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Soul Candle Guide

Last Updated: March 4th 2024

SS2 - The City of Aeterna

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Welcome to the Soul Candle Guide! Soul Candles are an itemized progression system introduced to Torchlight Infinite with the City of Aerterna Season.

These Candles can have up to 3 random modifiers, and players can equip 2 Soul Candles at most. Their modifiers are tied to the various Skill Mechanics.

With Soul Candle Fusion, players combine the modifiers of 2 Soul Candles, creating a brand new one which inherits some of its modifiers from the Candle's parents.

Obtain power from this itemized progression system from players in the Trade House, or by assembling and then plundering the City of Aeterna.

A Soul Candle with 3 modifiers.

Soul Candles are sourced from the City of Aeterna, learn more about it with our dedicated guide!

Soul Candle System Overview

Equip Soul Candles to enhance your skills, and experiment with Soul Candle fusion to obtain powerful Mutated Affixes.

Equipping Soul Candles

Soul Candles are equipped on your Skills page.

  • Players can equip 1 Soul Candle by default.
    • The Halved Taboo Psalms of Aeterna Node allows players to equip a 2nd Soul Candle.
  • Soul Candles can have up to 3 random Affixes with a massive range of possibilities. There's Affixes that bolster various Skill Mechanics, modifiers for every damage type, Curses, Auras, and much more!
  • Mutated Affixes can rarely appear on high item level Soul Candles. These unique and massively powerful modifiers come with brutal penalties.
Two Soul Candles equipped in the Skill panel.

Soul Candle Fusion

Soul Candle Fusion allows you to combine two Candles into one, with the new item having characteristics of both of its parents.

  • When both parent Candles have the same Affix of the same tier, that Affix undergoes Melting and appears on the new Candle.
    • Melted Affixes are either upgraded by a tier, downgraded by a tier, or remain unchanged.
    • Melting can create T0 Affixes.
  • When both parent Candles have the same Affix at tier 1, that Affix has a chance to Mutate instead of Melting.
    • Mutated Affixes undergo drastic change, having a powerful bonus that comes with a brutal penalty.
  • Affixes not shared between parent Candles are Shaped, newly created Candles randomly inherit Shaped Affixes.

Colored icons appear next to the affixes of each parent Soul Candle, allowing you to quickly gauge compatibility between them.

Normally, players can only use Soul Candle Fusion after defeating the boss at the end of the reassembled City of Aeterna.

  • The Intertwined Destiny Psalms of Aeterna Node allows access to Soul Candle Fusion from Town.

Soul Candle Fusion requires Tears of Aeterna.

  • Allocate the Burning Tears Psalms of Aeterna Node to unlock Tears of Aeterna as a drop within the reassembled City of Aeterna.
  • The Unsolidified Tears Psalms of Aeterna Node to prevents your Tears of Aeterna from being cleared when you leave the reassembled City of Aeterna.

Soul Candle Itemization

Obtain Soul Candles from the reassembled City of Aeterna, and use Falling Candlelight to influence their modifiers. For more information on how to optimize the city to farm Soul Candles check out our City of Aeterna Guide.

Soul Candle Acquisition

  • Soul Candles drop inside the reassembled City of Aeterna, or from the Lone King of Aeterna - who resides in the Great Void.
  • The Queen's Heart Psalms of Aeterna Node causes bosses within the reassembled City of Aeterna to drop a Soul Candle when defeated.
  • The Cherished Candle and Dual Shadows Psalms of Aeterna Nodes grant a chance for dropped Soul Candles to duplicate.
  • Soul Candles can be bought and sold from the Trade House.
The Lone King of Aeterna drops many Soul Candles when defeated.

Falling Candlelight

  • Falling Candlelight is a series of 24 Psalms of Aeterna nodes which have special properties. They are unlocked via the 6 Sickness Psalms of Aeterna nodes.
    • Falling Candlelight nodes can be freely allocated or reverted.
    • Up to 19 of these nodes can be allocated at once.
    • These nodes do not need to be allocated to unlock the Infinite City of Aeterna.
  • Each of the 24 Falling Candlelight nodes relate to a specific Skill Tag. Allocating one prevents all dropped Soul Candles from rolling modifiers related to that Tag.
  • By allocating nodes that relate to undesirable Skill Tags, players can force dropped Soul Candles to roll with modifiers more to their liking.
Falling Candlelight Psalm of Aeterna nodes allow players to customize what modifiers Soul Candles drop with.


This guide covers key Soul Candle mechanics including the following;

  • The City of Aeterna Season introduced Soul Candles.
    • Farm Soul Candles in the City of Aeterna.
    • ... or buy them from the Trade House
  • These items have up to 3 affixes that relate to various Skill Mechanics.
  • Players equip up to 2 Soul Candles at once on the Skills page.
  • Soul Candle Fusion combines 2 Candles to create a new one, via Melting, Shaping, and Mutation.
  • Many Psalms of Aeterna nodes relate to Soul Candle usage and acquisition.
  • Use Falling Candlelight nodes from the Psalms of Aeterna to customize what affixes dropped Soul Candles roll.


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