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Crafting in Torchlight Infinite

Last Updated: April 20th 2024

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Crafting in ARPGs like Torchlight Infinite is often seen as daunting. Luckily, Torchlight Infinite's crafting systems do a fantastic job of allowing players to forge their items in a deterministic manner. This freedom comes at the cost of a lot of Flame Fuel which you farm during your time in the Netherrealm.

Despite crafting in Torchlight Infinite being very predictable, there are ways to efficiently utilize your currency, and reduce the cost of any given crafting project. Begin by selecting the right base, then combine Prototype Crafting and Targeted Processing to add desired Affixes or upgrade their tiers! You can even craft endgame items with exclusive Tier 0 Affixes offering effects which cannot otherwise be found on gear! Be warned, crafting items with Tier 0 Affixes is expensive!

Talk to Maud in town to begin crafting!

Crafting is a core part of character progression. Even if you do not intend to make perfect items or craft things to sell to other players on the Trade House, you need to know the basics.

Selecting a Base

Item Level

Before you begin crafting in Torchlight Infinite, you need an appropriate base. The item level of your chosen base is critical to Endgame crafting, as it dictates which tier of Affixes or Modifiers can be present on the item. You'll frequently find bases dropped by monsters in the Netherrealm, but you can also purchase them from other players via the Trade House. The best gear to use for your crafting projects is Item Level 100. But this gear can be quite rare so as you're progressing in the Netherrealm stick to the highest Item Level you can find. The higher a base's Item Level the more high tier modifiers it can roll.

  • Low level crafting. (Pre Netherrealm)
    • Just enchant it and keep progressing.
  • Progression crafting. (Timemark 1-7)
    • Use the highest Item Level you can find!
  • Endgame crafting. (Timemark 8+)
    • Always use Item Level 100 bases as they have higher plasticity and can roll Tier 0 modifiers.

Base Item

Cursed Axe, Hero's Longsword,
and Rocksplitter Mallet
are Weapons in Torchlight Infinite

Each Base type has its own mod pool. For example Swords, Axes, and Hammers are all One-Handed Melee Weapons. As a result of this they share some modifiers commonly found on Melee Weapons like % Gear Physical Damage.

However, they also have modifiers unique to the base type.

  • Axes roll modifiers related to Trauma.
  • Whereas Swords roll modifiers for Multistrike.
  • When Crafting Hammers you can find modifiers for Demolisher Charges.

Each different class of Weapon has its own modifier pool. Trinkets (Rings, Amulets, and Belts) do not have any sub-types. Other pieces of gear have modifier pools based on their Attribute type.

  • Strength Gear rolls Armor Prefixes.
    • These items roll Suffixes related to Maximum Fire Resistance and Tenacity Blessings.
  • Dexterity Gear rolls Evasion Prefixes.
    • The Suffixes on Dexterity gear include Maximum Lightning Resistance and Agility Blessings.
  • Intelligence Gear rolls Energy Shield Prefixes.
    • Crafting on these items yields Suffixes granting Maximum Cold Resistance and Focus Blessings.

Each base type has multiple bases within it. Generally speaking the higher a Weapon's level requirement, the better it is for Attack builds. When it comes to other types of equipment, select a base with the desired implicit modifier.

Special Bases

Confront bosses, or take part in Trials of the Gods to get special bases. These have powerful implicit properties which change how you build your character! Special bases include Weapons with higher base damage than normal, unusual implicit properties or even an implicit with both a bonus, and a malus. These properties make special bases an ideal choice for endgame gearing, but their rarity makes them a poor choice when crafting early items.

Item level is an important part of selecting the correct base. This refers to the level of the monster which dropped the item and determines what tier of affix can roll. Level requirement is the level your character needs to be to equip the item. For example, an item level 82 Ranger's Rag has a good chance to roll Tier 1 modifiers, but can be equipped by a level 76 Character.

Pro Tip: After you've selected the proper base you need to start crafting! To craft without having to find Maud in town, select an item in your inventory and click the Anvil button.

Click this button to start crafting
God of Machines bases have 1 positive
and 1 negative modifier, be careful!


Click the Affix list to see what your item can roll!

After selecting the appropriate base, check out the item's Affix list. This gives you important information about your item including the following;

  • What Prefixes an item can roll.
  • Which Suffixes an item can roll.
  • The tiers available to those modifiers.
  • The odds of rolling any of these modifiers during the Prototype crafting phase.

Double check this list before crafting so that you don't waste Flame Fuel crafting on the wrong base by mistake!

Prototype Crafting

In Torchlight Infinite's Prototype Crafting menu you can lock Affixes, then randomly reroll the item. You're also able to upgrade Affixes all the way to Tier 0. Plasticity and Flame Fuel are the resources used by Prototype Crafting. This can only be done on gear that is item level 70 or higher!

