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Progressing the Netherrealm

Last Updated: April 22nd 2024

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The Netherrealm is your primary endgame farming system in Torchlight Infinite. You complete Beacons across 5 different planes in order to collect Cinders and reach the mysterious Realm Lord. This system unlocks once you have completed the Main Story Chapters 1-3, which most players do around level 58. As you complete different Planes and defeat their Watchers (Bosses) collect The Beginning or The End and use 4 of these keys to challenge The Realm Lord Traveler.

This progression guide helps you have a better understanding of the basics of the Netherrealm and provides some helpful tips to guide you in completing the Netherrealm smoothly. Be sure to check out our Chaos Invasion guide for more information on Chaos and Trait cards.

Story Quest Progression

The main story of Torchlight Infinite brings you into the Netherrealm around level 58. You need to progress through the Netherrealm by collecting Cinders from challenging The Watchers.

Remember to collect your Talent Points for completing these Quests.

  • Glacial Abyss Watcher Timemark 1.
  • Steel Forge Watcher Timemark 4.
  • Thunder Wastes Watcher Timemark 5.
  • Voidlands Watcher Timemark 6.
  • The Realm Lord (Traveler) for two Quests:
    • Timemark 6 on your first character, Timemark 7 for all other characters.
    • Timemark 8.
The Main Story Quests Give Talent Points

Netherrealm Planes

The Netherrealm

Be sure to stay in the Timemark range that you can comfortably play without dying repeatedly. Once you collect enough Cinders, you unlock the Realm Lord Traveler and Void Rift, gaining access to the game's pinnacle bosses.

There are 5 Planes in the Netherrealm: Glacial Abyss, Blistering Lava Sea, Steel Forge, Thunder Wastes and Voidlands, each with their own Watcher. These Watchers provide a unique challenge and have exclusive rewards.

You begin with 2 Planes unlocked and need to collect Cinders to open the other 3 Planes. As you progress through the Netherrealm, you gain access to new higher Timemarks that come with increased rewards and difficulty.

When progressing your Netherrealm you can complete any Stage within the Plane to draw the Attention of that Plane's Watcher. After defeating the Watcher, you move on to a different Plane or increase the current Plane's Timemark.

For more detailed guides on all Watchers and Traveler check out our Complete Boss Guide section


Cinders are obtained by defeating the Netherrealm Plane Watchers for the FIRST time at Timemarks 1-7.

  • Collect Cinders to unlock:
  • Netherrealm Planes
    • Blistering Lava Sea (3) Steel Forge (8) - Thunder Wastes (15) - Voidlands (24).
  • Higher Timemarks for each Plane.
  • Void Rift at 31 Cinders.
  • Realm Lord Traveler at 35 Cinders.

You begin with 1 Cinder and can collect additional 7 Cinders from each Plane. If you're missing a Cinder, or you're unsure of which Plane to progress next, click the Cinder icon at the top-right of your Netherrealm map to see your current progression.

There are 35 Cinders to collect.

Remember to check your Resistances as you progress through the Netherrealm, higher Timemarks have more dangerous enemies making it essential to reach the Resistance cap of 60%. Prepare for this by Crafting new items, or purchasing them on the Trade House.

Collecting Cinders

Click the Cinder icon on your Netherrealm screen to see Cinder progression.

Linear progression is the best way to progress through the Netherrealm. Start with Glacial Abyss Timemark 1 and kill its Watcher, repeat this for Timemark 2. Then move to Boiling Lava and kill that Watcher. Repeat this process for every Plane and all Timemarks as you unlock them. This allows you to efficiently collect all the Cinders needed to unlock The Realm Lord Traveler.

Progressing this way maximizes your experience gained while collecting the Cinders, while making the difficulty increase more gradual. This strategy gives you ample time to farm gear and prepare.

  • Steel Forge is unlocked at Timemark 4, providing you with its Cinders from Timemarks 1-3 (3 total).
  • Thunder Wastes unlocks at Timemark 5, providing you with its Cinders from Timemarks 1-4 (4 total).
  • Voidlands unlocks at Timemark 6 providing you with its Cinders from Timemarks 1-5 (5 total).

Defeat the Realm Lord after you finish collecting all 35 Cinders, and continue to progress though Timemark 7's additional difficulty options.

Finishing Timemark 7

There's more to do in Timemark 7 after collecting the Cinders from it, continue your progression by conquering the two additional difficulty options that are Timemarks 7-1 and 7-2. Think of these Offset Degrees as the minute hand on your progression clock, they're more rewarding and more difficult than the original Timemark 7, but not massively so. You unlock 7-1 for each Plane while collecting your Cinders, and defeating a 7-1 Watcher unlocks 7-2 for that Plane.

