How to Craft in Torchlight Infinite

Crafting in ARPGs is often seen as very daunting. Torchlight Infinite does a fantastic job of allowing the player to forge perfect items from the base up in a predictable manner. This freedom comes at the cost of a lot of the Embers, Flame Fuel and Fossils you are likely to farm during your time in the Netherrealm.

Despite crafting being very predictable in Torchlight Infinite, there are ways to efficiently utilize your currency to reduce the cost of any given Rare Item. Never start a craft without planning the most cost effective way to maximize your odds of achieving the desired result.

Crafting is an important step to progressing your character, and even if you do not intend to make perfect items or a ton of profit, you need to know the basics.

Talk to Maud in town to begin crafting!


Item Level

The first step when crafting an item is to select the appropriate base, the Item Level of the chosen base is important as it dictates what tier of affix can be present on an item.

For endgame crafting, use an Item Level 85+ base as this is the required item level to roll Tier 1 of all modifiers.

Item LevelModifier Tier
85+Tier 1
80+Tier 2
75+Tier 3
70+Tier 4
65+Tier 5
60+Tier 6
50+Tier 7
40+Tier 8
30+Tier 9

Base Item

Not all modifiers can be rolled on all bases. For example, Swords, Axes, and Hammers despite being One-Handed Melee Weapons, all have very different mod pools. Refer to the database to ensure you are using the best Helmet, Body Armour, Necklace, Gloves, Belt, Boots, Ring, Weapon and Shield bases. Additionally, you can view the inherent values of a base, as well as the implicit modifiers which can be important aspects of your build.

In the case of special base items rewarded from the God of Machines encounter, they provide a powerful benefit matched with an equally powerful malus, be sure if you select one of these bases that the downside isn't bricking an aspect of your build.

God of Machines bases have 1 positive and 1 negative modifier, be careful!


How to Craft
The affix list button shows you the percentage rolls for each Ember!

After selecting the appropriate base, plan the craft in advance! Use the affix list tool in game to see the percentages to hit your desired mods so you can work out how many Embers and Flame Fuel you need on average.

If you want to learn more about planning your craft or the most effective way to get your desired mods, visit our Advanced Crafting Guide here.


Embers are the basic crafting commodity, they are used to add modifiers to Non-Legendary items. Common Embers can be used on any item with 6 or fewer modifiers, Rare Embers can be used on any item with 4-6 modifiers and Legendary Embers can be used on any item with 6 modifiers.

TIP: When using Embers on items with 5 or fewer modifiers you can potentially remove modifiers from your item. Make sure to double check your item before confirming any craft!

Common Embers


  • Essence Ember adds a Flat Damage affix to Weapons and Jewelry.
  • Vigor Ember adds a Life and Mana affix to Weapons, Armour and Jewelry.
  • Rivalry Ember adds a Defensive affix to Armour and Jewelry.
  • Amplified Ember adds a %Damage affix to Weapons, Armour and Jewelry.


  • Tenacity Ember adds an Elemental Resistance affix to Armour and Jewelry.
  • Cultivation Ember adds a Stat affix to Weapons, Armour and Jewelry.
  • Soulburst Ember adds an Offensive affix to Weapons, Armour and Jewelry.
  • Mystery Ember adds a variety of beneficial affixes to Weapons and Armour.

Rare Embers

  • Ruling Ember adds a wide variety of powerful Prefixes to any base item, these can be seen in game when selecting them on the crafting screen.
  • Technique Ember adds a wide variety of powerful Suffixes to any base item, these can be seen in game when selecting them on the crafting screen.

Legendary Embers

  • Ominous Ember adds extremely powerful Prefixes to any base item with 6 modifiers. They have a much smaller mod pool but are considerably more expensive.
  • Restless Ember adds extremely powerful Suffixes to any base item with 6 modifiers. They have a much smaller mod pool but are considerably more expensive.

Miscellaneous Embers

  • Reincarnation Ember re-rolls the affixes on an item and do not cost any Flame Fuel. Using them on an item with 3 prefixes changes those 3 prefixes into 3 new ones. These new rolls respect the Drop Table NOT the Crafting Table, this allows you to roll higher tier modifiers on lower tier bases. This is a process used in more Advanced Crafting.
  • Truth Ember re-rolls the values of affixes and do not cost any Flame Fuel (they will never increase or reduce the tier of any given affix).

Due to their rarity, and the required Fuel cost of using Embers on a 6 modifier item, crafting with Legendary Embers is extremely expensive. Therefore any craft using them should be diligently planned and you should aim for at-least 4 Tier 1 Modifiers on the item prior to using Legendary Embers.


Flame Fuel is the general trade currency for the game, it is also used for both enchanting and crafting making it incredibly important, therefore it is essential to plan your crafts and the order you are going to add the modifiers in order to conserve as much Flame Fuel as possible.

The amount of Flame Fuel used when crafting scales with the number of modifiers on the item as shown below:

Number of Modifiers Flame Fuel CostChance to add Modifier
01 Flame Dust100%
13 Flame Dust75%
21 Flame Sand50%
33 Flame Sand45%
46 Flame Sand40%
51 Flame Elementium40%
620 Flame ElementiumN/A

WARNING: Crafting on corroded gear DOUBLES the amount of Flame Fuel and Embers required, check your items before trying to add modifiers!


Enchanting is a method to add 1 desired modifier to an item at the expense of fuel. If you're short a certain resistance or just have an open prefix for some Life or Damage, go talk to Maud and add the mod to the gear. The higher level modifiers are quite expensive, costing 5 Flame Elementium in some cases. Think of this as a method to improve your uncrafted gear until you progress onto stronger endgame options.

How to Craft
Enchanting is a great way to improve your early gear!


How to Craft
Acute and Spiral fossils can be a very effective way to finish your craft!

Fossils are a rare commodity that allow you to limit the variance of your crafting by guaranteeing a mod is added, and that it has a high tier modifier. There are currently 2 available Fossils.

  • Acute Fossil ensures that you do not remove another modifiers when crafting.
  • Spiral Fossil guarantees a modifier of Tier 3 and above.

PROTIP: These Fossils can be used together!

Spiral Fossils are very rare and their power means they carry a price tag to match, therefore they have very limited use cases if you want to be cost efficient.


  • Torchlight Infinite's crafting system is very deterministic, but can be expensive when crafting endgame gear.
  • If you can't afford to craft an item from the ground up, make sure you Enchant your gear at Maud in town to add Elemental Resistance or Life rolls you might be missing.
  • Prepare your craft in advance! Select the correct base item with an Item Level of 85+ for the highest tier of modifiers.
  • The game provides an in game affix list to help you understand how many attempts it will take to land your desired modifier.
  • Common, Rare and Legendary Embers are used to add modifiers to an item from pre-determined pools.
  • Flame Fuel is spent on every attempt to add a modifier, the Fuel required and the amount scales with the number of modifiers on the item.
  • Fossils are the last step in crafting as they allow more control over the added modifiers, use them sparingly as they can get very expensive!


Written by Milkybk_

Reviewed by Tenkiei, Facefoot


Jan 5th 2023
Article Published for Season 2