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Divinity Slate Guide

Last Updated: April 19th 2024

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Divinity Slates in Torchlight Infinite are used to create a custom Talent tree built on the powers of the New God. This is accessed via your Talent menu. At low levels you're only able to access the central area, but as you level up more space for Slates becomes available. This is unlocked by defeating the Timemark 3 Blistering Lava Watcher.

Your Slates offer Minor, Medium, and Major talents from any of the 6 Gods, plus special New God talents. Better yet, you can mix and match different Gods, or even stack multiple copies of the same Talent (though certain effects are marked as Max 1 and cannot be repeated). Slates represent puzzle pieces, or Tetris pieces, so you need to fit them together and use the entire space efficiently.

This system gives hunters a lot freedom when it comes to character building in Torchlight Infinite. The Statue of the New God represents a lot of your power, so don't neglect Divinity Slates as you level up and progress through the challenges Leptis has to offer. You finish unlocking Slate space at Character Level 95.

Example Statue of the New God with Divinity Slates

If you want to know more about Talents in Torchlight Infinite check out our Guide here, or read this one for information on the Six Gods and their buffs.

Divinity Slate Basics

Divinity Slates drop throughout Leptis, but you can target farm them by interacting with the Cube of Rapacity. Non-Legendary Divinity Slates are themed around one of the Six Gods. For example, the God of Machines' Divinity Slate rolls modifiers from the God of Machines, Machinist, Steel Vanguard and Alchemist Talent Trees.

Divinity Slates have 1 or 2 "Fixed" Talents. These are randomly rolled when the Slate drops and cannot be modified. You can however, add up to 3 Talents via Branding. Same as the Fixed talents, these can be Small or Medium talents, and occasionally you'll get a rare New God Talent as well! Some talents are marked with (Max Divinity Effect: 1), meaning you can only gain that effect once via the Statue of the New God, but anything else can be freely stacked.

Because you can combine slates from any God, Divinity Slates are especially helpful for gaining access to Talents outside of the 3 trees you're using. Many builds choose to use Pedigree of Gods (dropped by Traveler) to obtain a Major Talent.

Warning: Major Talents don't stack! Make sure the Major Talent(s) granted by your Pedigree of Gods are different from the ones you've already selected in your Talent Trees.

Divinity Slate Adjustment

If you're having trouble fitting a valuable Divinity Slate into your Statue, you can adjust the shape or rotation.

  • Spend 20 Casting Wedges to perform a random 90 degree rotation.
  • Alternatively, use 20 Forging Wedges to randomize its Shape.

Unwanted Divinity Slates

Divinity Slates can be sold to other players via the Trade House, or recycled for Divinity Fragments. This currency is used to purchase new random Divinity Slates at the Heart of Rapacity in town, this can be a handy way to get value from Slates you don't need! Keep an eye out for Slates with 12 Branding Attempts, as these are the easiest to craft on and therefore the most coveted.

Change the Shape or Rotation of your Divinity Slates

Divinity Slate Shapes

Here are the Shapes you can randomize your Divinity Slates into, fit them together carefully to complete your Statue of the New God! Remember you can change the shape, but it's more cost efficient to use a Divinity Slate with the correct shape and randomize the rotation.

Divinity Slate Shapes

Branding System

To enhance your Divinity Slates with extra modifiers you need to Brand them with Casting and Forging Wedge, this renders the Slate untradable. Most Divinity Slates allow for 12 Branding Attempts. If you don't get what you want out of branding, you need to use a Unifying Wedge to remove all brands and restore the attempts.

Divinity Slate Branding UI

Branding Your Slates

Spend 5 Casting Wedges to begin Branding your Divinity Slate.

When Branding a slate there are 4 possible outcomes (Shown from left to right):

  • Reroll a random Talent Node.
    • After your Slate has 3 Brand Talent Nodes, there is a chance to Reroll a random Talent Node.
    • The rarity remains the same.
  • Add 1 Minor Talent Node.
    • Your first 3 Brands always add a new Talent Node.
  • Upgrade a Minor Talent Node to a Medium Talent Node.
    • Upgrade a Minor Talent into a Medium Talent.
    • Transform a Medium Talent into a Rare Medium Talent.
  • Add a New God Talent Node, or mutate a Talent Node into a New God Talent Node
    • This is an extremely rare outcome.
Brand your Divinity Slates to add or upgrade modifiers

Upgrading Talents

The cost of Branding your Divinity Slates increase as you add more Affixes. The odds of each outcome also change over time with some increasing and others decreasing. Once a Slate has 3 Brand Talent Nodes, further Branding attempts cost 10 Casting Wedges and 3 Forging Wedges.

