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Hero Relics and Hero Memories

Last Updated: March 2nd 2024

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Hero Relics and Hero Memories are one of Torchlight Infinite's powerful endgame character progression systems. Players use these Hero items to further customize their builds. In addition to their powerful bonuses, Hero Relics also have 1-5 Engram slots which are used to socket Hero Memories.

Engrave your Hero Memories in Engram slots to grant your character even more bonuses. Many Hero Memories have modifiers based around Hero Trait specific stats such as Rehan's Rage. This system is introduced early on, during the Campaign, but really starts to shine after you unlock the Netherrealm.

Tips for Cats is one of Erika - Wind Stalker's Memories

Trait-specific Legendary Hero Relics like Bing's Big Bang Pack offer significant bonuses to a single Hero Trait. If you want to gain access to an additional Hero Trait Specialization effect consider a Legendary Hero Memory like Nothing to Lose. In addition to the Trait-specific Legendary Hero Relics and Hero Memories, players combine a wide variety of generic Legendary Hero items when making builds.

Hero Items were introduced during the Blacksail Season, to find out more about the Blacksail mechanic, check out our Blacksail Seasonal Guide Here.

Farming Hero Relics & Memories

Hero Relics and Memories are available throughout the game, but they are frequently dropped by the Blacksail Mechanic. If you want to target farm Hero Relics or Hero Memories, you can use the Shiny Blacksail Compass to force an encounter with the Blacksail Pirates in a Beacon.

the Blacksail Mechanic

You can select Seal Whispers to drop Hero Relics and Hero Memories from Blacksail Pirates, and the treasure hoard at the Void Sea Terminal usually contains a solid number of them. Most of the Hero Items dropped are specialized to your Hero Trait, but occasionally you may get generic Legendary Hero Items, or specialized drops for other Hero Traits which you can sell on the Trade House.

Most of the Hero Relics and Hero Memories dropped by the Blacksail mechanic (or elsewhere) are Magic, but if you're lucky you might also obtain a Legendary Hero Relic or Memory. Several bosses, including the Lord of the Void Sea, have exclusive Legendary Hero item drops, making them a lucrative farming opportunity for ambitious Hunters.

When you're searching for the perfect Hero item to complete your build, farming it alone can be difficult. Luckily, Hero Relics, and Hero Memories are tradable so you can purchase them from other players via the Trade House. This also means if you get a rare drop and can't use it, you'll be able to sell this to interested players for Flame Elementium.

To find out more about how to trade in Torchlight Infinite, check out our Beginner's Guide to Trading and Advanced Trade House Guide.

How Do Hero Relics Work?

There are two types of Hero Relics. Magic Hero Relics which roll random stats based on the associated Hero Trait, and Legendary Hero Relics. There's a number of Legendary Hero Relics specialized for each Hero Trait, and there's several generic Legendary Relics shared across all Heroes. All Hero Relics have between 1 and 5 Engram slots to Engrave memories, though for all but one Hero Relics, the upper limit of Engram slots is actually 3.

The stats rolled by Magic Hero Relics are always closely associated with the build archetypes a Hero Trait specializes in. For example Erika: Wind Stalker's Magic Hero Relics all have stats like Movement Speed, Multistrike bonuses, and things related to Attacking. Conversely Youga's Spacetime Elapse Hero Relics roll bonuses related to Reaping, Twisted Spacetime, and DoTs. Hero Relics CANNOT be crafted, but remember they can be listed on the Trade House. Always check for T1 modifiers denoted by the gold square.

Engram slots are distributed randomly, and you're only able to Engrave Hero Memories in an open slot. In this example slots 1, 2, and 4 are open. Like many other items, the modifiers that can roll on Hero Relics have different tiers, and a higher item level Hero Relic has a better chance of rolling the best modifiers. For best results, you should always farm for them in the highest level content you can.

Dropped Magic Hero Relics roll 2 random modifiers from that Hero Trait's pool. If you want to learn about which modifiers appear on each Trait's Hero Relics, check out our Builder!

