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Trials of the Gods

Last Updated: June 14th 2024

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Trials of the Gods are exciting mechanics that you encounter throughout Torchlight Infinite. They include; Trial of War, Trial of Machines, Trial of Hunting and the Trial of Machines. Each Trial rewards loot from a pre-determined loot pool, and have a fixed chance to drop exclusive Legendary items.

Trait Cards and Compasses can be used to guarantee an encounter within each zone and also make the encounter the much more rewarding by increasing the difficulty.

How To Run

Trial of War

Trial of War is activated by clicking the statue often located at the start of the Beacon. It increases your Skill Radius, Damage, Projectile Quantity and Speed!

Killing monsters with God of War activated increases the level of the encounter up to a maximum of 10; doing so increases the effect of the previously mentioned power modifiers as well as the number of rewards granted at the end of the encounter.

Click the Statue of War to begin the encounter!

Trial of Might

Trial of Might can spawn anywhere in the zone. Once interacted with, it generates a small arena. Rare Monsters begin to spawn, as well as a high damage over time ground effect that needs to be avoided unless your build has sustainability.

Killing the Rare Monsters increases the progress towards the next level up to a maximum of 10; once reaching wave 10 the Statue of Might spits out any rewards. Leaving the arena for 3 seconds immediately ends the encounter and awards you loot based on the tier you reached.

Click the Statue of Might to begin the encounter!

Trial of Hunting

The Goddess of Hunting statue is always found at the entrance to any Zone boss. Clicking the beacon reveals a choice between 3 boons that augment the encounter and guarantee rewards from a specific loot pool. Select 2 boons; 1 buff for you, 1 for the boss and engage the boss to begin the encounter.

Click the Goddess of Hunting statue to select your the boons!

Trial of Machines

Activate the statue within the map to begin spawning waves of enemies that rush to destroy the God of Machine statue. After eliminating seven waves the encounter ends and you receive a small amount of loot. This can be done up to 3 times, with each subsequent activation added a modifier to the spawned enemies to make them more difficult to kill.

Bosses can spawn on any wave, they require much more damage to eliminate and deal a large amount of damage to the statue if they reach it. Focus them down as quickly as possible. The final wave is always a boss, typically wave 21.

If the enemies reach the statue they deal a small amount of damage to it, if it reaches 0 HP the encounter is failed and you receive a small amount of loot based on how far through the encounter you progressed.

Click the God of Machines statue to start the encounter!


The Trials of the Gods drop items from the global drop pool when completed:

  • Currencies like Flame Elementium and the exclusive Divinity Stones (embed this)
  • Fluorescent Memory Cards
  • Divinity Slates
  • Hero Relics and Memories

Additionally, they each rarely drop 4 specific Legendary Items, and Divinity Emblems used to access the Trial of Divinity.

God of War
  • Legendary Soldier Spectacles
  • Ghost Slaughter
  • Fury Heart
  • Dragon Breath Armor

TIP: Rarity has no impact on the number of Trial exclusive Legendaries that drop from any of the Trials of the Gods!


  • Trials of the Gods are additional content that can appear in your Zones.
  • Each Trial has a unique encounter which rewards items on completion.
  • Earn Currencies, Fluorescent Memory Cards, Divinity Slates, and Hero Items from the global drop pool, as well as Divinity Emblems used to access the Trial of Divinity.
  • Exclusive Legendary Items have a fixed chance of dropping when completing any of the Trials of the Gods. This is not affected by Rarity or Precious Legendary drop chance modifiers.


Written by: Milkybk_
Reviewed by: Xtra37


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