Progression Tips

If you run out of Beacons while progressing the Netherrealm, you can spend Netherrealm resonance to buy them in town. Early on your options are limited, but higher Rank Beacons become available as you level up. For example, to purchase Rank 4 Beacons you need to be level 88. Edwin sells a limited number of Rank 1-3 Beacons, and an unlimited number of Rank 4 Beacons.

This makes it easy for players to farm Timemark 7, as you should drop more Netherrealm resonance by clearing a Beacon than you spent to purchase it. Rank 5 Beacons are used to challenge Timemark 8, these are not available from the vendor.

Purchase Beacons for Netherrealm resonance from Trader Edwin in town.

Chaos Invasion

Chaos Invasion Cards play a big role in shaping how rewarding a Beacon is. These cards are split into two types;

  • Trait Cards give passive bonuses to all Stages.
    • Assemble 12 Trait Cards into a deck, these apply to all the Beacons you run.
  • Chaos Confusion Cards grant powerful bonuses to specific Stages.
    • These appear randomly on your Netherrealm Stages. Progress them to activate a uniquely rewarding bonus for one Stage, and enjoy bonus Drop Quantity while progressing them.
    • Running Chaos Cards yields massively increased rewards, but feel free to ignore them in favor of a better Stage layout as you progress.
Trait Cards like Pity and Recollection are extremely helpful when farming your Cinders.

Trait Cards make Netherrealm progression easier. For example, Pity gives more Stage Attention Points, which are required to challenge a Plane's Watcher for its Cinder. Combine this with Recollection to better sustain your Beacons ensuring smooth progression through the Netherrealm.

Timemark 8 (Spacetime Turbulence)

Click this icon to swap to Timemark 8 (Spacetime Turbulence)

Defeating the Traveler on Timemark 7 unlocks Spacetime Turbulence, allowing you to enter Timemark 8 and opening up the use of Rank 5 Beacons.

To activate Timemark 8 click the Purple Icon at the bottom left of the screen, then select the Spacetime Turbulence option. Timemark 8 offers more crafting base material drops and some exclusive boss rewards. You'll begin in "Near Space" Timemark 8, and unlock further difficulties as you progress.

Be warned: monsters and bosses become more dangerous as you progress through Timemark 8.

Timemark 8 Progression

You begin your Timemark 8 journey with Near Space 8-0, and you progress in the same way as before. Clear stages to build Attention Points then challenge the Watcher to unlock 8-1 for that Plane. Continue defeating Watchers to unlock 8-2, 8-3, and 8-4. Completing Offset Degrees unlocks your Compass slots.

Each Offset Degree you progress though represents an increase in difficulty and offers a Drop Quantity Bonus.

  • 8-0 +30% Drop Quantity
  • 8-1 +40% Drop Quantity
  • 8-2 +50% Drop Quantity
  • 8-3 +60% Drop Quantity
  • 8-4 +70% Drop Quantity

When fighting Plane Watchers in Timemark 8, they have an increased chance to drop exclusive Legendary gear. In Timemark 8-4 the drop rate is 74% higher Timemark 7-0.

Progress Timemark 8 through Offset Degrees

Deep Space

Click this icon to swap to Deep Space for the ultimate challenge

Deep Space is an expansion of Timemark 8's content. With Deep Space active, monsters in your Beacon Stages are tankier and hit harder! In exchange for the significant increase in difficulty, there's a significant increase in rewards. When your build is capable of crushing Timemark 8-4, enter Deep Space via the button in your Timemark Menu.

This is the most difficult content the Netherrealm has to offer. To enter a Stage with Deep Space selected, use special Rank 5+ Beacons. Builds that can handle this savage frontier enjoy an Extra +100% Drop Quantity!

Congratulations! You've fully progressed through Torchlight Infinite's endgame Netherrealm system. Now, sit back, relax and watch the loot rain down with every kill!


  • The Netherrealm has 5 Planes, each with unique Bosses and Rewards.
  • Defeat Watchers to collect Cinders and unlock new Planes, Bosses and Compass slots.
    • After completing Timemark 7, continue defeating Watchers to unlock the additional Offset Degrees 7-1 and 7-2.
  • Progress through the Netherrealm in a linear fashion by defeating the Watcher in each Timemark.
    • If you ever run out of Beacons, you can buy more from Edwin in town with Netherrealm resonance.
  • Don't forget to claim your Talent Points from Main Story Quests.
  • Click the Purple icon at the bottom left of the screen to activate Timemark 8 (Spacetime Turbulence).
    • Progress from Timemark 8-0 to 8-4 by defeating Watchers.
    • This unlocks your Compass slots as well
    • Enter Deep Space to challenge the most difficult content in the Netherrealm.


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