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Hero Trait Season Start Tier List

Last Updated: April 18th 2024

Whispering Mist

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Welcome to the Hero Trait Maxroll Leveling Guide Tier List for Torchlight Infinite Season 6 (SS4) Whispering Mist.

NOTE: this tier list ranks all of the Maxroll Leveling builds against each other, it has NO BEARING on the overall power of a Trait, or alternative build options!

Rankings were decided by how easily and quickly the build can level up and progress through the Netherrealm to Timemark 7 as someone's first character of the season. This tier list does not reflect a Trait's late endgame viability, or ability to farm the most difficult uber bosses and Deep Space 8-4.

Hero Traits are organized alphabetically within their Tiers.

S Tier

Gemma - Frostbitten Heart
Rehan - Anger
Youga - Space Time Elapse
Youga - Space Time Illusion

A Tier

Carino - Lethal Flash
Erika - Lightning Shadow
Moto - Charge Calling

B Tier

Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion
Iris - Growing Breeze
Moto - Order Calling
Rosa - High Court Chariot

C Tier

Erika - Wind Stalker
Rehan - Seething Silhouette
Thea - Wisdom of the Gods

D Tier

Gemma - Flame of Pleasure
Thea - Incarnation of the Gods

F Tier

Bing - Blast Nova
Carino - Ranger of Glory

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