Cat Travel Log offers Erika: Wind Stalker unique bonuses

Legendary Hero Relics

Legendary Hero Relics provide unique effects, or enhance the function of a Hero Trait. If you're curious where to get a specific Hero Relic consult the "drop source" option on the item's menu.

Generic Hero Relics

These can be used by all Hero Traits and tend to offer broad affects which are suitable to a wide range of builds.

Here are some examples of Hero Relics.

Trait-Specific Hero Relics

Unlike the more generic Hero Relics, Trait-specific relics have bonuses that are focused around what a Hero Trait does best. Taking Carino's Lethal Flash trait for example, he specializes in Shotgunning projectiles, so his Relic Tina's Withered Flower gives you more projectiles. Many of these Hero Relics offer 2 effects, one based on Engraved Legendary Hero Memories, and the other based on Engraved Magic Hero Memories.

Here are some examples of Trait-Specific Hero Relics.

How do Hero Memories Work?

After you equip a Hero Relic, you can fill the Engram slots with Hero Memories. Magic Hero Memories have a selection of random stats appropriate for your Hero Trait. Like with Hero Relics, the stats rolled focus on what a Hero Trait is best for. So Rehan's Hero Memories have bonuses related to Rage and Attacks. There are some Legendary Hero Memories shared between all Traits, while Magic Hero Memories are specific to one Hero Trait. If you're looking for a specific combination of stats on your Hero Memory, check the Trade House. Keep an eye out for T1 modifiers denoted by the gold square.

Generally, Hero Memories work to enhance what a Hero Trait is already good at. So you won't be seeing any Spell Damage rolls on Varagon Ancestral Spirit because Rehan is intended to use Attack builds. Hero Memories have some unique and powerful stats that directly interact with Hero Trait Specialization Points, such as Time Gravel which can roll modifiers that increase the damage added by Spacetime Cutting.

Like with Hero Relics, Magic Hero Memories roll 2 random stats when dropped, making them extremely variable. When you're just starting out, look for Hero Memories with one stat that's important for your build, such as Cooldown Reduction or Additional Damage and then anything else relevant. If you want to learn about which modifiers appear on Hero Memories, check out our Builder!

Varagon Ancestral Spirit is a Memory belonging to Rehan's Anger Hero Trait

Legendary Hero Memories

Legendary Hero Memories offer powerful unique effects or enhance the function of a Hero Trait. Like with Relics, there are generic and Trait-specific Hero Memory options. If you're curious where to get a specific Hero Memory consult the "drop source" option on the item's menu.

Generic Hero Memories

Many Generic Hero Memories like Star Shooting offer a bonus for each Legendary Hero Memory of the same name you have Engraved.

Here are some examples of generic Hero Memories.

Trait-Specific Hero Memories

There are 3 types of Legendary Trait-Specific Hero Memories, some have stacking effects similar to the Generic Hero Memories, others grant a Hero Trait Specialization point, and a few enhance a bonus related to the Hero's Trait.

Here are some examples of Trait-Specific Hero Memories.

Video Guide

Hero Relic and Hero Memory Video Guide


  • Hero Relics and Hero Memories come from Blacksail content and other sources around the world of Leptis.
  • These Hero Relics have between 1 and 5 Engram slots where you socket Hero Memories.
  • Magic Hero Relics & Hero Memories are specific to Hero Traits.
    • Legendary Hero Relics & Memories are obtained from boss encounters, and as random drops.
    • Some Legendary Hero Relics & Memories are Trait-specific, while others are shared across all Heroes and Traits.
    • Legendary Hero Memories can enable an additional Hero Trait Specialization.
  • The most valuable Magic Hero items are those with Tier 1 modifiers, denoted by the gold square.
  • You cannot craft on Magic Hero Relics or Hero Memories, but can purchase them on the Trade House.
  • Many of the stats on Hero items are directly related to the Trait's specialization like Rage on Rehan, or Multistrike on Erika.

To find out more about the Blacksail Mechanic, check out our Blacksail Seasonal Guide Here.


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