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Clockwork Ballet Season Guide

Last Updated: July 4th 2024

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Clockwork Ballet

Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics that change how you play the game, season 7 / SS5 - adds Clockwork Ballet mechanic to the game. This Season also introduced Legendary Gear Crafting with a way to transfer crafted modifiers from one legendary item to the second one of the same type. Transferring affixes between Legendary items requires Inheritance Axis which drops exclusively from the Clockwork Ballet mechanic.

To learn more about Legendary Gear Crafting, check out our Guide here!

Clockwork Ballet Encounter

Players first encounter the Clockwork Ballet mechanic in Dragonbone Ridge during Act 1 of the Campaign. Talk to Clockwork Ballet Manager Alice 451 at the start of each area to activate the Clockwork Games. Kill Doll Security to gain rating, activate Cogwheels to summon extra monsters and gain Cogwheel Vouchers. Interact with Clockwork Ballet Podium to exchange Cogwheel Vouchers for loot of corresponding type and rarity.

Clockwork Ballet Member Services

When you talk to the Alice 451 she offers you a choice between 3 of her services that enhance the encounter in various ways. Here is a list of some of the possible options:

  • After starting Operation Cogwheel restore 30% Life and Energy shield per second for 9s.
  • Every 4th Operation Cogwheel completed grants an additional white Cogwheel Voucher.
  • The stage has 5 Cogwheels and +1 rarity for all Cogwheels. The default rating is S and the rating for this stage cannot be improved further.
  • There is 1 Time Extender in this stage. Touching Time extender additionally increases drop rewards.
Talk to Alice 451 to start Clockwork Games.


Gather Cogwheel Vouchers and improve your rating to obtain valuable rewards.

After Clockwork Games begin multiple Cogwheels appear through the stage. Activate it and eliminate nearby monsters to obtain Cogwheel Voucher of the same rarity. Interact with Clockwork Ballet Podium at the end of the stage to exchange Cogwheel Vouchers for for corresponding rewards.

Every time you obtain a Cogwheel Voucher or kill Doll Security you increase your rating which ranges from F to SSS. Each rank increases the rewards granted by Cogwheel Vouchers and monsters difficulty.

Cogwheel Vouchers occasionally drop a special reward called Inheritance Axis which is used for Aptitude Inheritance crafting. It transfers crafted mods from 1 Legendary item to another of the same type and same Legendary Aptitude.

To encounter Clockwork Ballet end game boss called Silverwing Danseuse you must first reach Timemark 8 and unlock a special talent. This makes a portal to the boss occasionally appear during Clockwork Games.

Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation

Every completed Clockwork Ballet encounter grants you 1 Constellation Talent point. Unlock more talents to increase rarity of Cogwheels, unlock higher tier Ballet Member Services and special bonuses like rating applies to ALL monsters in the stage instead of just Doll Security increasing their difficulty and rewards.

Unlock more talents to increase your rewards!


Here are the most important things you need to know from this guide about the Clockwork Ballet Seasonal mechanic.

  • Clockwork Ballet Season introduces the Clockwork Games mechanic and a new Legendary Gear crafting system.
  • Encounter Alice 451 - Clockwork Ballet Manager. Talk to her to to choose 1 out of 3 Member Services and start the Clockwork Games.
  • Activate Cogwheels and complete Operation Cogwheel to gain Cogwheel Vouchers. Exchange them at the Clockwork Ballet Podium to obtain corresponding rewards.
  • Kill Doll Security to increase your rating which multiplies the rewards from Cogwheel Vouchers.
  • Complete more Clockwork Games to unlock Clockwork Ballet Constellation Talents including access to a new boss Silverwing Danseuse.


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Reviewed by Tenkiei

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