Prototype Crafting Menu

Locking Affixes

To begin Prototype Crafting lock 1 or 2 Affixes then click "Craft". The locked Affixes do not change, but all other Affixes on the gear are randomized. Prototype crafting always adds 3 random Affixes, so if you lock 1, the resulting item has 4 total Affixes. If you lock 2, the resulting item has 5 Affixes. item level 70-99 gear has 100 Plasticity, and item level 100 gear has 200 Plasticity.

The amount of Flame Fuel used when Prototype Crafting scales with the item level of the base as shown below:

Base Item Level1 Modifier
70-792 Flame Sand
80-845 Flame Sand
85-9915 Flame Sand
10030 Flame Sand

Crafting Desired Affixes

When rerolling modifiers with Prototype crafting, you can choose to keep the new result or your original item, so there's no risk of ruining your project.

Crafting an item with 1 Locked Affix has no Plasticity cost, so you can keep rerolling an item until you run out of Flame Fuel. This makes it an ideal choice for much of your early crafting. Lower item level crafting projects only cost a few Flame Dust or Flame Sand making it extremely cost-efficient to lock 1 modifier and reroll until you're happy with the results. Be warned, locking 1 Affix results in an item with 4 total modifiers.

If you didn't roll a desirable outcome, use the Craft Again button to quickly and easily continue crafting.

Keep the original or take something new

Many endgame crafting projects involve locking 2 modifiers, which means you'll be limited by the 4 Plasticity cost, and the need to balance Plasticity spent on rolling modifiers with Plasticity spent upgrading Affixes.

Crafting projects start with Prototype Crafting, but after you hit multiple desired mods there are several options on how to proceed. You can upgrade Affixes by spending Ground Quartz and Plasticity, add specific Affixes with Targeted Processing, or Enchant your item and get back to slaying monsters!

Upgrading Affixes

Upgrade your Affixes in the Prototype Crafting Menu

Use Prototype Crafting to upgrade your item's Affixes. The Flame Fuel, and Plasticity costs increase as you upgrade modifiers to a higher tier.

  • 7 => 6 2 Ground Quartz.
    • Each attempt consumes 7-13 Plasticity.
  • 6 => 5 5 Ground Quartz
    • Each attempt consumes 11-20 Plasticity.
  • 5 => 4 10 Ground Quartz
    • Each attempt consumes 14-26 Plasticity.
  • 4 => 3 20 Ground Quartz
    • Each attempt consumes 18-33 Plasticity.
  • 3 => 2 50 Ground Quartz.
    • Each attempt consumes 18-33 Plasticity.
  • 2 => 1 100 Ground Quartz.
    • Each attempt consumes 25-46 Plasticity.
  • 1 => 0 2 Ultimate Embers.
    • Sets Gear Plasticity to 0.
    • Removes a random Affix from the item.
    • Requires item level 100

Targeted Processing

This is the next step to crafting in Torchlight Infinite, spend Flame Elementium to add specific Affixes to your gear. If you're unhappy with the results, use Reforge to remove all Targeted Processing modifiers. There is an extremely low chance to add a Tier 0 Affix via Targeted Processing. Using Targeted Processing on a 2-handed Weapon gets expensive because Crafting these items costs double. To add T0 affixes you need to craft on an Item Level 100 base!

Use Targeted Processing to add specific modifiers to your gear

Selecting Modifiers

Use Targeted Processing to add specific Affixes to your item. The selected modifier is always added, however it's Tier is chosen randomly. By default you spend 1 Flame Elementium to add a mod, and it has a 100% chance of success.

Warning: There are exceptions! More powerful modifiers have a lower Success Rate, you can see this above the "Craft" button at the bottom of your UI.

Some Affixes have a success rate below 100%

Begin Targeted Processing by selecting your desired mods from this list.

Use the search bar to select your desired Prefixes and Suffixes
Incompatible modifiers are marked with a red ( ! )

Crafting Ultimate Affixes

While it's extremely rare, there's a small chance to add a Tier 0 modifier to your item during Targeted Processing. Unlike upgrading an Affix with an Ultimate Ember there is no additional cost, it does not reduce item Plasticity, and won't remove modifiers from your item!


The Reforge button is located at the bottom of the Targeted Processing UI

Affixes added by Targeted Processing have a different color from the normal modifiers on your item. They cannot be upgraded with Prototype crafting.

When you fail to add an Affix to your item with Targeted Processing, a Blemish modifier is added instead. This Blemish offers no bonuses and takes up a valuable Affix slot on your gear. So to continue crafting your item you'll need to Reforge and remove it.

Use the "Reforge" button located at the bottom of your UI to remove all Targeted Processing modifiers. This costs 3 Flame Elementium and it removes all Targeted Processing modifiers.

You can add as many Affixes as you want with Targeted Processing, but because you remove all of them when Reforging difficult to add multiple high tier modifiers to your item via Targeted Processing.

For example, you could lock 1 Affix and reroll your item with Prototype Crafting until you end up with several desirable modifiers. Then use the item's remaining Plasticity to upgrade these Affixes to Tier 1. Then you can jump into Targeted Processing and add another desired modifier. Reforge your item several times until you hit Tier 1 again, bringing the total number of Affixes on the item to 5. At this point you could try to add another modifier with Targeted Processing and take whatever you get, or finish the item with Enchanting.

