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Trial of Divinity

Last Updated: April 18th 2024

Whispering Mist

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Trial of Divinity is an endgame mode alternative to the Netherrealm, featuring the ultimate Trial of Might: 5 minutes of arena combat where every Level improves the rewards while every 10th Level escalates the difficulty.

Difficulty ramps up quickly, high Levels within the Trial of Divinity are brutal and only very powerful builds can hope to survive.

Trial of Divinity is unlocked after completing the Main Story quest to defeat the Traveler at Timemark 7. Once unlocked, it can be accessed by speaking to the Spacetime Wanderer in Ember's Rest.

Activate the Trial from the Spacetime Wanderer's Menu

Gameplay Summary

Persevere through 300 seconds of the God of Might's ultimate trial!

Start the encounter and survive the onslaught. Defeat combatants to increase the Level and improve rewards. Every 10th level increases difficulty adds a random hostile modifier.

Like Netherrealm content, in Trial of Divinity you are thrown out of the activity after dying or leaving the instance 6 times, making you lose all loot.

Getting too difficult? End the Trial by standing in the lower left corner and witness the loot-splosion.

Warning: Trial of Might degeneration puddles randomly appear throughout the arena. Avoid them if possible, and ensure your build has great Recovery and Defenses.

Divinity Emblems

The Trial of Divinity requires 10 of each Divinity Emblem to enter. Entering the Trial of Divinity consumes 10 of each Divinity Emblem:

  • Divinity Emblem - Hunting
  • Divinity Emblem - Machine
  • Divinity Emblem - Might
  • Divinity Emblem - War

Divinity Emblems randomly drop from Trials of the Gods content in the Netherrealm, and are tradeable at the Auction House.


Reaching a new Level in the Trial of Divinity increases the quantity and quality of rewards from the Loot-Splosion at the end of the Trial.

Players can earn the following rewards:

  • Currencies like Flame Elementium and the exclusive Divinity Stones
  • Fluorescent Memory Cards
  • Divinity Slates
  • Hero Relics and Memories
  • Trials of the Gods exclusive Legendary Equipment like Crimson King and Thunder Jawbone.
This but a taste of the Trial rewards that await you

The Trial of Divinity is not intended for leveling, you should instead level up in Netherrealm content. Rewards from the Trial of Divinity are unaffected by loot modifiers, such as God's Boon Belt, God's Grace Belt and Pactspirits.

The quality of rewards improves in higher levels, Level 50 drops significantly more Flame Elementium than Level 10. However, reaching Level 50 is significantly harder.

Divinity Stones and Blessings from the Gods

Trial of Divinity drops tons of Divinity Stones, a tradeable currency that can be exchanged for items via Blessings from the Gods at the Spacetime Wanderer.

The following items can be purchased here for Divinity Stones:

  • Basic Currencies like Flame Elementium
  • Casting Wedges and Forging Wedges.
  • Divinity Fragments, exchanged at the Heart of Rapacity in Ember's Rest.
  • Arcane Stones of varying sizes and prices. This is a gambling item. It grants you a random amount of Divinity Stones, more or less than what you spent.
  • Legendary Equipment. Sometimes extremely rare Legendary Equipment like Eternity.
Blessings of the Gods Menu. Spend 250 Divinity Stones to cycle offerings.


  • Trial of Divinity is an endgame mode alternative to Netherrealm, featuring the ultimate Trial of Might: 5 minutes of arena combat where every Level improves rewards while every 10th Level escalates difficulty.
  • Unlock Trial of Divinity by defeating Traveler in Timemark 7.
  • Enter the Trial of Divinity by using Divinity Emblems, dropped from Trials of the Gods in the Netherrealm or purchased on the Auction House.
  • Fight an onslaught of combatants and endure the degeneration puddles. Not all builds are suitable for the Trial of Divinity.
  • Go to the lower left corner of the arena to end the Trial and witness a loot-splosion.
  • Obtain Divinity Stones, used to exchange for items via Blessings of the Gods.


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