Early Season 2 Trait Deck Tier List

Last Updated: 25 January 2023

Season 2 - Blacksail

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As a new Season begins, players race to the Netherrealm and begin farming Beacons for valuable Legendary Items, Flame Fuel and Commodities. Understanding which cards to upgrade and unlock without hindering your progress is a very good skill for any player.

At the beginning of every Chaos Invasion you get the opportunity to unlock or upgrade 1 Trait Deck Card. Use this Tier list to assist when making your decision!

WARNING: This article assumes you understand the basics of the Chaos Invasion System from our resources guide. Read that first before continuing!

Your Trait Deck is the best way to target specific rewards!

Tier List

DISCLAIMER: This Tier List refers exclusively to your first Netherrealm clear when you are unlocking your Trait Cards. It does not reflect the power of any specific card once you have a fully unlocked Trait Deck and access to more powerful methods of Juicing your content.

Tier Trait Deck Card
SBenevolent Transformation - Dark Surge Pity
ASharp Gentle Cautious
BLoyal Recollection Zeal Reserved Admiring
CTolerant Envious Forthright Brave Resolve Tolerant
DAgile Alert Just Honest Honest Regretful Sentimental
FClever Perception Generous Magnanimous Solemnity Stability Unrestrained

S Tier

Cards in S Tier should be unlocked and upgraded to 5 stars as soon as possible. If offered multiple S Tier option, select the one you have not unlocked.

Benevolent (Timemark 5+)

Benevolent is king for target farming Flame Elementium. It has the chance to upgrade Flame Fuel that drops from ANY source. It can even upgrade stacks of Flame Sand all at once!

Transformation - Dark Surge (Timemark 6+)

Dark Surge was the Seasonal Mechanic of Season 1 and remains in the game in the form of Trait and Chaos Cards. These cards are extremely powerful due to the unique tag Dark Surge Undercurrent. This adds a huge amount of consistency to your farming, once you've started a chain of Dark Surge cards you'll always have a consecutive one to run. Meaning you'll be dropping plenty of Edicts and Seeds

Pity (Timemark 4+)

Pity awards an additional Stage Attention point upon completing the Beacon. This allows you to challenge Watchers more frequently which is very valuable for both progression and gives you more attempts to drop valuable items such as Chaotic Ending.

A Tier

A Tier Cards you have not seen should always be selected over S & A Tier Cards you have already unlocked. Cards in this Tier are very strong, but either rely on combining with other cards or have an element of randomness.

Sharp (Timemark 4+)

With other cards losing some of there power, Sharp got relatively stronger as it's effect went unchanged. The true power of this card is it's synergy with Benevolent to drop more Flame Fuel and have it be upgraded.

Gentle (Timemark 5+)

The season 2 Trait Deck revamp provides a lot of opportunity to add God mechanics to your Beacons. God of Machines has a much smaller loot pool than it's counterparts meaning it is a much more consistent generator of Embers, Flame Fuel and Memory Fragments.

It can also drop exclusive legendary items that are likely to be valuable in Season 2:

  • Surging Inspiration
  • Decayed Mind

Cautious (Timemark 4+)

Goddess of Hunting is a very non-disruptive mechanic to add to your Beacons. Select the rewards you want to receive, kill the boss and move on. It also drops one of the rarest items in the game Eternity

B Tier

B Tier Cards do not have powerful standalone effects and rely heavily on combing with other Trait and Chaos cards to realize their full value. In the case of God of Might, it is a very challenging encounter and not reliable to clear on a under geared character preventing it from reaching the A Tier.

Loyal (Timemark 5+)

God of Might is historically a very strong mechanic that rewards players with strong builds for killing waves of enemies, up to 10. It has a higher range of rewards than God of Machines and take substantially more time to complete. God of Might also has valuable exclusive Legendary item drops such as:

  • Last Words of Chaos
  • Imperial Might
  • Forlorn Crystal

Recollection (Timemark 4+)

Season 2 introduces the Beacon Shop, allowing players to exchange Netherrealm resonance for Beacons. During progression however you may not have enough to purchase everything you need and you are not able to buy beacons for previously uncompleted zones. Typically once reaching the Voidlands it becomes difficult to sustain Beacons, Recollection helps ensure you never hit any walls on your way to the first Traveler.