Upgrade Talents on Slates with 3 Branded Nodes

When Branding Divinity Slates, if you don't like the outcome use the "Revert Current Result" button to revert your Slate to its previous state.

Warning: Branding Attempts are not restored when you Revert Current Result. Branding Attempts can only be restored using the Unifying Wedge dropped by the Lawbearer.

At this stage, Branding Slates gets expensive as you'll fail more often than you succeed. Keep an eye out for Minor, or Medium Talents useful to your build, getting exactly what you want takes a lot of attempts, but getting something usable is relatively easy. Look out for the extremely rare New God Talent Nodes, these Talents give you powerful bonuses related to Order and Chaos.

Legendary Slates

The Legendary Divinity Slate most players will first encounter is Pedigree of Gods, dropped by the Traveler. In addition to rolling Minor and Medium Talents, it also has 1-2 Major Talents from anywhere in the tree. A well rolled Pedigree of the Gods is difficult to obtain but extremely valuable.

The Minor and Medium talents rolled can come from any of the Six Gods, and do not have any correlation to the Major Talent(s) selected. This item drops from both the Timemark 7 and Timemark 8 versions of the fight. There is a small chance for Pedigree of Gods to roll 2 Major Talents instead of just 1.

For more information on how to fight the Traveler check out our Traveler and Uber Traveler Boss Guides.

Think of this as an additional Major Talent

Legendary Slate Effects

Many Legendary Slates interact with adjacent Divinity Slates, increasing the effect of Talents, Copying other Talents or Devouring Talents.

Talent Effect

God's Footsteps gains +15% Talent effect for every other copy of itself in the same row/column. For example, if you place 2 side by side, each grants 21% additional Order Decrease speed as opposed to the normal 18. This effect compounds based on the number of identical slates used, so you need to use several God's Footsteps at once, or none at all.

Another example of this is the Last God's Tears, which enhances the effect of adjacent New God Talents. You can use up to 4 copies of this Slate, so position them carefully to maximize the effect!

Space Rift copies the Medium talents on the adjacent slate to the right, so if you have some important bonuses this is a great way to double the benefits to your character. Sparks of Moth Fire on the other copies the last talent on an Adjacent slate. Combine this with rare Medium Talents like +1 Minion Skill Level, or a New God Talent for maximum effect.

Note: you cannot copy a replicated Talent, only those that originally exist on a Slate.

Last God Has Gone Far Devours Six Gods' Talents on adjacent slates, nullifying their effects. While this is a major downside, these Legendaries offer a powerful upside to builds able to maintain high Order.

Another Devouring Divinity Slate is Last God's Revelation. This nullifies Medium Talents above, to give +30% Effect to the New God Talents below for each Medium Talent Devoured.

New God Bonuses

Modifiers associated with the new God focus on the Order and Chaos mechanics. There's a slew of New God Talents granting bonuses for every point of Order or Chaos you're able to maintain. These effects follow an ebb and flow constantly increasing or decreasing, this makes it difficult to maintain high Order or Chaos to capitalize on the New God Talents. New God effects are themed around rebellion against the Six Gods; therefore many of these effects nullify Buffs or Talents associated with the Six Gods.

Video Guide

How to find & Brand Divinity Slates by Tenkiei


Here are the most important things you need to know about Divinity Slates in Torchlight Infinite:

  • Get Divinity Slates from the Cube of Rapacity or as drops elsewhere.
    • Equip them to add Minor or Medium talents via the Statue of the New God.
  • Rotate your Slates with 20 Casting Wedges, or randomize the shape by spending 20 Forging Wedges.
  • Brand them with Casting Wedges to enhance or replace existing modifiers.
    • Most Slates can be branded up to 12 times.
    • Branded Slates are untradable.
    • Potential outcomes change as you add more modifiers to the Divinity Slate.
  • You can "Revert" the outcome of a Branding Attempt if you dislike the results.
    • This consumes an attempt but leaves the Slate in its previous state.
  • Unifying Wedge dropped by the Law Bearer reverts Branding and restores Branding Attempts.
  • Pedigree of Gods dropped by Traveler grants 1-2 Major Talents
  • Legendary Slates have a number of unique effects including Copying Talents, Devouring them, and bonuses associated with the New God.


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