop an Activation Medium Skill.
  • Unlock new Months be leveling up and surviving more Days in Mistville to increase the rewards and difficulty of the Mistville encounters.
  • Spend Mistville Intel on permanent upgrades at the Deduction Records to reduce the difficulty of future Mistville encounters.


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