Zeal (Timemark 1+)

Finding Embers while progressing your Netherrealm is a great way to start upgrading your gear and Zeal remains the best method of target farming Embers despite the significant nerfs from Season 1. The removal of Monster Trait Deck cards makes compasses mandatory to guarantee more Magic Monsters and as a result, more Embers, from Beacons.

Reserved (Timemark 6+)

Reserved is great at fishing for your S Tier cards Benevolent and Transformation - Dark Surge. This gives you the opportunity to draw 3 New Cards from your Deck if you do not draw them at the start of a Chaos Invasion.

Admiring (Timemark 1+)

Admiring is a decent pickup early on if you have no better choices, the bonus isn't crazy but it has the benefit of not relying on any other combinations, which is very important before you have fully unlocked you deck.

C Tier

Resolve (Timemark 4+)

God of War provides huge bonuses to clear speed by giving players Skill Radius, Additional Projectiles, Damage and Movement Speed as they kill monsters. Getting this mechanic as often as possible significantly reduces the time it takes to complete each Beacon. It provides a respectable amount of loot and a very popular exclusive item, Ghost Slaughter.

Sadly, God of War cannot be cancelled at the end of a Beacon which punishes you for going too fast. Needing to wait up to 30s for the mechanic to expire so you can activate the Void Sea Altar, stops this mechanic breaking into B Tier.

Tolerant (Timemark 4+)

Target farming Embers relies on you adding Magic Monsters to your Beacons with Samurai Compasses and using the Zeal card. Compasses are difficult to utilize as you're completing your Netherrealm as it's difficult a sufficient amount to run them every time you would like to.

Tolerant does have the benefit of duplicating Embers from ALL sources, meaning Commodity rewards tiles from God Mechanics or Dark Surge with be more lucrative.

Envious (Timemark 5+)

Much like Tolerant, this card gives you a chance to drop a Forbidden Prophecy whenever a Memory Fragment drops from ANY source. If you're running a lot of God mechanic cards, this is a nice thing to include in your Deck.

Forthright (Timemark 1+)

This card should be added to the Trait Deck as soon as you unlock Sharp and Benevolent. Unfortunately it is difficult to rely on a specific combination of 3 Trait Deck cards when you don't have a complete Trait Deck.

Brave (Timemark 5+)

God of War provides huge bonuses to clear speed by giving players Skill Radius, Additional Projectiles, Damage and Movement Speed as they kill monsters. This doesn't give nearly as much chance to see a God of War encounter in your Beacons as Resolve but does combo with it perfectly. It also is one of very few sources of adding Magic Monsters to your Beacons giving it synergy with Zeal. Unlock and add this card to your Trait Deck after unlocking Resolve.

Desire & Expectant (Timemark 1+)

These 2 cards add a solid amount of Drop Quantity and Rarity to your Beacons, they rely on no other cards to give rewards and are a nice addition if you don't have any of the other Cards shown.

D Tier

D Tier is primarily made up of Cards that require very demanding combinations of Trait Deck cards and compasses to be truly valuable during Progression.

This is not too say they do not have powerful effects, it is just difficult to achieve the desired result before reaching a stage where you invest more resources into your Beacons.

  • Honest
  • Honest
  • Regretful

F Tier

F Tier are cards that should be avoided and unlocked last. Their effects are very inconsistent and require a huge amount of investment to benefit.

Goddess of Hunting requires multiple compasses, a very strong character and multiple Card combinations to be effective.

Your ultimate goal is to unlock all of these Cards and rank them up to Max. Playing the game enough make this inevitable, follow this Tier List on your first play through whilst unlocking all of you Trait deck cards.

  • Magnanimous
  • Unrestrained
  • Generous
  • Stability
  • Solemnity


  • S Tier Cards should be unlocked as soon as they are available!
  • Unlock any A Tier card as soon as you see it, unlocking an A Tier card is much better than upgrading an S Tier Card.


Written by Milkybk_
Reviewed by Mike1Up, Facefoot


  • 12 January 2023
    Published for Season 2

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