Pro Tip: If you're going to spam craft until you hit a Tier 0 Modifier you can use "Reforge and Recraft". This costs 4 Flame Elementium but automatically removes the existing Targeted Processing Crafts and applies the selected modifier.

Additional Embers

There are 3 advanced crafting methods in Torchlight Infinite used to make the best items in the game. The first is upgrading Affixes to Tier 0 with Ultimate Embers. The second and third are for finishing your items by rerolling modifier values with Truth Embers or swapping resistances with Reincarnation Embers.

Upgrade a modifier from Tier 1 to Tier 0 using Ultimate Embers. This can be done on an item with 0 Plasticity so you're able to upgrade as many Affixes to T0 as you like. Remember, each time you upgrade an Affix to Tier 0 it removes a random non-Targeted Processing modifier from your item.

This is extremely risky, as it removes all Plasticity, and a random modifier from the gear. But Tier 0 Affixes offer a lot of power to endgame builds.

Modifiers from Targeted Processing cannot be removed when upgrading an affix to Tier 0. This makes them a safe substitute when finishing your item.

Upgrade Affixes to Tier 0

Truth & Reincarnation Embers

Truth Embers reroll modifier values
this cannot be reversed

Use Truth Embers to optimize your items after you finish crafting. This randomizes the values for all modifiers on the item.

  • The Affixes remain the same.
  • The Tiers don't change.

Some modifiers have a small range, such as the 26%-30% Elemental Damage. Others like T0 Gear Armor (2,881-3,456) have a much wider range. It's more difficult to optimize the values for Affixes with a wider range.

To switch a Resistance to a different type of the same tier use a Reincarnation Ember.

Empowerment and Enchanting

Gear Empowerment is available at Maud, it involves spending Energy Cores to randomize the Energy values on your items. When crafting gear in Torchlight Infinite you should always aim for the highest Energy possible by using item level 80+ bases.

  • One-Handed Weapons, and most Gear has up to 61 Energy.
  • Two-Handed Weapons and Chest pieces roll up to 122 Energy.
  • Trinkets like Belts, Rings, and Amulets cannot have Energy.


Use Enchanting to add 1 desired modifier to your item by spending Flame Fuel. These modifiers are less powerful than what you're able to achieve through Prototype Crafting, or Targeted Processing but have very little variance. If you're short a certain Resistance or just have an open prefix for some Life or Damage, go talk to Maud and add the mod to your gear. The higher level modifiers are more expensive, costing Flame Elementium in some cases. Think of this as a method to improve your uncrafted gear until you progress onto stronger endgame options or finish your item by adding a 6th Affix without any risk or randomness.

Use Enchanting to finish your gear

To learn more about Energy in Torchlight Infinite, check out our Energy Guide.


Learn about Torchlight Infinite's crafting systems including how to select the correct crafting base, Prototype Crafting, Targeted Processing, Ultimate Affixes, Gear Empowerment, and Enchanting.

Main Crafting Systems

  • Begin by selecting your base.
    • Item Level 100 is needed to add the highest tier of Affixes, Tier 0 via Targeted Processing.
      • Higher Item Levels do slightly increase Prototype Crafting costs.
    • Some Affixes like Life are shared commonly across many item bases.
    • Others are specific to a few (or even one) item class.
    • Bosses and the Trials of the Gods drop special base types!
  • Use Prototype crafting to begin making your perfect item.
    • This requires Item Level 70+.
  • Lock desirable modifiers and reroll until you hit the desired affixes.
    • Locking 1 modifier is less expensive and does not consume Plasticity.
    • Locking 2 modifiers consumes 4 Plasticity per attempt.
  • Use Plasticity and Ground Quartz to upgrade the Tier of Affixes on your item.
    • The Ground Quartz cost and Plasticity used increases when upgrading to higher Tiers.
  • Targeted Processing allows you to add specific modifiers.
  • Select 1 or more modifier(s) to add with Targeted Processing from the Affix list.
    • The modifier's Tier is randomly selected.
    • Some modifiers have a chance to fail.
      • When Targeted Processing fails it adds a "Blemish" Affix which takes up a modifier slot while providing no benefit.
    • Reforge your item to remove all Targeted Processing modifiers.
      • Use this to remove Blemishes.
    • While extremely rare there's a chance to add a Tier 0 Modifier to your item level 100 project with Targeted Processing.

Other Systems

  • Advanced Crafting:
    • Use Ultimate Embers to upgrade an Affix from T1 to T0.
    • This sets the item's Plasticity to 0.
    • It also removes a random Affix from the item!
    • This requires item level 100.
  • Modifiers added with Targeted Processing cannot be removed this way.
    • You can use Ultimate Embers on an item with 0 Plasticity.

Branding Divinity Slates works similarly to crafting, but requires its own special resources. Learn how to Brand your Divinity Slates, with our Divinity Slate Guide.


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