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Cube Of Rapacity

Last Updated: April 15th 2024

SS2 - The City of Aeterna

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Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics that change how you play the game. Season 3 / SS1 - added the Cube of Rapacity mechanic, the pinnacle boss - The Law Bearer and the Statue of The New God progression system that makes your character more powerful thanks to Divinity Slates. By reading this guide you are going to learn all about the Cube of Rapacity and how to coerce it into awarding you special loot like Divinity Slates, Casting Wedges and Desire Beads as well as valuable commodities such as Flame Elementium.

To learn all about the Statue of The New God check out our Divinity Slate guide!


Zones with Cube of Rapacity active display the Desire Crystals counter on your screen. You can collect Desire Crystals by killing Malice Incarnations marked on the map in Red. Killing the map boss causes the Cube of Rapacity to appear.

Interact with the Cube of Rapacity to spend Desire Crystals to Covet rewards. When you spend Desire Crystals, you randomly get 1 of the 8 presented rewards, some of them being rarer than others. Repeat this process multiple times until you run out of Desire Crystals and claim your rewards! Unspent Desire Crystals above 50 will be lost when you enter the next zone.

Desire Crystals counter with 44 Desire Crystals


The Cube of Rapacity awards and also punishes Greed. Feeling lucky?

In the Netherrealm the Cube of Rapacity is the main source of Divinity Slates and the Wedges used to Brand them. Commodities such as Embers and Flame Elementium are more common as a reward in the Netherrealm.

Cube of Craving is a special outcome of coveting only possible in the Netherrealm. On top of getting a free spin with only commodities as rewards, it allows you to Greed your rewards before claiming them, choosing to Greed can double your rewards or delete them all.

Avarice Code

Avarice Code is an end game progression system that allows you to increase the rewards you get from the Cube of Rapacity by using Decrees for season-long upgrades.

You get your first Decree after activating the Cube of Rapacity 9 times while in the Netherrealm. Every additional Decree requires more Cube of Rapacity activations to unlock, allowing you to eventually unlock all of the upgrades!

Go to Heart of Rapacity to spend Decrees for Avarice Code upgrades.

The Law Bearer

The Law Bearer is Season 3's pinnacle boss encounter, to challenge him you must collect a Desire Core - Record. This offering is obtained from Desire Incarnation monsters, present it to the Void Rift to challenge The Law Bearer.

This boss has 3 variants of increasing difficulty and rewards. All variants can drop a variety of exclusive Legendary Equipment and Divinity Slates.

  • Use Desire Core - Record to challenge the first and the easiest Law Bearer variant.
  • Use Desire Core - Record and Desire Core - Creation to challenge the second Law Bearer variant.
  • Use Desire Core - Record, Desire Core - Creation, and Desire Core - Devastation to challenge the third and most dangerous Law Bearer variant.
The Law Bearer is the Cube of Rapacity Seasonal pinnacle boss.


  • Kill Malice Incarnations to get Desire Crystals, spend them at the Cube of Rapacity at the end of the map to covet rewards.
  • If you get Cube of Craving as one of the rewards on top of getting a free spin with only commodities as a rewards, you get the option to Greed for a chance to duplicate the rewards. WARNING: If the Cube fails to duplicate the rewards, all of the Coveted rewards will be lost instead!
  • Use Desire Cores to challenge one of the three variants of The Law Bearer pinnacle encounter.
  • Cube of Rapacity is a great source of Divinity Slates which you can place at the Statue of the New God for additional power.


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